It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 104 (v.1) - It's kind of a love life change

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Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
It didn't take long for Ashton to find Caylee, he knew exactly where to find her at. Ashton walked up to Caylee and forcefully pinned her against the wall. Out of reflexes Caylee kicked Ashton "Let me go!" Caylee said "Let me talk. I had sex with Chelsea out of anger. Same reason she did. It meant nothing. My life means nothing with you Caylee. I'm a mess. I wasn't thinking straight. I know I blew it. I really did. But I do love you Caylee Marie Blevins, I want you to be the love my of life. To be my wife one day.  I am lost when we are fighting. Please forgive me. I'm begging you." Ashton said and Caylee looked at him "How am I supposed to know you won't do that again?" Caylee asked "You trust me. You love me." Ashton said and Caylee started crying. "What is love?" Caylee asked.
"This is love." Ashton said without her permission he leaned in and kissed her lips with passion. "I'm sorry." They both said at the same time when they finally pulled away. "Let's go to Denny's." Ashton said "Agreed. I'm starving." Caylee said and Ashton took her hand. "No hard feelings?" Ashton asked "No hard feelings against you or Chelsea." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. They walked to the local diner instead of going back to the house to get a car. "I'm Olivia,  I will be your waitress. What can I get you to drink?" Olivia asked, the same Olivia from dance. "I will have a Dr. Pepper." Ashton said "I will have a Dr. Pepper." Caylee said and then Olivia looked at them "Oh hi!" Olivia said and Ashton smiled. "I will be right back with your drinks." She said and they smiled. "A soda?" Ashton asked "Living a little. I could use the weight." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her.
After their orderes arrived, Ashton got a double hamburger with fries, Caylee got a spicy chicken sandwich with fries they slowly began eating. "Are you ready for finals?" Ashton asked "Yeah, I'm ready to come back here. Where it's warm." Caylee said "Aw, my baby doesn't like the cold?" Ashton asked "Not really!" Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. This felt normal to him, laughing and joking. "I can't wait to see you on Broadway." Ashton said "Even with what's his name?" Caylee asked "Yeah, he won't mess with you." Ashton said "I don't think so. And I have to have proof that he did something." Caylee said "Your security cams. You have them in the studio." Ashton said "You're right." Caylee said smiling at him. "Do it after the show, that way your dream will come true." Ashton said and Caylee nodded, it's the night of the last final which is on the 11th and then they can all fly home as a huge family.
Ashton walked Caylee back to Lauren's "I had a great night tonight. We should do this more often." Caylee said "Just not the fighting, okay?" Ashton asked "No fighting." Caylee said smiling at him "Kiss me?" Caylee asked "You never have to ask." Ashton said and he leaned in and kissed Caylee on the lips softly. "You know you two could come in." Lauren said stepping out on the porch "I know." Caylee said smiling "We could all hang out tonight." Lauren said "I actually have to head home. There's something I have to do." Ashton said "But please stay?" Lauren asked "You girls need to catch up on your girl time." Ashton said "He's right, you know? He gets me twenty-four/seven you have me until Sunday." Caylee said "Alright fine. Have fun." Lauren said smiling going back in. "I love you." Caylee said "I love you too." Ashton said walking away.
Ashton's Pov:
I walked home slowly, trying to wrap my mind around what happened. Today is a day I kind of don't want to relive. Because of what hapened between Chelsea and myself and then the best part was when Caylee and I got back together. I made it home at good time and Chelsea was on the porch. "How did it go?" Chelsea asked me "Caylee has forgiven both of us. In fact tomorrow we are all going to the beach." I said and Chelsea smiled at me "It meant nothing, we did it out of anger. But it was still good." Chelsea said and I smiled at her "Yes, but my heart is always with Caylee." I said "Caleb and I are never getting back together. I'm not with Kyle's father. I'm focusing on Kyle." Chelsea said "Can you manage going to school there and raising Kyle?" I asked "Yeah, plus Alice said she will help all that she can. You guys are family." Chelsea said.
Savannah's friends pulled up and Savannah got out with both arms full of bags. I got up and I got all the bags from Savannah who smiled at me. "Bye girls!" Savannah said and she went up the steps and sat down. "Mom said we can order a pizza. They got stuck in traffic." Savannah said "Alright. What do you guys want?" I asked and after I was told I ordered the pizza and then sat down. "I can't wait to see New York!" Savannah said "You are going to love it!" I said "Will I get to see both?" Savannah asked "Yes, Caylee can't wait to show you around." I said "Are you two an item or do I go back to hating her?" Savannah asked "We're an item." I said and she smiled at me. "I'm glad. You two are perfect. But if not then you and Chelsea would make a good couple." Savannah said and Chelsea laughed.
When they showed up the pizza guy arrived at the same time. Chelsea got up and got Kyle out, "I can't believe he's almost eleven months." I said "I can't believe." Chelsea said and I smiled "He's walking if you hold both his hands. He says mama. He's eating more solid foods. Eating puffs." Chelsea said and I smiled. Kyle gave me his cute baby smile "I miss you too buddy." I said and he wanted me to hold him now "I love this little guy." I said "He loves you too." Chelsea said and we walked inside "I will feed him." Chelsea said "How was the zoo?" I asked "Everybody loved it. How was your day? You're smiling. So good." Aunt Alice said "Caylee and I are back together." I said "I am so glad. You two are perfect." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her. "Let's eat." Uncle Carl said and I nodded.
After dinner we are all watching Finding Nemo, Lindsay and Abrianna are in my lap. Hoss is at my feet, Kyle is in Savannah's arms. "Now this is a family Kodak moment." Aunt Alice said "Make it a Kodak moment." Uncle Carl said "Ash, show me your phone." Aunt Alice said and I handed her my phone and she put the timer on and took a couple of pictures of all of us. "That's what we are doing for Christmas! Family pictures!" Aunt Alice said "No mom!" Savannah said and Aunt Alice smiled "how was your knee today?" She asked "It hurt at the end and that was when we left." Savannah said "At least you know your limits." She said "Yes ma'am." Savannah said and I smiled at them. The girls curled up with me and they were soon fast asleep. Now this is the life.
Caylee's Pov:
I walked inside the house and Hope crawled over to me so I picked her up. "So, I guess it was a good thing?" Lauren asked "Yeah. But it started off bad." I said "How so?" Lauren said "I walked in on him and Chelsea having sex." I said "Uh-oh, anger sex." Anderson said "But you took him back?" Lauren asked "Yeah. I love him. I'm in love with him. Madly." I said and Lauren smiled "He's the one." Lauren said "Yeah." I said sitting down with Hope "Well Sophia, Jason, and Maddie." Lauren said "Can't wait!" I said and Lauren smiled at me "Anderson is making dinner." Lauren said "Uh-oh, you can cook?" I asked "Don't tease the cook." Anderson said and I laughed at him. "I'm sorry. You know I like you!" I said "Like? Man. I feel loved." Anderson said "I love you." Lauren said going up to him and kissing his lips softly.
I handed Hope back to Lauren and I changed into my ripped jeans and my dance shirt again. By the time I walked back in they had arrived. "Maddie!" I said and Maddie ran up to me and I picked her up and spun her around. "Uh-oh, somebody's in a good mood." Sophia said "I am." I said and Sophia sat down on the couch and looked at me "We need to talk." Sophia said "Uh-oh, I hate the we need to talk." I said "it's nothing bad." Sophia said "I will go help Anderson." Jason said and he walked away. "I will go take Sam out." Lauren said and I looked at her. "It's nothing bad. Good news." Sophia said "What's the good news?" I asked "I'm pregnant." Sophia said "Really?! How far along?!" I asked "12 weeks as of today." Sophia said "How come you aren't showing?" I asked "You haven't looked." Sophia said and I smiled at her. "I'm due June 12th."  Sophia said and I smiled at her.
Lauren came back in "You aren't pregnant again, are you?" I asked "Anderson! Are you calling me?" Lauren asked and I looked at her "I'm not that far along by any means. I'm only eight. You wouldn't talk to me! So I couldn't tell you! I'm due July 10th." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I can't wait!" I said "Are you sure it's fine?" Lauren asked "Just because everybody is getting pregnant, doesn't mean I mind." I said and then it hit me they were worried about me and how I handled the miscarriage "It's not my time yet." I said "I can wait." I said and they looked at me "I'm sure. I'm happy for both of you!" I said and they smiled at me "Aunt Penny is having another boy." Jason said "I'm happy." I said and he smiled at me. "I love you Caylee." He said "I love you too Jason." I said smiling at all of them.
After they left I was on the porch with my knees brought up to my chest. If dance wasn't my whole life I honestly think Ashton and I would have tried to have another kid. But I'm only nineteen and I'm not worried about it at all right now. Lauren came out "How are you feeling?" Lauren asked me "I'm fine. I'm getting nervous." I said "I can't wait to see you perform." Lauren said "I can't wait. It's a hard dance. But I'm in Christmas colors. She has already told us that it's sold out." I said and Lauren smiled at me "So you get to prove to Karen that you did make it to Broadway." Lauren said "yeah. Moments like this makes me realize that dancing isn't a waste." I said and Lauren smiled at me "you're the smart one. I'm nineteen and I won't be twenty and I will have two babies." Lauren said and I smiled at her. "I just feel like I'm missing everything being up there." I said "But it's your dream." Lauren said. Is it really my dream? Is it worth missing out on everybody's life? 

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