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Chapter 110 (v.1) - It's kind of the end

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Caylee's & Ashton's Pov:
It's the following May, the last day of classes for Caylee and Ashton. They are heading back to Florida bright and early tomorrow morning. Along with Liam and Savannah. Ashton had this crazy idea of taking Caylee out one last night on the town. Caylee got all dolled up and Ashton actually looked good himself too. This year there were no break ups, or huge fights. Kylie looks nothing like Ashton, something that was in the back of Caylee's mind for months. "You look amazing." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him "Why thank you, you don't look bad yourself either." Caylee said smiling at him. "So we survived yet another year at college. How do you feel?" Ashton asked "I feel wonderful. It was a wonderful second year. I danced my heart out like I always thought I would." Caylee said smiling at him.
Ashton took Caylee to a beautiful place in the town that had amazing food, then he took her to a Broadway show that she has been talking about for months. Caylee is holding Ashton's hand as they go to get some icecream. Caylee freezes in her spot "What's wrong babe?" Ashton asked "Evan." Caylee said "Where?" Ashton asked. Neither one of them have seen Evan since last Christmas break ended. "Coming our way." Caylee said and she held onto Ashton's hand a little tighter. Evan walked up and he looked different, he was the same Evan but something about him was different. "If you lay a finger on her I will punch you. Don't think I won't." Ashton said "I'm not going to touch you or Caylee. I came to talk. I come in peace." Evan said "Talk." Caylee said.
"I'm sorry Caylee. What I did was terrible. You were just so beautiful. I know I shouldn't have done that. I know you hate my guts. I would too. I'm a changed man. I just wanted to say I'm sorry." Evan said. So much ran through Caylee's mind, for the past year a lot has ran through her mind of what she would tell Evan if she ever ran into him again. She would tell him off, tell him how he changed her life. But instead Caylee just smiled at Evan "I forgive you." Caylee said "Thank you. Have a good summer you two." Evan said "You too." Caylee said and Evan walked away. Ashton stared at Caylee "What are you doing? You could have told him off." Ashton said "He didn't want that, and honestly neither do I." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee.
  Once they were back in the apartment they sat with Colie, Lexie, Liam, Savannah, Alex, and Brooke. "You two are always welcome to come to Florida for the summer. Hope would love a playmate her age." Caylee said "We are taking you up on your offer." Lexie said "I will fly down once to see all of you!" Colie said and Lexie smiled. Jake and Lexie broke up the middle of the year, he is still a good father to Brooke but Lexie has full custody of Brooke. "So it's all settled. We are leaving in the morning?" Ashton asked "Yes. You will drive your car, Liam will drive the U-haul, and then I will drive my car." Caylee said "Savannah will tag along with me, and Hoss. Then you girls will ride in your car?" Ashton asked "Yup. Sophia and Lauren both said that they are welcomed." Caylee said and Lexie smiled "Thank you. I really need to get away from here." Lexie said "No worries." Caylee said smiling at her.
Caylee's Pov:
It's July 4th, two years ago was the last time Ashton spoke to his mother because of me. Today we are in the back of Jason's yard doing a cook out. Ashton's family, my family, Lauren & them, Chelsea & them, Lexie and Brooke. I'm wearing my jeans short and my tank top. I straightened my hair, I applied my makeup and then I put on my jewerely along with my sandals. "Aunt Cay! Up!" Maddie said and I picked her up and spun her around, she will be three in September. "You ready to go play?"  I asked "Yes!"  Maddie said and I smiled. Hunter, Jeff, and Kylie will be one in the next few weeks. Chelsea is currently dating a very nice guy, he's our age twenty, he works, he goes to school and he loves Kyle and Kylie. I'm glad she finally found someone who she is really happy with. 
Brooke, Hope, Maddie, and Kyle are all playing the yard with Lindsay and Abrianna and the dogs. Kylie is in my lap. I adore Kylie. "So when are you two planning on starting on a family?" Chelsea asked "I have two more years left." I said  "That's wise." Chelsea said and I smiled at her. It's been a good first month back, I have been working at the studio and the kids love me. Maddie, Hope, and Brooke are in classes. Maddie is enrolled full-time. Lexie loves it here, Lexie plans on moving down here when we graduate. Ashton is with the men, "it feels so good being back here. Back with my family and friends." I said and Sophia smiled at me "We all missed you. Maddie talks about her Aunt Cay all the time, saying she can't wait to see Aunt Cay and Uncle Ash." Sophia said and I smiled at her. 
Hope came up to me next "Aunt Cay!" Hope said "Miss Hope!" I said she is Lauren's mini-me. I love all of them to death. "Up?" Hope asked "Yes!" I said and put her and Maddie on my lap "Are you okay with both on your lap?" Lauren asked me "Yup. Hope is your mini-me." I said "I get told that daily by Anderson." I said "Hunter is Anderson's mini-me." I said "He is. He tries so hard to keep up with Hope." Lauren said and I smiled at her "He can only walk with a toy. How is he keeping up with Hope?" I asked "He's doing his best to take his first actual steps without hands. But Hope is so gentle, she will go slow with him." Lauren said "I can't believe I'm missing all this." I said "I know. It's not the same." Lauren said smiling at me.
The cook-out and fireworks was amazing, I enjoyed all of the day. Lexie and I are on the porch drinking a soda. "I will be twenty-one August 10th." Lexie said "I will be twenty-one August 15th, and I won't be home at all with everyone." I said "We can celebrate it together." Lexie said and I smiled "How does it feel being a single mother?" I asked "It feels okay. I enjoy every moment with Brooke. Don't get me wrong. The first year away from her killed me. But now it's Brooke twenty-four seven and I know she will a dancer like me. I mean we have this year and next year left. But Cay, don't rush into motherhood because everyone is doing it." Lexie said "I'm not. I lost my firstborn Lexie. It wasn't planned at all, it happened two years today. My baby would be almost two. My baby would be along with all of yours." I said "I know it's hard." Lexie said "it never gets easy. I think about it all the time." I said and she smiled at me.
Ashton's Pov:
Today we were having a cook out with everybody. Something we are becoming known of doing. I have been with the guys but I have been watching Caylee with all of the kids. I know she isn't her normal self today. Today marks two years since we found out Caylee was pregnant and since she lost the baby. I know it's hard on Caylee, but I want to take our time. I love kids more than anything, but in two years is plenty of time. I just know it. "Ash!" Savannah said "Yeah?" I asked jogging up to her "Can I borrow your car?" Savannah asked "What do you need?" I asked "To pick up some friends. I will bring it safe and sound." Savannah promised "Go." I said handing her the keys and Liam followed. They are a really good couple together. I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world. College is going good, I'm half-way there. My life and family is going really good.
Caylee's Pov:
It's August 13th, the summer flew by yet again. Kylie, Hunter, and Jeff's first birthday parties were amazing. In two days I will be twenty-one years old. We're going to the bar on Friday. Classes begin on Monday which is of course my birthday. Lexie, Colie, and myself are sharing a condo again. Savannah is in the same condo as we are, along with Ashton, Liam is sharing the room with Alex. Jake is on his own this year. Even Alex is dissing him. Here's the schedule:
Fall Semester:
Monday & Wednesday: Dance 000 8-9:30, Dance 001 10-11:30, Dance 002: 12-1:30, DSDAN 301-2 2-3:30. DSDAN 341-2 4-5:30, Tuesday & Thursday: DSDAN 351-2 8-9:30, DSDAN E121-2 10-11:30, DSDAN E281 12-1:30. Same for the spring minus one class, so my Tuesday & Thursday classes will be done by 11:30. I think it will be a really good year for me. Next year will be even beter I must say. I mean a senior?? My final year of college. I'm excited and yet I'm nervous all at once.
Ashton's Pov:
All business classes for this semester and next semester. Alex and I are all in the same classes again. We have been in the same classes for the past three years. I'm ready to get this year out of the way. I decided I'm going to propose to Caylee on Christmas Eve, I know we are going to be back in Florida then. But I'm proposing to her on Christmas Eve. It's what Caylee has always wanted. We don't have to get married until next year but I know this will Caylee very happy. And she deserves the best. I'm already house hunting, the place next to Lauren and Anderson is for sale and I'm trying to buy that. I know Caylee would love to live next to her best friend, someting that have dreamed about over the years. It's killing Caylee that Lauren won't be here for her big 21st.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Today is August 20th, Lauren was able to sneak up here for the weekend. They are in the bar with the birthday sash on both Caylee and Lexie. Lexie's mom is watching Brooke for Lexie. "Are you sure you want to drink?" Ashton asked remembering how upset Caylee got over drinking. "It's my 21st baby." Caylee said and Ashton knew Caylee would only drink just this once. "Let's dance!" Caylee said, she has already had two drinks and she was feeling very tipsy already. They stayed at the bar until closing time, Ashton was the most sober one. But they ended up taking a cab back to the condo. "Lexie, let's throw a party!" Caylee said and Ashton smiled "Baby lay down. It's two-thirty." Ashton said "No!" Caylee said and she was all up on Ashton's personal space but Ashton didn't mind.
It's Christmas Eve, Ashton and Caylee are with the whole gang. Ashton got down on one knee "Caylee, I love you more than anything in the world. Will you do the honor of marrying me?" Ashton asked "Yes I will." Caylee said and Ashton slipped the ring on Caylee's finger and then they kissed. "Congratulations! There's one more gift you two need to go to." Lauren said and Ashton lead Caylee to the house "Welcome to our future home!" Ashton said and Caylee wrapped her arms around Ashton and kissed him. "You know what I want. I love you so much." Caylee said and Ashton kissed her lips softly "I would hope so. You deserve the best. And that is what you will get." Ashton said "Will we move in over the summer?" Caylee asked "Yes, and we will paint it and everything during spring break." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him and kissed his lips softly again.
Ashton's Pov:
It's now May 11th, tomorrow is our last day. We come back as Seniors on August 11th. I'm excited. Caylee has been busy planning the wedding for us. It will be next summer, but she's excited. During spring break we got the house ready. We're moving in tomorrow, and Lauren will continue to keep the house going while we are gone. Caylee is excited to see everybody. Maddie will be four in September; Hope, Kyle, and Brooke are three; Kylie, Hunter, and Jeff will be two in July. She will be going crazy. Lexie is coming down with us again. Liam and Savannah announced their engagement as well. I knew they would end up getting married. "So I will see you in August." Alex said "Yeah man. Enjoy your summer." I said "You too. Take care of my sister." Alex said "I will." I said and he smiled at me.
We arrived at the house on the 12th, it was late so we all crashed. Lindsay and Abrianna are five years old, I can't wait to see them tomorrow. They love me still even if I do abadon them. Chelsea is engaged, she's getting married this summer to Chad. The guy she was dating last year. The dogs all went in the house first. Lexie had a sleeping Brooke in her arms and I turned the light on and showed her where they would be staying. Caylee followed me into the room "I love you so much." Caylee said wrapping her arms around me "I love you too. Let's crash." I said and Caylee smiled at me kissing my lips softly. She curled up next to me all night, it felt amazing sleeping in the same bed with my bride to be, and no we didn't have sex at all. I enjoyed the following day spending it with my two beautiful little cousins. I haven't even seen my little sister Emma who's six years old now. But I have kept in touch with my dad who is very excited to know that I'm engaged to Caylee. And that I'm a senior now at Columbia with the highest GPA you can have.
Caylee's Pov:
After another amazing summer at home, it's now August 11th. We are back in New York for our last year at school. I have improved over the past three years as a dancer, I have met many great people. Lexie has found a great little plae in Florida that she will get. We went to Chelsea's wedding over the summer, Kylie was so beautiful as the flower girl. I loved every moment I spent with all of them. I can't believe I am going home May 13th, Graduation is May 12th. I will be graduating this year! From Juilliard with hopefully the highest GPA you can maintain. I looked at my schedule for the year:
Monday & Wednesday: DANCE 000 7-8:30, Dance 001 9-10:30, Dance 002 11-12:30, DSDAN 401-2 1-2:30, DSDAN 441-2 3-4:30 Tuesday & thursday: DSDAN 471-2 7-8:30, DSDAN 431-2 9-10:30, LARTS 000-0 11-12:30. Same for the spring expect at 1-2:30 I have a DSDAN E410. 
Ashton's Pov:
It's December 18th, we finished our last first semester and we won't return until January. My last semster as a Senior in college. I can't wait for that. The plane trip back home was good. "Are you ready for the last semester?" Uncle Carl asked me we were outside cooking. "Yes sir. I'm ready to get this semester over with." I said "I am so very proud of you Ashton. You have come a long way. You are a smart man. I am so proud of who you are turning into." Uncle Carl said "Why thank you." I said and he smiled at me. I do miss being at home. Abrianna and Lindsay ran into my arms "Ashy-poo, when are you coming home for good?" Lindsay asked "May 13th." I said "Yay!" Abrianna said and she hugged me. "Then you two can spend the night over the summer and on the weekends." I said "Can't wait!!" They said and I smiled at them. My little girls are growing up so fast.
Caylee's Pov:
It's now January 29th and I'm not feeling too good. And I realized I missed my period. "You might be pregnant." Lexie said we were doing our homework. "I think so." I said and she smiled at me "Why don't you take a test." Lexie said and I smiled at her. I did take a test and it came back positive. I called Ashton "Baby, come up here." I said and he came up here quickly. Brooke was watching TV and I showed him the test. "Congratulations baby!" Ashton said and I smiled at him. I gave the instructor the doctor note two days later and they said that it's not a problem at all. I will be due on September 24th, Maddie will be five by then. I will find out the sexes in May. And on my first appointment after that we found out I was indeed pregnant with twins. Kind of crazy, right? My dream is somewhat coming true.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
It's May 7th, and today Caylee and Ashton are at the doctor appointment. "Are you two ready for graduation?" Caylee's doctor asked "Yes we are sir." Caylee said and he smiled at her. "Well let's see if these two will let us find out the sexes or not." The doctor said and Caylee smiled at him. First he showed them their heart beats "Very healthy. Your babies are both very healthy. So are you." The doctor said and Caylee smiled at him. "Twin A is a girl." The docotor said and Caylee smiled at Ashton "Twin B is also a girl." The doctor said and Caylee smiled at Ashton. They got married during the spring break. They are all packed for the big move. They are leaving the day after graduation which is next week. Caylee smiled at Ashton.
On the way home Caylee looked at Ashton "Kelsey Lynn Wakefield." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee "I love it. In honor of Kelsey right?" Ashton asked and Caylee's mind went back to the Kelsey that she lost in the car accident. How Kelsey would be at Juilliard as well, she would be graduating right now. "Addison Faith" Ashton said "I agree." Caylee said and Ashton kissed her lips softly. "I know our two little girls will be dancers just like their mommy." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at Ashton " I agree. I can't believe we're having girls." Caylee said smiling at him. "I love our family so much." Ashton said "I do too baby. I didn't think this would happen so soon." Caylee said "It wasn't planned so soon. But I'm glad it did." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him.
Ashton's graduation went good. Caylee's graduation at Juilliard went great as well. Lauren is also pregnant with a baby girl, Sophia is pregnant with a girl, Lexie is pregnant with a girl, and Chelsea is pregnant with a boy. Lexie had a one night stand with Jake which lead to baby number two, but Lexie is still moving to Florida tomorrow. "I am so proud of my baby sister! And next year my baby brother! Dad would be so proud of you Caylee. You chased your dream. No matter what happened you did it. You are a dancer. And I know you will be dancing away after you give birth. Dad would have loved to be here. But I'm glad I go to be here to see you graduate. I love you sissy." Jason said and Caylee walked up and hugged him.
It's September 20th, Sophia gave birth to a six pounds, eight ounces, 18 inches long icy blue eyes and dirty blonde hair baby girl Peyton Grace Blevins. Maddie is five years old, Jeff is three years old so they are old enough to understand their little sister is important. September 21st Chelsea gave birth to a six pound, nine ounces 18 inches long baby blue eyes and brown hair baby boy Bentley Ryder, Kyle is four years old and Kylie is three years old and they love their little brother. September 22nd, Lexie gave birth to a six pounds, seven ounce, 18 inches long baby blue eyes and blonde hair baby girl Autumn Ellie, with Brooke being four she understood that her baby siser is important too. September 23rd, Lauren gave birth to a six pounds, seven ounce, 18 inches long baby blue eyes and dirty blonde hair baby girl Starlet Taylor, Hope is four, and Hunter is three and they love their little sister. Finally but not least Caylee gave birth to two 6.4 pounds, 14 inches icy blue eyed, brown hair baby girls Kelsey Lynn and Addison Faith. 
Caylee's Pov:
It's September 24th, 2020. It's Kelsey's and Addie's second birthday party. They are enrolled in dance along with Peyton, Autumn, Starry in a dance class that I'm teaching. Lauren is teahing the 5-7 years old, Lexie is teaching the 8-10 years old. "Happy birthday my two beautiful baby girls." I said they had bed-head but they were adorable. These past two years have been incredible. I loved every moment of the first year, I didn't miss a single thing. A single memory. I'm going to be there for my girls. "I love you mommy!" Kels and Addie said running up to me into my arms. "I love you two. So we have been to a ton of birthday parties yesterday, and today is your day!" I said "Yes!" they said and I smiled at them. They love Sam and Sassy who are getting up there in age. 
The backyard is all decorated and Ashton walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waist and kissed my lips softly "You want another one don't you?" Ashton asked "I do. I know you want a boy." I said "let's try for a boy." Ashton said and I kissed his lips again. "Mommy! Daddy!" Addie and Kelsey said one went to each of us. "We can share our love!" I said and they giggled at us. I'm still the same skinny girl, I never really lost my figure when I gave birth I slowly went back to my normal size. Lauren came over, she had Starry on her hip, Hunter was with Anderson, and Hope ran up to the girls. She's now six years, I can't believe it. Hope and Starry are both Lauren's mini-me I must say. Starry got down and ran over to the girls. Next was Lexie, Brooke, and Autumn, who went straight to the girls. So did Peyton and Bentley, Kyle, Brooke and Maddie slowly followed. 
"Our family is all perfect. They play together, they're like siblings." Sophia said "Agreed. We want to try for one more." I said "Good. You need a little boy." Sophia said and I smiled, Liam and Savannah came next, they got married a year ago when they graduated and now they have a three month old baby girl Caroline Marie. "I want to hold the baby!" I said and Savannah smiled at me, and gently handed over Caroline. "I can't believe Lindsay and Abrianna are nine." I said "Don't remind me." Ashton said smiling at me. "He's a great father, isn't he?" I asked "Yes he is. When are you working on baby number three?" Liam asked "Soon." I said and she smiled at me "I'm happy for you Caylee. You got the family you wanted. Everything turned out the way you wanted." Liam said and I smiled, I'm twenty-five now but I love it. I love my family. I may not be a Broadway dancer but I am a dancer still.
Ashton's Pov:
My dad showed up to their birthday party along with my mother. Who went up to Caylee "I know it's six years over due but I'm sorry. I never meant anything by it. You and Ashton are a great couple together. You have a perfect family." My mom said and Caylee smiled at her, Caylee's mother didn't show up like I thought. So I knew that boat has sailed. But as Caylee tells me every time I bring it up she will be the mother she never got. She will make sure of that. I love Caylee. I really do. I know she wishes her father was still here. It's been over fourteen years but it's still never easy for Caylee and I know that. I love my family. I respect them. I would do anything for them. I have a great job and a great family, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton and Caylee welcomed their third and last child into the world on June 20th, Mason Ryan; icy blue eyes and brown hair, seven pounds eight ounces being twenty-one inches long. Caylee and Ashton both agreed that they were done. They have two beautiful little girls and then a handsome baby boy in their life. "Cay, he's handsome." Lauren said she brought the girls up to visit their baby brother. "Thank you. So girls this is your baby brother." Caylee said and Kelsey and Addie smiled at their baby brother Mason "He's so small." Kelsey said "You were smaller than that." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at him "I love him mommy." Addie said "I love him too." Caylee said "Can we keep him in?" Kelsey asked "I would hope you would say that." Ashton said smiling at his two beautiful little girls.
It's September 24th, Kelsey and Addie are three years old and Mason is three months old. "Happy birthday to the two most precious and adorable little girls in the world." Caylee said, she was holding Mason but she put him down and hugged both her girls. "You two are perfect. I wouldn't have wished for anything else. I love you both to the moon and back. You two and Mason. All of you complete me." Caylee said "Even if Mason smells?" Addie asked and Caylee smiled "Yes, but you smelt bad too." Caylee said "No way!" Addie said "Yes way!" Caylee said and she tickled her girls. They are both amazing little dancers, they have come so far. They have talent. They are just like their mother and will amount to so much in the future.
The whole gang showed up, the best friends are: Kelsey, Addie, Peyton, Starry, and Bentley who are all three years old; Jeff, Hunter, and Kylie who are six years old; Kyle, Brooke, Hope, and Maddie even though they are seven and Maddie is eight. "Lauren we have been friends since we were 10, it's been 16 years later. We have been through thick and thin together. Our daughters will grow up being best friends." Caylee said "They already all." Ashton pointed out and Caylee smiled. Over the past three years they all have taken so many pictures."I wouldn't have had my life any other way. It turned out perfectly." Caylee said "It has, all of our lives turned out right. I mean Anderson is the best thing that could have happened, Ashton is the best thing for you. I love you." Lauren said and they hugged. Ashton smiled "You are my perfect family. I love you so much." Ashton said and they kissed softly.

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