I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Chapter 18

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Submitted: May 13, 2011



When they said it was time to get our gowns and caps on everything got a little crazy. Hope put my cap on and I put hers on and then she helped me with my gown and I helped her with hers. We then helped Noah with hers and Blake smiled at me, “See you after.” I said to them because I was no longer Summerland so I wouldn’t be with Hope Summers and Noah Wakefield. I got in front of Blake and he squeezed my hand as Mr. Jackson started his announcements and then he started on the names. Before I knew it he was on to the B’s and I looked and I was next. “Alexis Blevins.” He said and I smiled and walked with confidence onto the stage and shook his hand and took the diploma. I smiled at everybody and sat down. He finally finished with everybody and we were all waiting for his final speech. “As well all know this been a huge adventure for all of these students. High school is never easy, but they made the best of it. A lot has happened to these students but they have made it this far. I wish the best of luck to them for their futures, I know they are ready. I know we’re missing a couple of our truly amazing students but everything has a reason.” He said and we all nodded, some people wiped away their tears and others just smiled.
“Please take your tassel to the left side.” He said and we all did that “Congratulations class of 2013.” He said and we all threw our caps in the air and the crowds started to form, but we all held onto each others as we made our way to our family. My gown was open now showing my dress and I made it to my family and smiled at them. Starry instantly held out her arms for me so I took her and Stormy did the same thing to me. My mom took a picture of that and I only smiled, Blake got in on the picture by taking Stormy for me and my mom took that. Then of Hope and me, then all of the possible choices for pictures it happened. My favorite would have to be of my mom, and dad and me.
We ended up stopping at Publix and got groceries for a cook out for my family, Blake’s family, Hope’s family, and Noah’s. Stormy and Starry loves being in the buggy so they were just giggling the whole time. Callie waited in the car, she didn’t want to be seen with us but I didn’t care today was my graduation day. “Star wants a cookie?” I asked as we got to the free samples and she smiled Stormy did too so they got one. “Beautiful girls.” She said and I smiled “Thank you.” I said and we met up with my mom and dad and we paid.
Now we’re all about to eat our Hot dogs, burger, or chicken when my dad decided to make a toast. “Here is a cheer to Lexie, Blake, Hope, Noah, and Steph. We are all proud of you guys.” He said and we all smiled at him. “Lexie, you do not know how proud of you I am. I love you baby girl.” He said and I smiled at him. I had Stormy on my lap and Blake had Starry on his and they both got to eat a half of a hotdog and loved it.
Hope spent the night with us since it was her last night in the states. I woke up early to tell her good-bye. Blake and Noah said their good-byes last night. We walked to the car since I was driving her to the airport. Starry was up so she was going with us. “Thank you so much for being here for me. I’m so glad that you are my best friend. You helped me through Allie’s death, this pregnancy, elementary, middle, and high school, now it’s college time.” I said and she smiled “I know Lexie. I’m going to miss you. You’re my sister at heart. I love you.” She said “I love you too.” I said we made it to the airport and we walked in together and she met up with her family, I hugged her good-bye and Starry said bye to her and we watched my best friend leave me for the summer.
It’s July 5th, Blake is eighteen now and I will be eighteen in a couple of weeks. The girls are enjoying the summer; Noah is already in Oklahoma waiting for August to come so she can move to Rhode Island. We’re renting a house in the middle of the two colleges so we can be close enough to both. We were leaving August 1st to get everything settled and to enroll the girls in day care. Callie will be coming home on the 3rd from her treatment and she is back to her normal self too. I looked down at my Iphone which was going off with the song: You Lie, Hope’s favorite song. I quickly answered she wasn’t supposed to call me from Paris. “Hello?” I asked and I could hear she was crying. “Where are you?” I asked her “I’m home.” She sobbed “I’m coming over.” I said not even giving her a chance to respond. I had to take Starry and Stormy, my mom took Ryan to a baseball game so she wasn’t home and Blake was working.
I arrived and carried the girls up to the porch and saw Hope in the living room wrapped in a blanket. I opened the door not bothering to knock and set the girls down and they walked a little to the dog they had, Emma was a Saint Bernard that was gentle with kids. I walked over to her and hugged her. “What’s wrong Hope?” I asked her “I met a cute guy, fell for his trap, and had sex, now I’m pregnant. I’m going to your college, I can’t believe I was so stupid, then he told me he was married Lexie. He was married!” She said “Hope it’s okay.” I said “I’m getting an abortion, that’s my only choice.” She said “No it isn’t. This baby needs you as much as you needs him or her.” I said “Fine.” She said and I stayed with her to comfort her to make sure she wasn’t going to do anything stupid.
My 18th birthday finally rolled around, and we are all in packing mode to get ready for the big move. I’m sitting on the couch with my knees brought up to my chest watching the girls play with their toys and the phone rang. I turned around grabbed it and answered it. My dad was at work, my mom and Ryan are birthday shopping, Blake is working too so it’s just the girls and me. “Hello?” I asked “Lexie?” It was Aunt Dana. “Yes ma’am.” I said “Are you doing anything for lunch?” she asked me “no ma’am.” I said “Meet me at La Paradise. Around 11:30.” She said “Alright, but you know I have to bring the girls.” I said “I know sweetie. I’m okay with it.” She said and I smiled “Alright I will see you then. Bye.” I said “Bye Lexie.” She said hanging up and I smiled at the girls who needed to get dressed in something else like me.
I gave them a quick bath got them dress in a summer dress, got myself dressed in a white skirt and hot pink cami. I saw the time and got the diaper bag ready and then held out my arms to Starry who came with no problem and then Stormy. I placed one on each hip and carried them to the car. I got them in their car seats and turned the radio up and rode down the streets into Stuart. I found my favorite restaurant La Paradise; it has every type of food you can think of. I picked up the girls and started walking to the front of the building. I saw my sixteen years old cousin Abby and she smiled at me and my Aunt Dana waved. “Hey Lexie.” She said smiling at me “hey Aunt Dana.” I said sifting the girl’s weight. Aunt Dana held out her arms for Stormy who agreed in no time, leaving me with just Starry. “Happy Birthday Lexie.” Abby said “thanks Abby.” I said and she smiled at me “it’s so cool that you’re leaving in a couple weeks for college.” She said “I know, it’s a crazy, scary experience though.” I said and she smiled at me “I see that.” She said we sat down and ordered the girls had their own lunch with them since they aren’t that old enough to actually try food like this. “I’m going to miss you Lexie.” She said “I know Aunt Dana. I’m going to miss you too.” I said and she smiled at me.

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