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Chapter 8 (v.1) - it's time!

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It’s the 17th now and Blake will not leave my side. My mom had to force him to go to school, it was a Friday and I told him I would be fine but he didn’t believe me. My mom was slowly going back to her old self but I know she will be when she sees those little girls unless the hospital brings back memories and I’m sure it will, the doctors does with me. “You ready?” She asked me and I nodded “My over night bag is packed, the car seats is installed in the car, the room is baby ready, I’m emotionally ready.” I said “I do not think you can ever be emotionally ready Lexie.” She said and I nodded at her “You’re right.” I said “Breast-feeding or formula?” She asked me “Breast.” I said “Good choice.” She said and I smiled at her “Yeah I know momma.” I said and she smiled as I rubbed my belly “I can’t believe you’re pregnant and married. You’re a good daughter, you are growing up.” She said “I’m proud of you.” She said and I looked at her so she kept on. “You finished out your school year, you’re going to school next year, you’re either going to a four year or two year college with twin girls. That takes guts.” She said and I smiled at her. Blake was home in no time after work and he smiled at me “You okay?” He asked me and I only nodded. After dinner we all went walking, a little extra this time talking about how life is going to change for all of us but especially Blake and I. “You ready Lex?” Daddy asked me before he went to bed “Yes sir. As ready as I ever be.” I said and he smiled at me “You will be great.” He said and I nodded I went back to watching The Notebook and when it came to around midnight my first contraction happened. It hurt like crap too, I held on to a pillow and slowly made my way to bed. They became more regularly throughout the night and finally around six thirty I knew I couldn’t put it off anymore. “Blakey.” I said shaking him trying to wake him up. I was huge; I couldn’t even see my feet so I was ready to get them out as they were ready to get out as well. “What Lexie?” He asked me sleepily, “What time is it?” He asked me “Six Thirty.” I said “Five more minutes?” He asked me “NO Blakey, it’s time.” I said and then another contraction came so he jumped out of bed and ran into my parents room. He put his flip-flops on and didn’t even bother grabbing mine. Instead he lifted me up and carried me to the car as my mother grabbed my bag and flip-flops. I squeezed his hand as we road to the hospital. “Oh my god!” My mom said she was freaking out like I was but I wasn’t that bad. “I can’t believe it’s time! My daughter is having twins.” She said “Yes momma.” I said and then another one came. “Oh Allie.” I whispered low enough for nobody to hear me. I’m here Lexie. Holding Stormy and Starry, getting them ready. Their souls to enter the bodies. I’m not leaving you. I promise. I smiled at that and then frowned when another contraction came. “Mommy it hurts.” I said “I know sweetie. It will. Labor hurts like hell.” She said “No kidding.” I said “Oh baby, this is only half of it.” Daddy said and I rolled my eyes at that. The nurses brought a wheel chair out and my dad was filling out the paper work as they wheeled me into a hospital room. They got me set up and everything it felt strange with me being a patient. My mom took one look at me all sweaty, and hooked up, lying in a hospital room and about broke into tears but then smiled. I wasn’t ready yet, I wasn’t that far along I still had time. People told me it could take a long time and I hated the thought of that. Somebody even said they were in labor for seventy-two hours I couldn’t imagine that. It was now eight o’clock and I still wasn’t far along enough so I was a total pain for people to be around. They all understood though but still. Around eleven o’clock I was far along so they got everything set up for the last part of labor. “Oh my God! I’m going to kill you Blake!” I said we have been saying that it was his for so long I actually believe it. “Kill Kyle.” He said trying to make a joke as he held my hand. I had my mom and Blake in here with me and I knew my mom wasn’t going no where. “Pain medicine now.” I said and the nurses looked at mom who went to work on that. Around noon, twelve hours after the easy labor began I was finally able to start the last stage of it. “We’re going to push on three alright? Do your biggest push possible.” My doctor said and I did as was directed when he said “One. Two. Three push! One, two, three push! One, two, three push! One, two, three push!” I did so too and the first baby was out. “It’s a girl.” He said and I smiled at Blake, they went to cleaning her up as we started the next one. “It’s a girl.” He said after she came out, I smiled at that but felt all dizzy. “We’re losing her! Somebody do something!” The doctor said “Oh my.” My mom said I didn’t hear the other part I was fading out. “Lexie-poo it isn’t your time. You can’t come here, I know you want to be here with me.” Allie said she was standing in front a huge golden gate. “What happened?” I asked realizing I was in a hospital gown. “You died giving birth. You can’t die. You have two beautiful girls who needs their mommy more than ever. I need you too but I’m fine with waiting many years for you. Don’t fight to stay. Fight to go Lexie.” She said and she got up and hugged me but pushed me off a cloud. Next thing I know I hear “She’s back. Lexie can you hear us?” My mom asked “Babies.” I said and she smiled at me, “They’re okay. Ready for their mommy to hold them. You scared us.” She said hugging me and leaving to go tell everybody. “Lexie you scared us.” He said and I nodded as they handed me my girls. I looked at them carefully I smiled at them, they had my icy blue eyes, my curly strawberry blond hair, my nose, my ears shape, my lips, my ears, my cheeks, the one in my right had dimples on her cheeks, while the other one had dimples on her cheeks and chin. “Starry.” I said to the one on my right “Stormy.” He said to the one on my left. They were born weighing two pounds three ounces being twelve inches long. Two days later after everything was checked out alright and the girls and I were both healthy we were able to go home. Blake had went home once with my parents and came back in our car so we could take the babies home. He was missing school today but will be back on the Tuesday. I slowly got out of the hospital bed, I was sore. Blake was holding Starry and Stormy. I got dressed in my favorite ripped jeans and a cami that fit. I pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail and got wheeled out to the car and we got the girls in their car seats and headed for home. We showed the girls around the house and then around after school let out Hope showed up. “Congratulations! They’re beautiful!” She said smiling at Stormy, she was holding her as I was holding Starry. “Momma said Allie and I looked both like them at that age.” I said and she smiled “That’s good. How is she?” She asked me “Wonderful, back to normal. Especially after the death scared I had, she loves being a Grandma doesn’t take it for granted. Carrie and Connor are coming over tonight for dinner so they can see the girls.” I said and she smiled “It’s nap time.” I said and we walked up the stairs and placed them in their cribs. I put the baby monitor on Starry’s crib to the side and then took the other one downstairs with me. “You’re a great mom already.” She said “I know or so I’ve been told. You have my grades?” I asked and she handed me my assignments and I smiled at them, all one hundreds. “Thanks.” I said and she smiled at me, final exams began soon and I would return my last one with the girls on the last day.

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