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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 09, 2011



I was awaken at five thirty to Starry’s cries. So I slowly got up, fed her and then changed her and did the same with Stormy who was now awake and was about to cry. I then took a shower and found my short denim skirt, it was long enough where I didn’t need leggings but it was short. I paired it with a brown cami and an orange Abercrombie & Fitch shirt, I wore my rainbows and had my hair down and then found my Cheerleading bag with my name on it and shoved in my Sperry’s. Blake was up now and kissed the girls good-bye and carried my bags into the living room and went up to get his bags.
Callie came down in her ripped jeans and a white cami, with a hot pink Baby T-shirt. She had her rainbows on as well and her hair was done and she was smiling. This year she is in the same school as me and she can’t wait for that. We ate breakfast and waved good-bye to Ryan as he caught his middle school bus. While I carried my bags to the car, Blake carried his, and Callie carried hers and we all got in. Hope was at my locker waiting for me when I walked in, Callie has went to her locker after we wished her good luck. “You cut your hair!” She said and I nodded “I love it!” She said and I smiled at her “I’m glad you do.” I said and she got to talking and I saw a girl with knee length light brown hair, about my height which is 5’4 walk over and she smiled at me. She had baby blue eyes. “Hi, is this Locker 210?” She asked referring to the one next to me. “Yes it is.” I said “thanks.” She said “You’re new here, I’m guessing?” I asked “Yeah, this is my first day, along with my sisters.” She said “I’m Lexie.” I said “I’m Noah.” She said “I’m Hope.” Hope said and she smiled at Hope. “I will catch ya in First.” Hope said and I nodded at her. “Are you a senior?” I asked her “yup.” She said “What’s your schedule if you don’t mind me asking?” I asked and she showed it to me “Follow me then, we have all the same classes.” I said and she laughed “that’s good to know.” She said and I knew that I had a new friend.
During Lunch she followed me to our usual table and then a girl that looked just like her came up “Mind if I sit?” She asked “Not at all.” I said Blake and Hope weren’t here yet but I knew they wouldn’t mind. “I’m Lexie.” I said “I’m Steph.” She said and smiled at Noah. “You two are twins?” I asked and they nodded “Cool.” I said and Noah looked at me “Everything okay?” She asked me “Yup. I have a twin sister.” I said and Steph looked up from texting “Where is she?” She asked me “Heaven.” I said “I’m so sorry.” She said “It’s okay.” I said and somebody passed by “So Lex, where are you babies?” He asked and I rolled my eyes “You’re a mom?” Steph asked me amazed at the comment. “Yup, I have twin girls.” I said “Do you have pictures?” She asked me and I showed them some pictures.
“Where are you two from?” I asked as I saw Hope and Blake in the lunch line. “Providence, Rhode Island. My dad got a job transfer in our senior year down here.” Noah said and I nodded “You ever been to Brown?” I asked “Oh no.” Steph said and I looked at her “It’s my favorite school. I want to go there but I’m not sure if I’m able to.” She said and I looked at her but she didn’t say anything because Blake and Hope showed up. “Blake this is Noah and Steph, Hope this is Steph.” I said and they all smiled at each other. “You still on for Cheerleading tryouts?” Hope asked me and I smiled “Of course!” I said “Wow, you’re doing cheerleading with two little girls?” Noah asked “Yeah, my mom said so.” I said and she smiled at that “She’s a great mom.” She said and I smiled at her. After school we ended up exchanging phone numbers and I told her I would call her later on. I got into my cheerleading work out clothes and did the tryouts it felt weird.
On the way home Callie was going on and on about her first day and how wonderful it was. She was already making new friends and she loved all of her classes and they remembered her from whenever she came to school due to Allie and me. As soon as I got home I headed straight to the swings where they were wide awake sucking on their pacifier. I picked up Starry and Stormy and did my homework with them in my lap and then played with them until it was time to eat. After I ate they got their dinner and then we all went for our nightly walk. Afterwards I sat on the porch with both my girls in their swings watching the sunset something they love to do.
I dialed Noah’s number and a woman answered I’m assuming it was her mom. “Hello, is Noah there?” I asked her “Yes she is, may I ask who is calling?” She asked me “I’m Lexie, a friend from school.” I said and I could tell she perked up “Oh really? That’s nice.” She said and called for Noah, who took the phone and I could tell she was walking to her room. “Hey Lex. “ She said “Any luck with Pre-Calucus?” I asked her “Yup, you?” She asked “It’s easy for now.” I said “Yeah that is the key word here.” She said and I smiled “I have to admit I’m amazed that you called. I figured it was just some act to impress me on my first day of school.” She said I looked at Starry who was looking at me and I smiled and she smiled finally. “No way, I’m not that type of person. Especially with me being a mom now.” I said “I wasn’t really sure.” She said and then quickly added “Do you mind if I come home with you tomorrow to hang out?” She asked and I smiled “Let me ask my mom real quick.” I said “Alright.” She said and I walked to the yard where she was sitting “mom can my friend Noah come over tomorrow?” I asked and she nodded “She said yes.” I said “Alright.” She said we talked some more about school and then a lot about Brown.
The next day after school she came over, Cheerleading tryouts weren’t held today but it will be tomorrow. She saw that part of my room was cover with stuff from Brown. And smiled at Starry and Stormy who were asleep in their cribs. “Starry and Stormy.” I said and she smiled at that and sat down on my bed beside me. We did our homework together and she finally looked at me. “Do you want to know the real reason I’m down here?” She asked me “only if you want me to know.” I said “I trust you which is strange for me.” She said and I nodded “I got pregnant last year, and my parents didn’t want to stay in the town. Especially when the father of my baby decided it wasn’t his that I cheated on him which I didn’t. So as soon as my dad got a job offer down here he took it.” She said “Did you keep the baby or put the baby up for adoption?” I asked her “I kept them.” She said and I looked at her “I had twins. Autumn and Summer, they are three months old.” She said “When is their birthday?” I asked her “May 18th.” She said and I smiled “Theirs too.” I said “Want to come see them?” She asked and I nodded. I loaded up the girls and we made it over there.
Steph was holding them and Noah took them, “My family is really supportive. Especially Steph.” She said and Steph smiled and went to do her homework. Her mom came in “You must be Lexie?” She asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said and she smiled at me then smiled at the girls. We made it outside and had the girls on our lap, she lived down the road from me. Not too long away so I knew we would be using this path a lot. They had her brown curly hair and baby blue eyes. She was applying to all of the colleges I am, she has been a Straight A student, just made a stupid mistake and I told her what happened with me and she smiled saying I was so brave for doing this and I knew I was. It felt weird thinking that maybe Allie and I would be friends with both of them.

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