It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 102 (v.1) - It's kind of going down hill

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Caylee's Pov:
It's around noon now, Hope and Maddie are both down for their nap. They went down at eleven and they should be waking up any minute now. "People will start arriving around two." Sophia said "Alright, when Hope wakes up I will take her home and we will change." I said "Good. Ashton and them will be here." Sophia said "that's great." I said having to fake a smile. "Are you sure you're okay?" Sophia asked me "Just pressured from school." I said "I know how that is. Don't let it get in the way of your relationship." Sophia said "It won't." I said and she smiled at me. "Just remember I am always here for you." Sophia said "Thank you." I said and I looked at her, I knew she didn't believe me but I didn't want to confess to her. I would break and it's too much for today. 
I don't miss talking to my mom, but I miss Liam, Jason is 23, I'm 19, Liam is now 18, Bryson is 10, Seanis 8, and Landon is 6. I heard Hope crying so I got up and I gently got Hope up. "I will come over as soon as I get ready." I said "Good. Can't wait to see you!" Sophia said and I smiled at her. I walked outside and put Hope in her stroller and then we went home. I gave Hope a bath and put her in the dress Lauren had laid out with her headband. I had Hope in her swing while I changed into my black dress with my flats on. My black dress wasn't the sexy one, it wasn't showing anything. I curled my hair and then I applied my makeup. "Hope, are you ready?" I asked and she just giggled at me. "Good, let's head on." I said and Hope smiled at me.
We arrive at Sophia's around one "It didn't take you two long at all." Sophia said and I smiled, I put Hope back in the play pen with Maddie. "Do you need help?" I asked "I'm fine. You can sit in here if you like." Sophia said "Sure." I said "Jason will be back soon. He's been excited to see you." Sophia said "I hope so. I have missed everybody." I said "I can't believe you will be down here soon." Sophia said "I know. I can't wait to see you guys in New York." I said and Sophia smiled "How does it feel?" Sophia asked me "good. We are doing a hard dance. But we nailed it." I said "Do you still have to work with Evan?" Sophia asked me "Yes. One last dance. Then I get a new partner next semester." I said and Sophia smiled at me "Good." Sophia said and at that moment I knew Ashton told Jason.
Jason showed up "I will hug you when I change. Sophia let Cay take over so you can changed." Jason said "Yes, it will be fine." I said and Sophia smiled at me. I finished up what she was working on and then I checked on the girls, Maddie is 14 months old, she's walking around when she's able to. "Hey Maddie-girl! I'm sure your mommy is going to change you." I said and she giggled "That is funny, isn't it?" I asked and she smiled at me and held her arms out to me. I got her out and set her down. Hope wanted out "Your mommy will be here around three." I said and Hope gave me a baby smile. Sophia came down and took Maddie and Jason sat next to me. "How are you sis?" He asked "good." I said "I debated about beating Evan up." Jason said "Let's not discuss it now." I said and he nodded. "We will before you leave. Staying at Lauren won't stop me." Jason said.
Ashton's Pov:
After breakfast we played with their dolls and then I put them down for their naps around eleven. "You will be a good day one day." Savannah said "I hope so." I said "I can tell things aren't right." Savannah said "What are you talking about?" I asked "You two are distant. Your phone isn't buzzing." Savannah said "maybe Caylee is busy." I said "What happened?" Savannah asked "You're too young." I said "I'm almost eighteen. Next month." Savannah said and I looked at her, when did she grow up on me? "I will wait to tell you. Let's not ruin this day." I said and Savannah smiled at me "I understand." Savannah said and she got up to go get ready. I sat on the couch rubbing Hoss, I wasn't sure how Caylee would act around me.
Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl came home "I'm going to start cooking and then get ready. Do you mind waking the girls up?" Aunt Alice asked me "Sure. Do they need a bath?" I asked "Yes." Aunt Alice said and I gently woke up the girls and led them to the bathroom. I gave both of them a bath and wrapped the towels around them and they led me to their room. I got their dresses Aunt Alice had laid out and I put their headband in their hair and their sandals. "Can we nap?" Lindsay asked "Let's play with Hoss?" I asked "Sure!" They said I knew that would wake them up. Once Savannah came down all dressed up I went upstairs to get ready. I couldn't believe how quick time has flown. It seems like Savannah was just the 13 year old when I came to move in with them and now here she is 18.
"Have you heard from Chelsea any?" Aunt Alice asked me "Yeah, she's coming up tomorrow. She's sorry about not coming soon." I said "I heard from her. She visits every other weekend. Kyle is adorable." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her. "I'm glad that her and Caleb are still together."  I said "He's good with Kyle and she's good with Connor. They are made for each other." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her, that's true. "We will need to head over there soon to help set up." Uncle Carl said "Well everybody is ready. But I'm waiting on the food." Aunt Alice said "Well they can go ahead and go to help." Uncle Carl  said "Got it." I said "Take the girls?" She asked and I picked up both girls and Savannah followed me over to Jason's house.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton walks overto Jason's house with the girls and Savannah by his side. Sophia answered the door "You can let the girl down." Sophia said "thank you." Ashton said "Jason! Ashton is here! Do you need him?" Sophia asked "Yes! Send him in!" Jason said and Ashton went into the kitchen. Where he saw Jason getting the food ready. "How was your trip?" Jason asked "it was good. It feels good to be back." Ashton said "good. Caylee is in the living room." Ashton said "that's nice." Ashton said "Look, you need to fix it." Jason said and Ashton nodded "That's fine." Ashton said and Jason nodded. After helping Jason, Ashton went into the living room and he saw Abrianna and Lindsay playing with Maddie and Hope. Caylee was siting down on the couch.
"Some weather, huh?" Ashton asked "Yeah." Caylee said and Ashton looked at her he could tell she didn't want to talk to him at all. "Sophia, do you need a hand?" Ashton asked "No, just sit there and help Caylee with the kids." Sophia said and Ashton nodded. Ashton sat down on the couch at the other end "So, you two aren't so close anymore." Savannah said "What do you mean?" Caylee asked I could look in her eyes but I don't see anything, she's numb. Blank. Cold. She's thin. Caylee isn't the same girl I fell in love with. "Caylee, what happened?" Ashton asked "What do you mean?" Caylee asked "Us." Ashton said "Not today. Okay?" Caylee said "Got it." Ashton said and at that moment they both knew that they weren't the same anymore. They weren't together anymore. 
During the dinner, Ashton and Caylee didn't sit next to each other. They didn't speak at all. Caylee's Aunt was here. Everybody could sense the tension between them. But nobody was pushing them together. "So what a lovely day!" Alice said "Indeed it is!" Sophia said "Everything is so lovely! Who planned it?" Caylee asked "It was all of us women! It's a special Thanksgiving, Hope's first. Yours and Ashton's first in college! Abrianna's and Lindsay's first with us!" Sophia said "I'm glad I got to be a part of it." Ashton said "It's great!" Caylee said and they smiled at them. Lauren glanced at Caylee and just stared. Lauren couldn't stand this anymore, she was going to have a talk with Caylee the moment they got home. Caylee knew that as well. Caylee knew she couldn't keep hiding this anymore. Ashton looked at Caylee, and he knew that they were over for good.

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