It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 107 (v.1) - It's kind of a dream

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Caylee's Pov:
It's Graduation day for me! Ashton's graduation day is tomorrow. Liam is here for me, Jason, Sophia, Maddie and Jeff is here (Jeff is Jason's son), Anderson, Lauren, Hope, and Hunter are here, Chelsea, Kyle and Kylie are here, (Chelsea got pregnant like I predicted and it's Ashton's daughter) Ashton and I are still together. I'm wearing my summer dress and it looks good on me. So does my wedding ring on my finger. I put my black gown on and my cap, my hair was all curly and it looked good. I looked at myself in the mirror and turned to the side. Yup, you can see it. Ashton and I are expecting our first child. I got pregnant in my last semester of school, after spring break. I was still able to finish out my last semester like I had hoped. I'm just not dancing as much. I'm going to move back to Florida and work at the dance studio after I have our little one.
"Caylee, are you ready?" Lexie asked me and I smiled at her, we have stayed friends during these four years, same with Colie. Jake and Lexie broke up. Jake found someone better. Lexie is find with it, I talked Lexie into moving down to Florida with us. Brooke is four like Hope, they are both adorable. "Do I look good?" I asked "Beautiful. I told you pregnancy is adorable on you." Lexie said and I smiled at her "I feel so good." I said and Lexie smiled at smiled. We went to where the graduation ceremony was to be held out. I saw all my family, Kylie has Ashton's baby blue eyes and Chelsea's brown curly hair. Chelsea didn't want to break Ashton and myself up, she doesn't love Ashton and she knew Ashton loved me. So they have joint custody of Kylie. Maddie is five years old; Hope, Brooke, and Kyle are four years old; Kylie, Jeff, and Hunter are three years old. 
" Alexis Burton" Was called and Lexie went up and I even cheered for her. "Nicole Jones." Colie went up and we cheered for her. Finally after four long years, twenty years of dancing I was finally graduating from something that I have worked my whole life for. "Caylee Wakefield." Was called and I walked across the stage to get my biggest accomplishment. I couldn't believe I was a college graduate. I am eleven weeks along, I am due on December 7th, I can't believe it will be here before I know it. Ashton and I want to know the sex of the baby, even though people are telling us we should be surprised I don't want to know. I got my pictures taken with all the family members I needed, all my friends. My mother and I still aren't speaking. Jason and Sophia made sure our house was ready for us, I get my babies back and Ashton gets Hoss back. 
Ashton's graduation went great. I loved his graduation ceremony. Liam and Savannah are coming to Florida for the summer, they are both at Columbia. Savannah is dancing again, and she's great at it. We loaded up the last of the U-Haul we got. Jason is driving the U-haul back along with Liam, Ashton, Savannah,  and some of the gang is in Ashton's car. Lauren and the two kids are in my car. "Aunt Caylee, are you staying here for good?" Hope asked me, Hope is still my little buddy. "Yes ma'am. I know that you are in my dance class." I said "Yes ma'am. I'm going to be a great dancer, like you and mommy." Hope said and I smiled at her. "Good, I know Kylie is a great dancer too." I said "Is she?" Hope asked "You know she is." I said and she giggled at me.
It's now July 20th and Ashton and I are at the doctor's with Kylie. Today is the day we find out the sex. "It's a girl." Our doctor said and I smiled at Ashton. We were having a girl Kelsey Nicole. "Kylie, do you like that you are going to have a baby sister?" I asked "Yes Aunt Caylee!" Kylie said and I smiled at her. "Your dad would be so happy." Ashton said "Yeah, two granddaughters." I said and he smiled at me. I knew Kelsey would be just like her mommy. I knew Kelsey would be a dancer. I was worried the first couple months that I was going to have a miscarriage but once we found out the sex I wasn't so scared anymore. Chelsea has a new guy in her life, Kyle and Kylie both like him. Kyle is still Ashton's little buddy. I'm glad everything is working out for all of us.
It's December 7th and I am actually on time. Kelsey Nicole Wakefield was born weighing 6.5 pounds, 18 inches long. She's my mini-me. Icy blue eyes and curly brown hair. A head full of head. "Cay, there's another one." Ashton said "What?" I asked "I'm kidding." Ashton said and I shot him a dirty look, but Ashton was right. We had a surprise. Baby B was born ten minutes after Kelsey, Brayden James Wakefield weighing 6.5, 18 inches long. He has my icy blue eyes and Ashton's brown hair, or mine. Lauren was the first one to come up. "Congratulations on both babies!" Lauren said "Thank you." I said I was smiling. I finally have my family. Kylie came up and kissed both her brother and sister. "Are you happy?" I asked softly "Yes I am!" Kylie said smiling at me.
It's two years later, their second birthday party. Maddie is seven years old, Hope, Brooke, and Kyle are six years old, Kylie, Jeff, and Hunter are five years old. Savannah is on baby number one, Liam and Savannah tied the knot that summer. "Look at mommy's little dancer!" I said I was video taping Kelsey dancing to a song, Kylie was joining in with her. Kylie lives with us now, Ashton asked Chelsea who agreed, but she still spends just as much time with Chelsea. I am not mommy to her, I am still aunt Caylee. Kelsey and Brayden are my world. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm so happy to have them in my life. They keep me going. "You know sissy, dad would be proud. His baby girl, had a beautiful little girl who is a mini-me. She's an amazing dancer. She will be just like you." Jason said and I smiled at him "Good. She's my pride and joy. Her and Brayden both." I said "I feel the same way. Maddie and Jeff, I wouldn't trade them for anything." Jason said and I smiled at him.
It's the first day of school for my babies, Kelsey and Brayden are excited. Their mommy on the other hand isn't. They are five years old, Kylie, Jeff and Hunter are eight years old, Hope and Kyle are nine years old, Maddie is ten years old. "Aunt Caylee, I will watch over them." Kylie said and I smiled at her "Thank you Kylie." I said. Ashton and I walked them down to class on their first day and Ashton held my hand as we walked out. He went off to work, him and Anderson, and Liam own their own bussiness. Chelsea, Lauren, Sophia, and I all work at the dance studio. I head over to the dance studio and I smile. I love working here. I love helping them all dance. Do I regret giving up my chance at Broadway? Nope, I got offered a ton of jobs. But I don't mind. I'm a known dance studio here.
Today is Kelsey's audition day. She is trying out for Juilliard. It's her dream school. I guess because I have talked about it so much. Kylie is in her Freshmen year at Juilliard, Hope is in her Sophomore year there, Maddie is in her Junior year them. We have a family that went to Juilliard. I haven't pushed Kelsey, she wanted to do this on her own. She has straight A's, did a perfect score on her SATS. "Mom, I'm ready!" She yelled and I met her at the door. "Let's go. You drive." I said and she smiled at her. "I am so proud of you no matter what hapens." I said "mom, I'm your mini-me. I'm going to make it." Kelsey said and I smiled at her "You are right." I said and she smiled at me. My baby girl made it into Juillard. I am so proud of her. Ashton and I made two wonderful children.
And then I woke up.

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