It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - It's kind of a funny thing

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Ashton's Pov:
I give up on Caylee. I can't figure her out. I'm done trying. I have to wait for her to come to me if she ever does. I'm not with Amber, I'm not with Mackeznie either, I like Caylee and only Caylee. I will wait a life time if I have to. Today Amber kissed me when she saw Caylee coming, it was a set up but Caylee wouldn't let me explain. I was forced to clean house and mow both laws today because Caylee  bailed on me. She's afraid of commitment and I don't know how to show her that I'm not like any other guy. I was still outside when Liam and Savannah walked up "Liam can I talk to you?" I asked "Sure man."  He said and he said good-bye to Savannah who walked in, young love for them. "What's up with Caylee?" I asked "I can't firgure her out. Never dated. Never kissed. You were her first kiss. She doesn't want to get hurt. She lives in a world of dancing." Liam said "How can I figure her out? Get her to change her mind?" I asked "Speak the language of dance." Liam said "Okay." I said and I knew I was screwed.  Savannah takes dance, she just has an early morning class. I can get her to teach me how to dance so I can win Caylee over.
Hoss and I went in and I knocked on Savannah's door "Come in" She said and I walked in and I sat on Savannah's bed "Do you like Liam?" I asked "I do. He's a good guy." Savannah said "So Ash, what can I do for you?" Savannah asked her baby blue eyes sparkling at me. "I want you to teach me how to dance." I said and Savannah busted out laughing "I'm serious." I said "Okay Ash cool down." Savannah said giggling "We can start now. So go change." Savannah said and I went into my room and changed into my basketball shorts and a T-shirt. "Good enough." Savannah said and we stayed up until one am dancing. "Good enough, tomorrow you will learn the couple dance." Savannah said and I nodded "Thanks Savannah." I said and she smiled at me "no problem, you're like my big brother." She said smiling at me.
I went into my room with Hoss and I sat on the bed and Hoss jumped up "I really do like Caylee." I said and he wagged his tail at her name "I will win her over." I said and he stared at me with the yeah, right look on his face. My phone went off and I sighed it was Amber "Hello?" I asked "Hey Ash, do you want to hang out tomorrow?" Amber asked me "Sorry I have other plans." I said "But Caylee is going out with Logan." Amber said "So? I have other things." I said "But I thought we were getting back together." Amber said in her pouting voice "Why would I get back together with a manipulative little spoiled brat?" I asked "How dare you! You will pay for this Ashton Micheal Wakefield." Amber said and she hung up on me. And within minutes Zach called "Dude, what happened?" He asked "I call Amber out on her b.s." I said "Not cool man." He said "You want to know what's not cool?" I asked "What?" He asked "Wasting our life by drinking." I said "Dude, you changed since that little dinky girl came into your life." Zach said "No it's called growing up. You should try it sometime." I said and I hung up on Zach.
Caylee's Pov:
After walking inside I sat down on the couch "Caylee you have to stop playing games." Grandma said "I'm not playing games." I said "Yes you are." Grandma said "I don't want to move along too fast." I said "Caylee, you are going to blow your chance." Grandma said "Okay grandma." I said not wanting to hear this at all. I went upstairs and I changed into my pajama bottom shorts and a tank top. I was on my Apple laptop and I get a knock on my door "I'm sorry I upset you dear. Good night. I love you." Grandma Mary said and I got up and I hugged her and kissed her on her cheek "Good-night Grandma. I love you too." I said and Liam walked in "Cay can we talk?" Liam asked, "Sure. I feel like we haven't talked since we got here." I said "Because I'm in love." Liam said and I rolled my eyes at him. "What's up?" I asked "Ashton asked about how he can win you over." Liam said "I don't want Liam." I said "Cay, you're my big sister. I know you. You want Liam.   You don't want to admit it." Liam said "I'm going out with another guy." I said "So, you really do like Ashton. You just won't admit it." Liam said and then when he got up "I told Ashton, his way to win you over is by dancing." Liam said and he walked out.
Pssht. please I don't like Ashton, he's just another guy. It would be consider a summer romance and I don't have time for a summer romance when we are both going to get hurt or do something stupid. I get a incoming Skype call from Lauren. Lauren was on her bed in her night clothes, it was midnight here so nine there "You're staying in tonight?" I asked "Yup. Nate and I broke up." Lauren said "I'm sorry." I said "Don't be, I will date another guy soon." Lauren said and I smiled "Tell me about how things are with you and Ashton." Lauren said "We're not really seeing each other. I'm seeing another guy tomorrow." I said "Caylee Marie you are not the slutty type, not the whore type. You like Ashton. Admit it." Lauren said and I looked at her on the screen "Why? It's a summer romance. I'm not the clique type either." I said "Caylee Marie Blevins." Lauren said "Do I have to come and prove it to you?" Lauren asked me "Yes." I said and she smiled "I will do it." Lauren said "Yeah right." I said "Okay fine. Believe it or not." Lauren said and we ended up getting off Skype.
The next day after dance which lasted until two I got home and I saw Lauren sitting on the steps "Lauren!" I said and then thinking Grandma Mary is going to kill me. "What are you doing here?" I asked "I was serious." Lauren said "No! No!" I said and Grandma Mary pulled up "Hello, you must be Lauren?" Grandma Mary asked "Yes ma'am, it's nice to meet you." Lauren said "You are welcome to stay here. How long are you here for?" Grandma Mary asked "Until Sunday." Lauren said "Don't get a hotel. Any friends of Caylee or Liam is welcome here." She said and I smiled at her "I had no idea." I said "I know. I called Lauren's mom and told her about your competition and how she needed her best friend here." Grandma Mary said and I smiled at her "You're the best." I said and she smiled.
Ashton and Hoss walked out "Just like Sam!" Lauren said smiling at me, Lauren was beautiful, my height dirty blonde hair and baby blue  eyes, she has a bubbly personality to match it too. "Hi, you must be Ashton?" Lauren asked "I am." Ashton said and he walked over "Ashton this is Lauren, Lauren this is Ashton." I said "Welcome to Florida." Ashton said smiling at Lauren "Thank you. It's a lovely place. You're cuter than what Caylee said you were." Lauren said and I blushed and shot her a dirty look. "I'm going to the diner, do you girls want to come?" Ashton asked "Sure." Lauren said "Lauren." I said "let's go." I said and I felt like I was a little kid. Lauren sat up front "Where do you want to go to college at?" Lauren asked "Columbia." Ashton said "That's not far from Julliard." Lauren said "You don't dance?" she asked "Nope." He said "Oh that's the issue. Our Caylee here is too much of a dancer. She doesn't know how to live." Lauren said and I looked at her. Ashton was feeling smug. I love Lauren and all but she's dead when we are alone, I mean that. My biggest fear is he will fall for Lauren and forget about me. She's that good.

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