It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - It's kind of a break up

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Caylee's Pov:
I think Ashton and I are moving along too fast in my opinion. I woke up and I got my dance clothes ready and then I walked outside and Ashton smiled at me he was outside with Hoss "Ashton we need to talk." I said and he looked at me. "Okay I'm all ears." Ashton said "I  think we are moving along too fast. We need to slow down." I said "Okay." Ashton said and I could tell he was hurt, "I don't mind." He said and I kissed him on the cheek and I walked out of the yard and walked to the dance studio. Grandma Mary opened up the door and she let me in. "I'm going to work on my solo." I said changing into my dance clothes and going into the dance studio. I was going to work on my dancing and preparing for the audition in two weeks. But even while I danced Ashton was still on my mind and I knew I was moving too fast with him. I just focused on making sure I had the emotion on my face right "Perfect Caylee!" Abby said and I looked up still working on it.
After dance I got my clothes and smiled at Grandma Mary "I'm going to the beach until I have to baby sit." I said "Okay Caylee, have fun." She said "I will." I said and I walked across the street to the beach and I changed into my bathing suit and I put tanning oil on. After tanning for a little bit when I got up to go take a dip, a cute guy walked up to me. "Hi I'm Logan." He said "I'm Caylee." I said "Are you doing anything tomorrow night?" Logan asked me "Nope." I said which really I wasn't, I had no plans. "Do you want to go out tomorrow?" Logan asked me "Sure." I said and he smiled "Are you going to take a dip?" Logan asked me "I actually have to go I'm baby-sitting today." I said and he nodded I gave him my cell phone number "This isn't a local number." He said, wow really? "I'm from California." I said and he smiled at me "I will see you tomorrow." He said and I smiled at him. I grabbed my towel and put my dance shorts on and kept my shirt off so I could get some more sun. 
When I walked up the street I saw Amber, Allie, Aubrey and Casey in the yard with Ashton and Hoss. I felt my heart sink but I didn't let it show. I was emotionless like I always am when things are going bad like this. "Hello." I said calmly. "Oh hi." Amber said and I just walked past into my side of the yard "Aren't you curious?" Casey asked "Nope, not at all." I said going inside and changing into my favorite Denim shorts and my Beatles T-shirt. While I started a load of laundry there was a knock on the back door. I went downstairs and opened the door to see Allie standing there. Oh great, what does she want? "Can I come in?" Allie asked "Okay." I said "I love the Beatles too." She said and I nodded "I wanted to say I'm sorry. Normally I'm the goody-girl but I let jealousy get over me. I really did want to be friends with you. But they told me I couldn't, because you were with Ashton." Allie said "Well clearly we aren't together now. "I said "I'm sorry. It's the best friend code, you know?" Allie asked and I did know. "I know. It's fine." I said "Are you free tonight?" Allie asked "Baby-sitting actually." I said "Oh." Allie said "Tomorrow?" Allie asked "Date." I said and she smiled "Friday night, I'm free. You want to come over and we can practice the dance?" I asked "Sure." Allie said smiling at me.
We both walked out and I saw Amber kissing Ashton or Ashton kissing Amber, either way they were kissing. Hoss ran up to me wanting attention so I got on my knees and rubbed him "Hey buddy." I said and he wagged his tail licking me. "I will see you guys at dance." I said walking away not even bothering to look. Liam and Savannah were walking up "Savannah I have to steal my brother," I said "No problem." She said "I'm not helping you baby-sit." Liam said "Never mind then Savannah." I said and she smiled at me. I walked to Aunt Penny's house and she smiled "Where is Ashton?" She asked "He wasn't able to make it, he has other plans." I said "Oh he was a great guy." Uncle Shane said "I know." I said and he smiled at me. "Go have fun though. I can handle it, if not I will call Grandma." I said and she smiled at me "Thank you. You're a lifesaver. I will pay you." She said "No need to, we are family." I said and she smiled at me. When they left Jacob sat down next to me "Can I go play?" He asked "Sure." I said "I want to play house." Bailey said "Okay." I said and I set Riley down on her blanket to play with her toys.
When they came home around nine everybody was asleep and Aunt Penny smiled at me "You're just like your father, good with kids." Aunt Penny said and I smiled "What was he like as a kid?" I asked "he was the best big brother. We were the closest together, we did everything together until he fell in love with your mom and I fell in love with one of my many boyfriends. But even then when he had Jason we were really close, and when Jason was two he was so thrilled when he was going to have another baby. He would tell me "I hope it's a girl. I really want a daughter" the day they found out he was the happiest man alive. When he held you when you were born nothing could have taken that pride and joy from him. You were a major daddy's girl. In fact you wanted to go with him that night on the motorcycle but he wouldn't let you." Aunt Penny said and I smiled at her. I got up and I hugged them good-night and when I walked home Ashton was outside with Hoss.
"Hi Hoss." I said and Hoss wagged his tail "Hi." Ashton said "Hi." I said trying to act like I was mature "How are you?" I asked "I'm okay." I  said "Me too." Ashton said "I hear you're back with Amber." I said "Not really." He said and I walked over "Jacob missed you today." I said and he smiled at me "Well I missed his cousin." He said and then he quickly tried taking it back. "Do you know a Logan?" I asked "Yeah, he's a friend of Amber's." He said "That explains it."  I said "What?" He asked "Logan asked me out." I said "Have fun. Amber is dragging me out tomorrow." Ashton said "Well if you don't want to go then tell her." I said "It's better than sitting around waiting for you to make up your mind." Ashton said "Okay you're right." I said "Good night." I said "Caylee wait." He said "No." I said but Ashton looked at me and he kissed my lips "Anything?" He asked and I lied "Nope." I said and he nodded "Sorry I wasted your night." He said "You didn't. It's fine. I will see you around." I said "Yeah okay." He said and I walked inside.

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