It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - They kind of kissed

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Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
Ashton and Caylee arrived at the carnival and they went around the area. "Let's go on the Ferris wheel." Caylee said "I agree." Ashton said and while they waited in line they saw Aubrey, Casey, Allie, and Amber together. "I told you to stay away from Ashton." Allie said and Amber shot Ashton a look. "I'm sorry. We're going on the ferris wheel now." Caylee said and she led Ashton into the ferris wheel. "It's nice up here." Ashton said he was nervous and so was Caylee. "It's a beautiful view." Caylee said taking out her phone to take a picture of the view. "You're something speical." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him. After the Ferris wheel they went on all of the rides and then they got some of the food and sat on the pier with their feet over the water. "This is the best day I have had in ages." Caylee said "Me too. I'm glad we're together." Ashton said "I'm glad we came together too." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee "They're doing fireworks tonight." Ashton said "We need to be here then." Caylee said "We do. Shall we walk on the beach?" He asked "Why not go swimming?" Caylee asked "Okay." Ashton said and she smiled at him, "Do you have your bathing suit?" Caylee asked "I do, I put it in your bag." Ashton said and Caylee smiled.
Caylee walked into the girls room and saw Allie, Aubrey, Casey, and Amber. "I can't believe that girl." Casey said "We will teach her a lesson." Amber said and Caylee went into the stall and changed. Caylee came out in her aqua color two piece that fit her perfectly, she was wearing a bikini. "What are you doing?" Amber asked Caylee "I'm going swimming." Caylee said matter of factly "With Ashton." Allie said "Oh him? We're on a date." Caylee said "I told you he's off limit." Allie said "Well I'm sorry. I don't get told who I can and can't date." Caylee said and she walked out and wrapped her arm around Ashton's waist who jumped when he saw her. "You look beautiful." Ashton said "Thank you." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "Shall we go?" Ashton asked "We shall." Caylee said smiling at him. Caylee set her bag down and she stepped in the water and moved back.
Ashton came up behind Caylee and grabbed her by the waist and ran in the water. Caylee remembered when Jason use to do this to her. "Stop! No! Stop!" Caylee squealed and Ashton threw her in the water when he was at his waist and Caylee swam up for air. "I'm going to get you!" Caylee yelled and she dunked Ashton in the water and Ashton grabbed Caylee's waist and pulled her close to him. They were almost in a kissing reach and Caylee wiggled free and swam away from him. "I can get you." Ashton said and a wave came crashing, Caylee did a body surf and made it to land and Ashton smiled at Caylee. They stayed in the water for a while and Caylee could feel eyes on her. Caylee and Ashton came out of the water and Savannah and Liam walked up "Hi." Savannah said "Hey." Caylee said "Love your suit." Savannah said "Thanks." Caylee said smiling "We will catch you later." Liam said and he led her hand away and Caylee smiled at Ashton.
After they changed they walked hand in hand to all the games. "This has been a great day." Caylee told Ashton, he was trying to win her a stuffed monkey. "It has. I'm going to win this for you." Ashton said and Caylee smiled "Good." Caylee said. It took Ashton  $20 but he finally won Caylee the monkey and she held it in her other arm as they walked around. "I feel like we are being watched." Caylee said "We are.  They keep watching us." Ashton said and Caylee rolled her eyes "Immature people." Caylee said and Ashton smiled "Let's get on the ferris wheel." Ashton said "I agree." Caylee said and she held his hand and led him to the line. "Stop it." Aubrey said "What? I can't have fun on my date." Caylee said "I'm going to get Ashton back." Amber said "Alright." Caylee said and they sat in their spot on the ferris wheel. "They are staring at us." Ashton said "let them stare." Caylee said and Ashton smiled. They were up on top when the Ferris wheel stopped and the fireworks started. 
When the second round of fireworks started Caylee looked back and saw that they were still being stared out. Ashton looked into her beautiful icy blue eyes and knew he wanted to kiss her and Caylee had the same look. Caylee leaned into Ashton's personal space. Ashton tilted Caylee's chin up and they both tilted their heads and their lips touched together. Fireworks actually happened in the sky when it happened. It was just a long peck but it was good. "Wow." Caylee said when she pulled away "Double wow." Ashton said and they smiled at each other. They kissed again and it was an actual kiss this time. Caylee's first real kiss and she's almost eighteen years old. The Ferris wheel moved again and they got off and walked to the end of the pier. "I had an amazing time tonight." Caylee said "I did too." Ashton said and they both looked at their phones "time to go." Caylee said and Ashton nodded in agreement.
When they were at the entrance of the carnival Savannah and Liam were there "Can we walk back with you guys?" Liam asked "Sure." Caylee said and they both walked together letting Liam and Savannah ahead of them. "I had an amazing time tonight." Ashton said "I did too." Caylee said they were back at the house now. Ashton didn't know if he should kiss Caylee good-night or not. Caylee kissed Ashton on the cheek. "I had a great time. We should get together the next time we can." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee "I agree. Have a good night." Ashton said "You too." Caylee said and they both went into their houses with the biggest smile on their face. 

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