I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Chapter nineteen

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Submitted: May 13, 2011



When I went home after walking around the beach with the girls we said our good-byes and I promised to see them before the final good-bye party on the 31st. My mom and Ryan were smiling at me when I walked in with the girls all covered in sand. “Beach day huh?” He asked me “No, we went out with Aunt Dana and Abby and then went to the beach. Beach day is when you can go too.” I said “Ah don’t do that.” He said and I just smiled at him. I carried the girls to the table and took a rag to wash off the sand and then they followed their Uncle Ry to play. “Ry!” Stormy said “RY!” Starry said and he stopped and smiled. “Wanna play dolls?” He asked and they nodded “Do not tell my friends.” He said and we smiled “Uh huh sure.” I said and there was knock on the door. He picked up the girls and their dolls and took off to his room so nobody would see.
“Hey Hope come on in.” My mom said and Hope who is about a month along is looking a hot mess. Her hair wasn’t brushed, it looked like she has wore the same outfit for days. “You need a bath, and new clothes.” I said and she just rolled her eyes. “Mom and daddy came home yesterday. Mother let me have it about how she knew she should have never let me hang out with you once you got pregnant because you are a bad example, a bad friend I should just ignore you and do better in college.” She said “Oh Hope.” I said hugging her and she sniffled “I’m not going to be able to handle this.” She said to me. “Yes you are. You got me, Blake, Noah, Steph, my mom and dad to support you.” I said and she smiled. “Take a shower and borrow some of my clothes.” I said and she nodded.
My mom looked at me when she walked up “It’s harder on her Lex, she has nobody to actually love her like you had Blake. She has nobody at all.” She said “I know mom.” I said and then I heard a voice that I haven’t heard forever, Happy Birthday Sissy. Hope is going to be okay, she just needs to hope for the best of things. Trust me. I smiled at that and realized it was the girls afternoon nap time. I looked in and they were all asleep curled up with Ryan. I took a picture of that and walked into my room at how it was half packed still. Hope came in with a towel wrapped around and I handed her, the extra bra and thong set she left over here, then my baby blue cami and gray short shorts. She smiled at me as I brushed the tangled out her hair, “I’m sorry to be doing this on your birthday.” She said “Oh Hope, it’s okay you know it is. I’m here for you. We can make it through this.” I said “You’re going to help with my mood swings, my cravings, my pains?” She asked me “I will try.” I said and she smiled at me “You’re the best Lexie.”
Blake and my dad came home at the same time. I was outside with Hope and the girls were playing in the yard. Stormy saw her daddy and started doing her baby steps to him and held up her arms. Daddy got to Starry and he picked her up, she loves her Grandpa or as they say it papa. They call momma meme, I’m mama, Blake is Dada, Ryan is Ry, and when they talk to Callie she is Ca. “Happy Birthday Lexie.” Daddy said and I smiled “Thanks daddy.” I said and he smiled, Blake came up and kissed my lips and I smiled at him.
That night we just had a simple dinner for me but I didn’t complain. I was with the people that I love and care for the most. Hope was spending the night tonight like old times before we go off to college, we have all the same classes so we’re going to see each other but it’s still tough to know that things will never be the same between us. We’re both parents, we’re both adults, we have our lives ahead of us to worry about and we’re scared out of our minds but we know it’s for the best. When I graduate Callie will be graduating High school as well. Ryan will be in the ninth grade then but still.
Two years later….
Alright so we all figured I would end up pregnant during my college life, right? Well it happened in November of my freshmen year, I found out I was pregnant. Rhode Island is a cold state, especially compared to Florida where I have lived my whole life. But our first/third baby was born on July 8th, eight days before my 19th birthday and five days after Blake’s 19th birthday. A little girl that was named after Allie, I asked my mom first and she was honored. Allison Marie Blevins. Marie was my Grandma’s middle name, the one who passed away. Hope ended up having a baby girl named Lindsey Nicole Summers, but in her junior year of college she met a guy and they’re dating.
“Are you ready?” Blake asked me, we were still packing up some of the house that we had left. We were moving back to Florida, Blake decided to skip going to Brown to be like the rest of us. Starry and Stormy are three years old and Allie is almost a year old, it was in May 12th. Our graduation was tomorrow and then Callie’s graduation is June 10th. I picked up Allie and placed her in her car seat, the girls followed us to the car. We made it to the restaurant and greeted my mom, dad, Callie, and Ryan. “I missed ya’ll.” I said, although we saw them over Christmas Break. “I missed you too.” My mom said but she picked up Allie, Stormy went to my dad, and Starry went to Callie. Ryan was fifteen years old; Callie was almost eighteen years old.
After dinner they went to the hotel and we went back to the rental house to finish packing. We were leaving May 15th when they went back home, we will be staying with them for a little bit until our house is ready and then we’re moving in. Noah and Steph came up and smiled at me, Steph is engaged to a guy, Noah is dating a guy with a five year old son. Stormy, Starry, Summer, and Autumn went off to play and I still had Allie in my lap. Stormy is a daddy’s girl, Starry can go either way, and Allie is a momma’s girl. Hope came in next with Lindsey, who is two years old and looks just like her momma. Hope and I are going back to Florida, Steph is going to Texas, and well Noah is going South Carolina but we’re still going to stay in touch.
I dropped the girls off at the hotel and we went to the college to get ready. Hope smiled at me and hugged me “promise me no matter what we will still be best friends?” She asked me “I promise.” I said and she smiled of course we have always made this promise for so many years. My mind went back to Allie, how she would be graduating with us, she would be getting ready to adventure out and everything. I will be twenty-one this year and it will be the fifth year without Allie and it feels like it was just yesterday that she was with us joking and laughing about the beach.
“Alexis Blevins.” The Dean said and I walked up got my college diploma and then after everyone was called I went to my family. “I’m proud of you Lexie. Making it through high school with two babies, then college with three.” My mom said and I smiled, I know she thinks that Allie should be up here too that it shouldn’t just be me. “Are you ready to finish packing the final touches up?” My mom asked and I nodded, they were taking the girls back to the hotel to go swimming while we finish up.
“Blakey, I’m all packed with everything.” I said as I was walking into our room, he was finishing up his last box. “Looks like we’re all packed then.” He said and I smiled at him, “Best years of my life.” I said “Really? You got pregnant, had a baby and finished college with three little girls.” He said “Yeah, but three little girls that look like their mommy.” I said and he smiled at me “You’re amazing.” He said and I only smiled at him. “I know, but I can’t wait to be at home in Florida.” I said and he only laughed at me.

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