I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



After the very brutal day of school I had Blake and I were on my way to my doctor’s appointment. “How late are you?” He asked me “I’m not telling you that!” I said “Come on you’re having me go to a doctor’s appointment!” He said and the song A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans came on so I turned the radio up and put up a finger and started singing along. He was laughing at me but didn’t say anything, when it ended I finally answered him “Two weeks. I’m normally only three days late at the max.” I said and he nodded “to much info.” He said and I laughed at him “You’re the best. You know that right?” I asked him and I saw his famous million dollar smile that I love so much and then his dimples. “Yeah I know that.” He said and I laughed at him on that one.
We pulled into the doctor’s office and I felt a sudden feeling of being at the doctor’s and hospital so many times for Allie that I felt a lump in my throat. I walked up to the nurse and she handed me a paper to fill out and afterwards I handed it back to her and sat next to Blake. “You’ll be fine.” He said and I nodded, he knows I hate doctor’s due to what we found out about Allie and how because of that it has changed my life forever and this will do the same thing with what the doctor will tell me.
“Miss Summerland, you are indeed pregnant. I would say five weeks along.” She said and I nodded she went into details about what needs to happen and I nodded. Blake hugged me as we walked out. Little did I know that we wouldn’t be just friends for long, he was my best friend I couldn’t even ask Hope to come to this with me yet I asked Blake who is a guy. “Lexie I’m here for you.” He said “I’m pregnant.” I whispered I don’t know who that was for but I felt like I needed to say it. “I know Lexie.” He said and I hugged him “I can’t believe this.” I said and he nodded he leaned in and hugged me to calm me down. “This baby might be just what my family needs.” I finally said as we were on the highway home. “I know Lexie. You will be fine.” He said “Or on the other hand it could break the family worse.” I said “No it won’t Lexi.” He said “How can you be so sure?” I asked him “Because I have confidence in you, I believe in you, and I’m in love with you.” He said and I looked at him and he blushed I guess he meant to kept that last part in his mind. “You’re in love with me?”I asked and he nodded “Since when?” I asked feeling the sudden change. “Since I first met you.” He said and I smiled “I’m in love with you too. Since the first day of sixth grade.” I said and he smiled at me, we were at my house now.
I hugged him good-bye and walked in, my mom was making dinner and my dad was reading his newspaper. “Can you talk?” I asked them two and they nodded, she sat down at the table and he placed his newspaper down. “What’s up sweetie?” Daddy asked me, and I took a deep breath and heard a voice that sounded just like Allie’s in my head say “You can do it sissy.” And I slowly began “You remember Kyle right?” I asked them and they nodded. “Well he raped me five weeks ago, and I’m pregnant.” I said and my mom’s mouth dropped open and my dad had a blank expression on his face. “What are you going to do?” Daddy asked me “Keep the baby if I can.” I said and daddy looked at momma who looked at me “Yes you can.” Daddy said and I smiled. “Honestly Lexi, this might be what we all need. I know we’re supposed to mourn for Allie. But this will be a huge step toward healing. She will always be in our heart and mind but we can’t have her here physically and we need to move on. With a new baby in the house we will do that.” She said and I nodded “I agree with her. A new baby will bring new life into the house, now it’s not going to replace Allie by any means but it will fill the hole that she left and it’s a new life that we can spoil all we want and I can get away with it.” I laughed at that.
“Lexie can I come in?” Momma asked me it was after dinner and our nightly walk. I was in my room studying for a test that I had tomorrow. “Yes ma’am.” I said pushing my books to my floor and sitting up. “Why didn’t you come to me? When you got raped.” She said “Because it was right after Allie’s death and I knew you were more focus on Allie than any of us so I didn’t want to bother you.” I said “Lexie, I will always have time for you kids. Especially something that tragic that happened to you.” She said and I only nodded at her. She hugged me and decided she was tired so she went to bed, I just sat there focusing on everything that has happened and grabbed my phone. It was getting chilly out but I didn’t feel like finding my jacket but I made the way that I knew too well to Blake’s house. His mom was on the porch and nodded up to his room and I smiled at her.
Blake opened the door and smiled “I saw you coming, I was looking out my window day dreaming and then I saw you walking up.” He said and I got close enough to him where I could smell that he has been eating hot fries, his weakness. I looked up and I kissed his lips. He didn’t pull away, instead he pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. We finally pulled away and his green eyes sparkled “Wow.” He said and I smiled at him “I know.” I said and sat down on his bed. “So we’re crossing the very thin but important line of friendship?” He said “Yeah.” I said “Friends that go farther never last.” He said “We can prove them wrong.” I said and then looked down at my belly “But I’m carrying someone’s kid and it’s not yours.” I said “I will tell everyone it is. I love you Lexie, I don’t want the baby to grow up fatherless.” He said and I nodded at him I knew he meant well so I didn’t say anything about it. “We’re doing this.” He said and I nodded at him and then he smiled at me. “Walk you home?” He asked and I nodded but I shivered because I was finally cold, so he gave me his hoodie and I put it on.
“You two finally gave into faith?” His mom asked him and he shot her a look but I found my way to his hand and smiled. “You’re pregnant. You have that glow.” She said I figured she would have asked it but I figured out wrong. “Yes ma’am.” I said “It isn’t Kyle’s.” She said “No ma’am. I was raped.” I said “I know. I can tell.” She said and I smiled “I’m walking her home.” Blake said and she nodded and went back to what she was doing. “The school will find out soon enough.” Blake said and I only nodded, I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but honestly I wasn’t sure if I cared at that moment. I hugged him good-bye and walked into the house without giving him his hoodie back, it was mine now.
Allie, are you proud of me? I finally admitted my feelings for him. Something you wanted me to do for oh so long. I thought to myself as I curled up in my bed ready to fall asleep and drift off to my dreamland. I remember so many times Allie telling me to tell Blake how I feel. That I shouldn’t be a chicken but instead I should just do it. I should trust Allie because she knew what she was talking about. I imagined Allie and I sitting up in my bed probably or laying in her where we were on our sides and us talking about the new baby in the life and everything. I knew that this weekend Allie’s things will be moved to the attic so I could have room for the baby stuff that I needed. It was going to be hard going through all of Allie’s stuff but we had to do it. I did pack all of Allie’s stuffed animals and put it in my closet. But everything else will be packed up and in the attic, her clothes by the time she was dying were too small for me and I was a size zero and XS and now I know I’m going to gain weight so I was worried about that.

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