It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - It's kind of a make up thing

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Ashton's Pov:
Sitting at the diner with Caylee and Lauren I realized how good of friends they are. When Caylee went to the bathroom Lauren informed me that she was here to get us together and I told her that I was learning dance so Caylee could like me. Caylee came back and smiled "I should really get going for my date." Caylee said "Go, I will stay with Ashton." Lauren said and I saw a hint of jealousy in her eyes and I smiled at that "Don't smile." Caylee said and I rolled my eyes "I will catch up with you later." Caylee said and she walked out and I smiled at Lauren "We need to go shopping." Lauren said "What?" I asked "Unless you have shorts for dance?" Lauren asked I looked at her and she led my hand and we ended up going to the mall. After we got some dance clothes for me and Lauren ran into Mary's house and got Caylee's dance clothes and I went to the studio.
"Mary can we use a room?" I asked Mary "Sure." She said and we both changed and Lauren came back and I couldn't help but stare. She was beautiful, but she was doing this for her best friend so she could finally be happy. "Okay let's get down to business." Lauren said putting her ipod in the dock and turning it on. She taught me how to do the Charleston and Waltz, a jazz routine, and then a hip-hop dance. We finally stopped around nine that night "You're incredible." I said "Nothing like Caylee." She said and I smiled at her "Thank you for this." I said "No problem. Now you can dance for Caylee." Lauren said and I smiled at her. "How did you two meet?" I asked "Well when she moved into the neighborhood, when they signed her up for dance I was there, but we became friends in class the first day. Ever since then we have been best friends. " Lauren said and I smiled at Lauren "let's try the Waltz one more time." I said "okay and then we need to head home." Lauren said and I nodded in agreement.
While we were at the final part were we were touching each other and I don't know what happened but Lauren leaned in and our lips met. Lauren and I kissed, I like Caylee."Never mention of this again." I said "Agree." Lauren said, neither one of us saw Caylee come in. "Let's go." Lauren said "Agreed." I said and I grabbed my bag and when we walked out we saw somebody walking in the shadows but didn't pay any attention to it. When we pulled up to the house Mary was sitting on the porch "Did Caylee go on her date?" Lauren asked "Nope, she told him to back off." Mary  said "Where is she?" I asked "She was supposed to be meeting up with you two." Mary said and I looked at Lauren "I'm on it." Lauren said and we went walking "She must have saw us." I said "I know. She's going to hate my guts." I said "It didn't mean anything, it was like kissing my cousin."  I said "Exactly." Lauren said.
Caylee's Pov:
When Logan came up I looked at him "I can't do it Logan. I'm sorry." I said "Um why?" He asked "I like another guy. In fact I have been so stupid. I should be with him right now." I said "Well whoever he is, he's a lucky guy and he better not blow it." Logan said and I smiled at him. When he walked away I looked at Grandma Mary "Dance studio." She said "Aw."  I said "He wants to impress you." She said "I'm going to go there and surprise them." I said and I put my headphones on and I pressed play and began my walk. I had decided earlier when I walked home for the diner that even if it's a summer romance I would rather spend the time with Ashton than wondering and hating myself in the fall about what could have happened. I'm going to take a risk and give it a try without my immature attitude getting in the way at least. It's June 18th now and I leave on August 4th, that's close to seven weeks with him. It's better than nothing. I mean no matter how hard I tried yesterday and today I can't get him off my mind. I should be focused on dancing not on playing games with Ashton. 
I walked up to the studio and I smiled I was finally going to tell him, I had Lauren to thanks for this. I walked in to a slow song playing and I knew that was good for the Waltz. I walked in right when they leaned in together and kissed. My biggest fear came true. Ashton has already fallen for Lauren. I slowly slipped out and stood in the shadows of the building. Lauren and Ashton came walking out laughing at something. I waited until they pulled away and then I took off running. I don't know my way around town much but I do know where the beach is. I got to to the beach and I jogged to a dune that I saw it was away from people and everything. I sat down and I let my hair fall in my face and then the tears started falling. This is exactly why I didn't want to date because I knew I would end up getting hurt and I did get hurt. By my own best friend too, tomorrow is Saturday anyways and then she will be gone on Sunday. She stabbed me in the back, I can't believe I trusted her or him.
"Caylee?! Caylee?!" I head Lauren yell but I didn't bother to answer back. "Found her!" Lauren yelled and she came up to me and looked at me "What?" I asked pausing my music "We need to talk." Lauren said "No we don't." I said "Yes we do."Lauren said and I saw Ashton and Hoss jog up. "I don't need to talk to either one of you." I said "It's not what you think." Lauren said "What?" I asked "I kissed him, I got swept up in the moment." Lauren said "It was like kissing my cousin." Ashton said and Lauren looked at him "Thanks." She said and I gave both of them the icy look "You were supposed to be my best friend." I said to Lauren "I am. I was teaching him the dance so he could dance to impress you. Hit it Ashton." Lauren said and Ashton just stared at Lauren making me feel a little better.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
"Show her what you learned." Lauren told Ashton, Lauren took Caylee's Iphone and hit a hip-hop song and Ashton danced to the music and Caylee stared at him, but she joined him and Lauren switched the song to a slow one and Ashton pulled Caylee close to him. "Was the kiss like this?" Caylee asked him standing on her tip-toes and kissing his lips softly. "Was it like that?" Caylee asked "Worse. Like kissing your Grandma." He said and Caylee leaned in and kissed his lips "Worse or better?" She asked and he swirled her around and pulled her closer to him. Ashton tilted Caylee down and Ashton kissed her lips softly. Caylee broke away from his grip and she tackled Lauren and hugged her "I'm sorry I got upset." Caylee said "No problem." Lauren said "I decided even if I have seven weeks with you, I still want to be with you." Caylee said "Good. I like you. I didn't want to say good-bye to you." Ashton said and she hugged him "We're taking this relationship, slow okay? Not moving fast." Caylee said "I agree. Let's go crash our family's date." Ashton said and Caylee looked ahead and saw Savannah and Liam. 

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