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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Almost time!!

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April 18th the day I go to the doctor’s for my eighth month appointment we were sitting in English Three and our English teacher Mrs. Woods came by and handed all of us an envelope. “These are your SATS scores. Take them home and show them to your parents. We will discuss it tomorrow in class. Have a good day you guys.” She said and we all nodded at her as we stuffed it in our notebooks and went to our lockers. I stuffed mine in my book bag and Blake held my hand as we made it to the doctors. “Everything is going fine Lexie. I will like to see you on the 14th.” She said and I nodded Blake went to work and I went home and everybody was looking at me weird. “Did you get it today?” Daddy asked me “Yeah, let’s wait for Blake.” I said and we all took our nightly walk and when we made it home Blake was there. Callie was in her room studying, Ryan was playing a video game and we were outside with the envelope in our laps. I was on the swing porch Blake was on it with me, momma and daddy were in the chairs in front of us because they turned it around.
Allie and I would always talk and laugh about this moment how we were going to tease our parents with it. How this is the most important information we could ever receive in our junior year minus junior prom but still. Speaking of that I remember all those long days in the hospital Allie and I would joke about our prom dresses for both years. This year after a lot of talk it was decided that I go, I shouldn’t miss out on this and I’m not going to. I was teasing them by being lost in thoughts but daddy finally broke the ice “Allie and you always said you were going to tease us but come on!” He said and I smiled at him. I looked at Blake “You open it first.” I said and he smiled at me “Alright.” He said “No on three both of you open it.” Momma insisted and we did just that. I studied my score for a minute without saying anything to anybody.
“Is it that bad?” Daddy asked me “Oh no it is that bad.” Momma said and Blake even looked worried. I haven’t spoken in about five minutes and finally cleared my throat. “Miss Alexis Summerland, you took the SATS in March and your score is..” I said “Is what?” Momma asked me and I looked like a lost little puppy I could tell. “Your section on the writing SATS is an 800, your section on math is an 800, and lastly your score on critical reading is an 800. Your total score is 2,400 congratulations Miss Alexis.” I said momma glared at me but then smiled at me we looked at Blake who was speechless. “Math score: 750, Writing score 750, critical reading is 800. Your total score is 2300, Congratulations Mr. Blake.” He said and I smiled “Congratulations!” I said and after all this celebrating we saw Hope pull up, she has always been as smart as me but has gotten one B on a pop quiz. “I got a perfect score!” She said running up and my parents smiled “congratulations. Were your parent’s home?” My mom asked her “No ma’am, away on a business trip.” She said “Come on. You’re spending the night here. We’re celebrating.” She said not letting her protest and we knew she was almost normal again. “What did you get?” She asked Blake “2300.” He said and we smiled. “Mom we have to tell his parents.” I said “Hurry we’re going out! They can come too but come on!” She said and we took Hope’s car to make it there fast. “Blake?” His dad asked “Is everything alright.” Carrie asked, his dad’s name is Connor. “Yes ma’am and sir.” He said “What is it then?” She asked “We got our SATS scores back.” I said “How did you do son?” Connor asked Blake “2300.” He said “Same score as me.” He said “Lexie?” Carrie asked me “2400.” I said and she smiled at me. “You guys going out?” She asked “My mom said so, so yeah.” I said and she smiled “You can come.” Blake said and they smiled as my mom pulled up “Come on!” She said and daddy was driving so we all got in the cars and left.
We had an amazing night and now we’re at school the next day. Everybody is asking about what they got. We were in homeroom and the principal came on over the loudspeakers. “As you all know, our Juniors took the SATS last month. I am sad to say that some didn’t do so good, but at least we have four people that got a perfect score! Alexis Summerland, Hope Wakefield, John Picket, and Heather Bells.” John was a nerd and Heather was the captain of the cheerleading team.
As soon as we made it into English Mrs. Woods looked at us. “Write a short essay on your reactions of your score. How you did your families and what you did to celebrate.” She said and we all began on our essays.
Alexis Summerland April 20th, 2011
To begin with my boyfriend and I made a pact to wait until he got home from work to open it. So all afternoon I was teasing my family, my mom was on edge because she wanted to find out so bad. My dad acted like he didn’t care but I knew he did but what do I know? So Blake finally came home from work. We were on the porch while my siblings were in their rooms. I stalled by not opening it being lost in thoughts but Blake and I finally opened ours. I was speechless, stunned when I saw those scores. I couldn’t believe it, who knew all those long hours of studying and going nuts would pay off. I was finally able to tell my parents and they were so happy for me. We ended up going to the ice cream shop for ice cream.
The remaining days of April quickly passed by and it was now May 13th. So in five days I will be a mother. Mother’s day for my mom was okay she had a blast and said she couldn’t wait until next year. The 14th is my last day of school so I had to return all my books tomorrow but I didn’t care. I will still finish up the school year but just give my assignments to Blake. Finals are May 26th to June 4th. Then school is out on the 8th so I’m not really missing much but I will be doing my finals.
The next day I cleaned out my locker, and returned the papers to the right person and then left the campus with Blake and Hope. I wouldn’t return back to school until the fall where I would begin my senior year. That night and on the fifteen, I did all of my school work for the rest of the year minus the finals which I won’t be given until the 26th and then every day they get a final I get that one too. My mom is supposed to time me but I’m not sure if she will. All I know is I was excited about the babies being due in three days. I can’t wait for that, during the 16th I was on the swing porch with my laptop and my mom walked out. “What are you doing?” She asked me “looking up information for Brown.” I said “You sure you can do it?” She asked me “Yeah, the girls will be five but it will work.” I said “if you say so.” She said I knew she didn’t agree with me going to Brown that I should do a local one that takes two years but if I don’t get accepted then I will do a two years one but if Blake does then it will be a two years one near Brown.
I was mad at her, I couldn’t believe she would even talk me out of going to a college like that because it was one of the best out of colleges. I went walking not really caring if she was all for me walking along or against it. I made it down to the creek and slowly sat down. “Oh Allie, what have I done?” I asked and the voice in my head wasn’t there. I felt all alone now because didn’t answer me. Nothing at all. Mom will cool down. You’re due in two days. Of course she will. I smiled at that and realized I couldn’t get up so I ended up dozing off. I was awaken by my mom tapping me on my shoulder. “Need help?” she asked and I nodded she helped me up and hugged me. “You’re going to be a great mom. If you go to Brown or not, trust me on that sweetie.” She said and I smiled.

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