It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 103 (v.1) - It's kind of the worse fight

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Caylee's Pov:
It's later that night, Hope is in her crib, Anderson is out with Ashton actually. Lauren and I are on the couch. I have my knees brought up to my chest. I didn't know what to say. "I take it from the tension all day that you and Ashton are no longer together." Lauren said "Yes." I said "What happened?" Lauren asked me I could lie to her and feel bad about it. "We didn't work out." I said I was hoping that would work. "You two were perfect. Is it Evan? Did you cheat on Ashton with Evan?" Lauren asked "NO!" I said "What is it then?!" Lauren asked me "Evan raped me. I told Ashton. After being told he would kill me if I told anybody. Then Ashton beat Evan up. So now I can't confess or he will press charges. Ashton made it worse. So I told him never talk to me again." I said "Oh Caylee." Lauren said and I knew she didn't even know what to say.
"You need to make it right." Lauren said "It's too late." I said "Caylee Marie Blevins it is never too late. What you two have is true and pure." Lauren said "Alright. I will go make things right tomorrow." I said "Promise Cay?" Lauren asked me "Promise." I said "And Monday morning you better go and report." Lauren said "Will do." I said and I actually did feel better talking to Lauren, I knew it wouldn't solve all of my problems but talking to Lauren has always helped. "This is why you're skinnier, this is why you haven't slept, this is why you wouldn't talk to anyone." Lauren said "Yes." I said "Never ever shut me out like that again." Lauren said "I won't." I said and Lauren smiled at me "You better not. Let's go get some sleep." Lauren said "Agreed." I said feeling like I could sleep all night for once.
I went to bed at ten, woke up at midnight and couldn't fall back asleep no matter what I did. I ended up leaving around three and went to the dance studio and worked on my dancing. That seems to be the only thing that keeps me going. I think once I talk to Ashton and fix things then I will be able to sleep more. I stayed there until five and then I got back and took Sam on her normal jog. I could tell Sam loved this as much as I did. After the jog I took a shower and changed into my ripped jeans and my Juilliard dance t-shirt. I left my hair down and smiled at Lauren when I came downstairs "No sleep again?" Lauren asked "Two hours." I said "Still not good." Lauren said "When I go back home I'm going to the doctor's." I said and Lauren nodded. "Do you work today?" I asked "Yeah 7-3." Lauren said "Does Anderson?" I asked "I'm not. So I'm watching Hope, you're free." Anderson said and I smiled at him.
I went over to Sophia's and I actually told Sophia all about what happened, more about how I'm afraid to sleep. How I don't care for dancing with him in my class anymore. "I am so sorry. Ashton told us and I just can't believe you let that get in the way of your relationship with Ashton." Sophia said "I was more worried about Ashton's safety. I didn't want Ashton to get hurt on my account." I said "But Caylee, you aren't sleeping at night, you are barely eating, you aren't the same Caylee we all know and love." Sophia said "I'm sure once I go over to Ashton's, I will slowly become the real Caylee." I said and Sophia smiled at me "I sure hope so." Sophia said smiling at me. "When are you going over there?" Sophia asked "Very soon." I said and she smiled at me.
Ashton's Pov:
After Thanksgiving dinner I'm at the beach with Anderson. "What's going on with you and Cay?" Anderson asked "We aren't together. I give up. I defend her from a guy who molested her and I'm the bad guy. I don't get her. I can't win with her. I'm done." I said "Ash, she will come around." Anderson said "I don't think so. Not this time." I said and Anderson looked at me "Caylee can't sleep, can't eat, can't focus. She's not the same Caylee. She misses you, she loves you." Anderson said and I looked at him "I'm just done trying. If she doesn't make a move by the time we head back to New York then I'm moving on." I said and Anderson smiled at me and I looked at him "So how's married life?" I asked "Good. Lauren and I are doing great. Hope is a major daddy's girl."  Anderson said and I smiled at him.
After we left I went home and Hoss curled up with me on the bed. I took Hoss out around midnight and a car pulled up. "Ash! Give me a hand!" Chelsea said and I looked Chelsea? "Hey!" I said jogging up and getting her bags "I came up early. Caleb and I got in a fight. He's going back to New York to be with Connor's mom." Chelsea said "Yikes." I said "I know." Chelsea said she looked the same. Kyle was big, still has those gorgeous green eyes and Chelsea's brown hair. "How are things with you?" She asked, once Kyle was in the playpen we went back out on the porch. "Not so good. Caylee and I are done." I said "I'm sorry. You two were a good couple. Perfect." Chelsea said "I thought so too." I said and she smiled at me.
The following morning after my jog, we were all having breakfast "I'm going shopping with the girls." Savannah said "Are you sure you're up for it?" Aunt Alice asked "Yes mom. I will bring my medicine with me." Savannah said "Okay good." She said and then she turned to Chelsea "We are taking the girls to the zoo, can we take Kyle?" She asked "Of course.  He loves the zoo." Chelsea said "Great! Gives you time to catch up on your sleep." Aunt Alice said and Chelsea nodded. Once they left it was just us two together on the couch. I don't exactly know what happened but Chelsea and I ended up kissing, kissing ended up to more. "Wow." Chelsea said "Wow." I said and she kissed my lips softly. "You are amazing."Chelsea said and I smiled at her.  I heard a knock at the door "I will get it." I said putting my shorts on and a T-shirt. I went to open the door and standing in front of me was Caylee.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
"Caylee. What are you doing here?" Ashton asked Caylee could tell something was wrong. "I came here to talk. If you wanted to." Caylee said "Sure, come on in." Ashton said and she came in "Who is it?" Chelsea asked "It's Caylee, Chels." Ashton said "Oh! Hi Caylee!" Chelsea said "Am Interrputing things?" Caylee asked "Not at all. We were just catching up." Chelsea said "You two had sex, didn't you?" Caylee asked "what?!" Chelsea asked "I was coming to say I was sorry. That you were right. But now I can clearly tell you have moved on." Caylee said "Cay, wait!" Ashton said "No. Enjoy this. Enjoy whatever." Caylee said and before anyone could say anything Caylee stormed off not paying attention to anything at all.
Caylee's Pov:
I didn't know where to go after I stormed off, so I went to the house and got my dance clothes and went to the dance studio. I can't believe Ashton. He couldn't have just waited one more day? And with Chelsea? Her of all people?!! I'm supposed to be the one he's with. I'm supposed to be that girl. We are supposed to be spending time together. I put my Iphone on the dock that Grandma had provided and I just pressed play, it was all upbeat music. I kept dancing, and dancing. That's what I do, I dance away my problems. I can't run away from my problems so I  dance away from them. Ashton and I are done. We are not getting back together anymore. Ashton can be with Chelsea or whoever he wants, but it won't be. I wasn't paying attention to the time, I wasn't paying attention to the calls, to the texts. I just kept dancing. I was dancing away Ashton.
Ashton's Pov:
"I can't believe that!" I said when Caylee took off, Chelsea was just looking at me. "Are you going to go after her? Tell her that this didn't mean anything?" Chelsea asked me "How can I do that? You saw her look. You saw how mad she is." I said and Chelsea just stared at me ."Ash you have to do something. Caylee is on the verge of breaking. Whos know what she will do." Chelsea said "I will try." I said and Chelsea looked at me "it was wonderful, but your heart is with Caylee and my heart is with Caleb. Or more now Kyle than anything. Go fix things." Chelsea said and I kissed her forehead. When did I become the jerk that is constantly hurting the woman that I love? I don't even know if Caylee will ever talk to me again after this. 

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