I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Believing is like magic

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Submitted: January 07, 2011



It is now one week away from our birthday! We’re planning our Sweet Sixteen on the pool deck with the radio blasting. It was my time to pick the music so we’re listening to country music. When Lyndsey picks its pop and when Savannah picks it’s rock. We have totally different taste in music but that is what we love about each other. “How about a pool party?” Savannah asked. Our Birthday is on a Saturday this year so we can actually have our party on our birthday. “I like that idea.” Lyndsey and I said together. “But it means we will have to buy new bathing suits.” Lyndsey said I rolled my eyes at that. But I made a mental note to look on Abercrombie & Fitch’s website later on tonight to look at their selection on swim wear. We made a list of who to invite, the music that will be played, what foods will be there and everything. Momma and daddy came out once they saw that we were done planning it. “So you’re done?” Momma asked sitting down and daddy followed her lead. “Yes ma’am we are.” Lyndsey said “So what is the plan?” daddy asked us “Well, we’re thinking of having a pool party if that is okay.” Savannah said they looked at us to keep going “from four to nine or to eight whichever you two feel is more comfortable. We would be inviting our friends, boys & girls but will make sure to tell the girls not to wear a really skimpy swim suit. We have our lists here of who to invite, what food will be there, and what music will be playing. We understand that you two will be checking in on things and that everybody will be here.” I said adding my lines in and they looked over it “It sounds like a good plan. Your family party will be Sunday after Church.” Momma said and daddy looked at us “keep in minds you may be old enough to date but your father will be watching your boyfriends like a hawk.” Daddy said and we smiled at him. I’m still dating Ethan, Lyndsey is still dating Kyle, and Savannah is dating a new guy named Cody. “Well I gotta go.” I said looking down at my phone, I get to go meet Ethan’s family. When I was going to his dad’s girlfriend was sick so I couldn’t and things kept coming up. “Have fun.” Momma said I smiled and looked in the mirror. Ripped blue jeans and a purple tank top with my hair in a neat but sloppy ponytail style. I grabbed my flip-flops and started walking up the dirt road. Ethan met me at the top of the road and smiled at me. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked me I nodded. He lives two miles away from me and we decided walking wouldn’t pollute the air like driving would so we’re walking to his and then to my house. “How did planning the party go?” He asked me “it went great. It will be an amazing one.” I said. We walked up to his house and he took a deep breath. “You look beautiful by the way.” He said “Well Thank You.” I said and he smiled at me “your welcome.” He said we have been dating for three weeks and all we have done is held hand or hugged. I told him a week ago what momma and daddy talked to me about that one night and he brushed my hair out of my face and said “Lex, they don’t know anything. We could make anything work if we really wanted to.” He said and that made me smiled at him. “Dad and Marissa I’m back with Lexie.” He said and a man that looked like him but only older walked in with a woman behind him. She was beautiful long brown hair with milky brown eyes. “Lexie this is my dad Cory and my step mom Marissa. Dad and Marissa this is Lexie my girlfriend.” Ethan said “it’s nice to meet you two.” I said “You too darling.” Marissa said, “My you are much prettier than what he let on.” Cory said and I smiled “thank you sir.” I said “Will you come sit down?” She asked “Yes ma’am.” I said she led me to the kitchen. “Would you like anything to drink?” She asked me “no ma’am I am good.” I said she smiled at me. “How old are you Lexie?” Marissa asked me “ I will be sixteen next week.” I said and she smiled “You live here don’t you?” she asked me “yes ma’am.” I said “Who are your parents dear?” Cory asked me “Kelsey and Mike Blevins, sir.” I said “Nice people they are. I remember them in high school. Kelsey was a beautiful teenager, still is probably. Ever guy had a crush on her but she was either taken from Evan or Mike.” He said and I smiled. “You have seven siblings right?” Marissa asked me “yes ma’am all sisters.” I said she smiled at me. “You’re staying for dinner right?” She asked me I looked at Ethan for help. He nodded “Yes ma’am if I’m allowed to.” I said “Sure thing darling. We want to get to know you more.” She said I smiled at her. Three girls that looked like Ethan came down and they smiled at me. Abby is 14 she is the one that lives with him, then it’s Kaye who is 12, and Brianna who is 10. “Abby, Kaye, and Brianna this is Lexie my girlfriend.” He said and they smiled at me “Nice to meet you Lexie.” They said and I smiled. Two boys came down Nick and Nate they are twins. They are six years old. “Nick and Nate this is Lexie.” He said “Hi Lexie.” They said “Hi.” I said they walked into the kitchen. A little girl with cute curly brown hair and green eyes walked in and smiled at Ethan. Alicia is her name she is three. “Alicia this is Lexie.” Ethan said “Hi.” She said “Hi.” I said and she smiled at me. “I like you.” She said and I smiled “I like you too Alicia.” I said and she smiled. “Dinner time kids.” Marissa said and we all walked into the kitchen. I was asked a million questions by everybody and I answered every questions. Kaye is one of Alex’s friends and Brianna is one of Bailey’s friends. When dinner was ready I offered to help clean up and she took me up on the offer. “Don’t offer to much Lexie, I’m not use to the help.” She said I smiled at her “it’s no problem. I help out at home all the time.” I said and she smiled, Ethan took out the trash and smiled at me. “Marissa can I steal her away?” He asked and she smiled. “Sure thing sweetie. It was nice meeting you Lexie.” She said “Nice meeting you too ma’am.” I said “You are welcome over anytime.” She said “Thank You ma’am.” I said we walked in the living room where the kids were. “Bye Abby, Kaye, Brianna, Nick, Nate, and Alicia.” I said they smiled at me “bye Lexie. Come back please!” they said and I smiled. We walked to a door marked “Dad’s office.” Ethan knocked and his dad opened the door “Hello Ethan and Lexie.” He said “Dad I’m taking her home.” He said “It was nice to meet you Lexie. Come back anytime Lexie. Tell your folks I said hello will you?” He asked “Yes sir I will.” I said he smiled and we walked out the front door. We walked to where the creek is and sat on the tree. He told me to sit on his lap first I said no then he sweet talked me into sitting on his lap. “Your family is nice.” I said and he smiled “they aren’t used to anybody remembering their names.” He said I smiled. We got up to walk to my house and he took my hand and pulled me close to him. I knew what was coming. We titled our heads and went closer to each others. Our lips meet and it was magical. His tongue soon found its way in my mouth and likewise with my tongue. He pulled away and smiled at me. “You’re an excellent kisser.” He said I smiled and kissed his lips again. He returned the kissed and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We finally started walking to my house and he smiled at me. “I really like you Lexie.” He said “I really like you too.” I said I kissed him on the cheek and walked inside when he walked away. “How was it?” Momma asked “great. His dad Cory said to tell you two hello.” I said they nodded. “Cory had a crush on me in 9th grade and then I started dating Evan.” Momma said I smiled and walked into my room and climbed up onto the roof. I knew Colleen, Savannah, and Lyndsey would be up here in a matter of minutes. We had to spill about our dates that we all went on today. And this is the place to do it at.

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