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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter 16

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I woke up around seven and looked in their cribs and Starry was up and waiting for me with her arms out. So I picked her up and placed her on my hip when I walked downstairs I heard yelling outside. Callie was yelling at my dad, who reached out and slapped her. “I hate you!” She yelled and open the door to come in but my dad grabbed the door. “Starry come on.” I said and she only giggled at me. Momma came in from the laundry room wiping her eyes. “Callie is a drug addict. That’s why she has been acting up.” My mom said and I froze, Starry was looking at me. Somewhere between the transfer from Middle to High school and Allie’s death, Noah’s and Blake’s moving in, the girls being born my sister became addicted to drugs. Blake came down with Stormy on his hip and she held her arms out for me to take her. They both had longer hair now, still looked just like Allie and me. “BLAKE!” My dad yelled and he went running and helped pinned Callie down who was struggling. Noah came down with two half awake babies and my mom took Autumn.
Callie just finally stormed in the house and up to her room locking her door refusing to come out. Ryan came down and smiled at his nieces and his adopted nieces. “They are a year old today.” He commented and I smiled “Why yes they are.” I said and we all started talking with the Callie drama we all forgot what today was. So within no time we got everything ready and the guests started to arrived. Mostly family but Hope was here, yet Hope is consider family to us all. “To the girls! May they have the best year of their lives!” My mom said and we all cheered and video taped the girls eating their birthday cake.
I told Hope all about Callie and she couldn’t believe our sweet Callie. Who will leave for treatment after school lets out. My mom wants her to at least finish school, so we’re keeping an eye on her at school and off of school she is grounded so she doesn’t go anywhere. I hate how things have turned up but Callie created it on herself. “I’m done!” Callie yelled trying to interrupt my girls birthday. “Callie shut up.” I said and she stalked in here. I could smell alcohol on her breath and she stunk of pot. “You’re drunk and high.” I stated but she didn’t care. Blake just picked her up and carried her back to her room standing guard so she wouldn’t leave as the party ended quickly after that.
The 20th- 4th was final exams mixed with Graduation practices. We have a big Cheerleading competition on the 6th. Then on the 7th and 8th it will be full gear into graduation processing. On the 6th we all got in our cheerleading uniform and with my family and friends support we won the competition. All the seniors really cared for that because it was amazing, our last time as a team and we won the biggest things of our lives. We will all be starting our journey down life in a matter of days. On the 8th Noah left with the girls and Blake brought boxes home.
We packed four boxes and called it quits for the night. I was by the rocker and he was by the bed and he had Stormy and I had Starry. “Walk to dada.” I said and she slowly took a step walked a little, then fell, got back up, walked a couple, and then she fell again, but walked to her daddy. “Dada.” She said momma was video taping this whole thing. “Walk to mama.” Blake said to Stormy who giggled. She took a few steps fell, rolled over got back up and walked a couple steps, fell, but then walked to me and said “mama” Starry crawled to me and said “mama.” Stormy crawled to Blake and said “Dada.” She said and we all smiled at that, daddy came in and smiled “Looks like they’re learning something too.” He said and we smiled Noah texted me and said that they walked some! I texted back and agreed and said that they walked a little too!
I woke up early due to being so nervous and excited at the same time. Callie has been a pain, getting an attitude at everybody expect for Stormy and Starry, she is actually as sweet as can be to them. I walked into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I knew I should have taken advantage of this time and took a shower with nobody being up but the sun was now rising and the sky was beautiful. I poured myself some coffee and walked onto the porch and sat on the swing. I brought my legs up to my chest and slowly sipped my coffee watching the sky, the birds, our neighbors going on with their business for the day. I heard the door open and turned around to see my daddy holding Stormy in his arms. “She was up, just a babbling away.” He said sitting next to me, he traded me Stormy for my coffee cup. “Baby girl.” I said and she giggled laying her head in my lap. Daddy then walked out with his cup and my cup and handed it back to me. “Thanks.”
After about five minutes of silent my mom came out with Starry, “Let me guess she was just a babbling away?” I asked her “Yes ma’am.” She said and handed Starry to me. “Are you ready for today?” She asked me “As ready as I will ever be.” I said “We’re proud of you sweetie. You’re graduating high school, going off to college in August. And you’re an amazing mom to Starry and Stormy.” Momma said “Thanks.” I said and looked at the time. “Do you mind feeding them?” I asked and my mom held out her arms for Starry who agreed quickly, Stormy followed so she walked inside with both girls on her hips. I kissed my daddy’s cheek and went inside to my room and Blake was waking up now “I call shower.” I said getting my cute summery light pink dress and bra and thong set. He nodded and kissed me good morning as I walked into the bathroom and shutting the door.
I came out with my hair down and all curly, my make up was done and I was ready to go already. I picked up Starry and placed her on my hip then picked up Stormy and carried them to my room. I got out a purple summery dress for Stormy and a pink summery dress, same style for Starry. After Blake, and then Ryan took his shower I got the girls a bath and Callie actually helped me and then she took her shower. But I got the girls dressed and ready and kissed their foreheads. “I will see you at the ceremony.” I said to them and they smiled at me. “Thanks mom.” I said and she smiled, Blake followed me with our caps and gowns, we had to go to our final rehearsal right before the big thing.
But of course we were all told to go to the gym one last time as a huge group. Our group sat together one last time. Memories of Allie, Hope, Blake, and I sitting on these very bleachers for class lectures, pep rallies and everything came to my mind. Now it’s the new group, Blake, Hope, Noah, and me sitting together. “I can’t believe this!” Hope said and I smiled “I know this is our last day together like this in high school and in college.” I said “I know, I’m sorry but Brown is a great chance for me.” She said and I smiled “I know, but we have to hang out when we’re all in Rhode Island.” I said “You know it.” She said and I smiled, her family was going to Paris for the summer to celebrate her finishing High School and her older brother Jake finishing College.
Noah will be spending half the summer down here and the other half in Oklahoma with her family. So the girls will still get to play together and we all love that, I can’t believe that this is our last day as a family. Callie is going to treatment, my parents thought they didn’t have to send her because she promised she wouldn’t touch the stuff anymore but they found a stash last night. So she ships out tomorrow to a medical treatment in Jacksonville. They all handed us out breakfast sandwiches saying we needed to eat and then we were given the big speech about how to act today and everything.

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