It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 108 (v.1) - It's kind of just a dream

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Caylee's Pov:
I got out of bed and I took a long shower. Trying to wrap my head around my dream. That was the first night I have slept all night long. After the shower I changed into my ripped jeans and then a tank top. I left my hair down. I walked over to Ashton's house and Chelsea was on the porch. Just the girl I wanted to talk to. "Hey Chels." I  said "Hey Cay. I figured you would come over sooner or later." Chelsea said "can I ask you something?" I asked "Of course." Chelsea said  "Do you think you are pregnant?" I asked "I'm 6 weeks pregnant. It's not Ashton's. It's Caleb. No Caleb doesn't know." Chelsea said "Are you going to tell him?" I asked "I don't plan on it. Caleb made it pretty clear when he left that he was going to fix things with Connor's mom." Chelsea said. So we have Sophia who is fourteen weeks pregnant, Lauren is ten weeks, and Chelsea is six weeks pregnant. "You need to be two weeks." Chelsea said "Not any time soon." I said and she smiled at me.
I went over to Lauren's after this. I was feeling good, because I know that my dream won't come true. Ashton will not be the father of Chelsea's baby. "Hey Cay!" Lauren said "Hey!" I said smiling at her "You slept in." Lauren said "I did?" I asked "it's eleven." Lauren said "Right." I said and she smiled at me "I had a weird dream." I said and she looked at me and I summed it all down for her "Chelsea is pregnant, but it's not Ashton's." I said "Are you sure she isn't lying about the date?" Lauren asked "I'm sure. She knows Ashton is taken and will always be taken." I said "Does he really? You are always fighting with him." Lauren said "not always. We have changed." I said and she shot me a look "I'm sorry. I really  am." I said and she smiled at me.
"This fall Sam and Sassy gets to come live with me." I said "Where are you going to live?" Lauren  asked me "We found a condo that has three rooms, I will have my room, Colie will have her room, Lexie's will have hers." I said and Lauren smiled at me "Are they okay with the pets?" Lauren asked me "Yes. Lexie will have Brooke living with her." I said and Lauren smiled at me "I can't believe they will leave me. Hope adores the pets." Lauren said "I know. I'm sorry. I love what you're doing for me." I said and Lauren hugged me. "I will always do anything for you." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I will always do anything I can for you." I said and Lauren smiled at me "I miss you so much. It's not the same." Lauren said "It really isn't." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
Chelsea's Pov:
I found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I was too stressed out with fighting with Caleb, with class to realize my period was late. No it's not Ashton. He used a codom. I am six weeks pregnant, if it was Ashton's then I would be four weeks. But I am for sure six weeks. I have had test done, blood done, and I am six weeks pregnant. After Caylee talked to me I went inside and Kyle was up. "Mommy got you." I said picking him up. I can't be pregnant, I mean I am. But I'm not able to manage two kids and school. "Mommy is going to have a baby." I said and Kyle stared at me, he will be one next month, and I will be due in August. Kyle will be 18 months by the time I have the second baby. I don't know how I let this happened. 
I took Kyle into the kitchen and my phone rang, "Hello?" I asked "Hey Chels." Caleb said "Hi." I said "We need to talk." I said "What's up?" Caleb asked "I'm pregnant with your child." I said "Oh. Abortion it." Caleb said "But you were there for Connor." I said "I know. I can't have two kids from two different women." Caleb said "Alright that's fine." I said and we hung up. Ashton came down "Is everything okay?" Ashton asked me I didn't realize I was crying. "I'm pregnant." I said "Is it my child?" Ashton asked "no, it's Caleb. I'm six weeks pregnant." I said and Ashton smiled at me "I'm sorry Chels. Can I do anything to help you?" Ashton asked me "It's fine. I was stupid. But hey Kyle was a good baby." I said and Ashton smiled at me.
When I went to my dad's the night before and told him it didn't turn out good. "You are nothing but a slut Chelsea. I don't even know who you are anymore. You are not the daughter I raised. I disown you." He said "That's find. I'm a hell of a woman. If you can't accept that then that's fine." I said and I picked up my son and I left. Now I'm looking at Carl and Alice, two people have took me in. "I'm pregnant." I said "Caleb's child right?" Alice asked me "Yes ma'am." I said "I told you before. Our door is always open. We are willing to help you out. A baby is a good thing. Now you will have two." Alice said and Carl looked at me "I call you my daughter. I'm proud of you. You are doing everything right. You are a great mother to Kyle. It's a blessing to have you in our life." Carl said and I hugged him.
   Ashton's Pov:
After Chelsea and I talked I went to go find Caylee. I met her at the dance studio. She was staring at it in her jeans and shirt so I know she isn't dancing. "I had a weird dream last night. I slept all night because of it." Caylee said "Details." I said looking at her and Caylee told me everything. "Well Chelsea is pregnant with Caleb's child. And if we have twins then that's great. I love you so much and I always will." I said and I kissed Caylee's lips softly. "Do you think I will do great when I take over?" Caylee asked "I know you will Cay. It's a wonderful thing." I said and she smiled at me. "Are you okay?" I asked "Yes I am. Do you want to walk around?" Caylee asked "Sure. I'm not ready for home yet." Caylee said "Sure baby." I said and she took my hand.
It's starting to look a lot like Christmas around here. People are already decorating for Christmas since it's a couple weeks away. "I have your gift already." I said "You do? What did you get me?" Caylee asked "I can't wait to tell you. But you have to wait." I said "No!" Caylee said "yes. Do you have everybody's gift?" I asked "Yes I do." Caylee said and I smiled at her. Man do I love this girl. "You ready to head back?" I asked "Yeah." Caylee said and I flashed her a smile. She was gorgeous "Have you ever thought of cutting your hair?" I asked "Not really." Caylee said "I bet you would look good." I said "maybe so." Caylee said and I smiled at her. She still isn't speaking to her mother, and I truly don't blame her for that. I haven't spoken to my mother in so long.
After I went home I looked at Chelsea and she smiled at me "are you okay?" Chelsea asked me "Yeah." I said and she smiled at me "what are you doing tonight?" Chelsea asked me "helping the family put the tree up and decorate it." I said and Chelsea smiled at me. "Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away?" Chelsea asked me "no I can't. Kyle's first Christmas." I said "I know. I'm going to cry. We're taking Kyle, Hope, and Maddie to see Santa tomorrow. You should bring the girls. Alice already said it was okay." Chels said and I smiled at her. Aunt Alice came down 'So are you taking them tomorrow?" she asked me "Yes ma'am. I'm going to get Caylee to tag along." I said "That should be fun. Invite Savannah too. I'm sure she will love it." Aunt Alice "Will do." I said and she smiled at me.

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