It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - It's kind of a meeting time

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Caylee's Pov:
After we go back home Lauren and I are in my room "What time do you have to go to the studio?" Lauren asked me "Um six." I said "I will be at the competition with you." Lauren said "You better be cheering me on. Then tomorrow evening I have to meet Ashton's father." I said "You will do great." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I can't thank you again." I  said "You can, and I understand how you feel. "Lauren said smiling at me "Oh can I be honest with you?" Lauren asked "of course." I said we were already in our night clothes "I really do like Nate. We actually um lost our virginity together." Lauren said "What?!" I asked "It was at a party. I don't know what happened but we did it." I said "Oh my." I said "How was it?" I asked "Not like I thought it would be but of course I regret it." Lauren said and I nodded "You used protection right?" I asked "Yes." Lauren said "making sure." I said and Lauren smiled at me "I can't believe I'm going home on Sunday." She said "I'm going to miss you." I said "I'm going to miss you too." Lauren said "We need our sleep. Or I do anyways." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
I got up at five and Lauren did too, after we had breakfast we went to the studio Lauren was going to go with Liam and them, Savannah rode with us. "So this is what it is like without Liam attached to you?" I asked and Savannah giggled "I like him a lot." Savannah said "He likes you too." I said she smiled at me. When we got there we all changed into our dance clothes so we could do a last minute run through, we have to be in Stuart by one and it's six now, so we would be leaving around noon to be there earlier so we can get more practice in that way too. Abby and Grandma were both barking out commands and I followed every one and I did it the best I could. "Get your head out of the clouds Caylee! This is dance!" She yelled and I followed the directions getting my mind into dance mode so I could focus on only that.
We arrived at noon and got into our room, first up was Savannah's group. "Number 102 Caylee Blevins" Was called, Allie went up before I did. I started out when the music started I followed the moves in my head. I could hear Miss Abby telling me what to do and I followed that. I ended it with a back bend like I was told and everybody cheered. I put on the jacket when I got back and Allie hugged me "You did awesome!" She said "So did you!" I said and we were all called for the awards Casey was 4th place, Aubrey was 3rd place, Allie was 2nd place and I was 1st place. We rushed to get ready for the group dance which we were 1st place for. Ashton came up and I wrapped my arms around his neck "Good job Cay." He said and I hugged Lauren "You were perfect." Lauren said "Thanks." I  said "When is the Julliard audition?" she asked me "Next Friday." I said "Have you applied yet?" Allie asked me "I did, the end of the year. Oh Lauren this is Allie, Allie this is Lauren." I said and they smiled at each other. 
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee walked out of Mary's house when Ashton was coming out of his house. Caylee was wearing a white spaghetti strapped dress with brown leggings, her sandals, make up, and her hair was curly, she had on a heart shape necklace Ashton hasn't seen before. Ashton wore a nice looking pair of jeans and a baby blue button down shirt. "You look beautiful." Ashton told Caylee "Thank you.  I'm nervous." Caylee said "You and me both." Ashton said "When was the last time you saw him?" Caylee asked "I saw him once when I was five, he broke it off with my mom when she was pregnant." Ashton said "Let's go." Caylee said and in the car he had it on the mixed station and Caylee would sing along if she knew the song. They pulled up at the Blues Room, a bar/grill and outside was a man that Ashton looked like. Had Ashton's baby blue eyes and brown hair. "That must be him." Caylee said and Ashton grabbed Caylee's hand for comfort. 
"Ashton?" The man asked "Yes sir." Ashton said "I'm Jace your father." He said and Ashton nodded "This is Caylee my friend." Ashton said "You're Jeff's daughter." He said "Yes sir."  Caylee said "I was friends with him in high school." Jace said and Caylee smiled. "Shall we go in?" Jace asked Ashton and Caylee "Yes sir." They said and when they sat down Ashton looked at Jace "Why did you leave?" He asked getting straight to one of the two points. "I wasn't ready to be a father, I was sixteen, I freaked out. I was immature, I knew I wouldn't have been the father you neeed." Jace said to Ashton "Why are you here then?" Ashton asked "I want to be in your life, I finished high school, went to college, got a degree and I manage my own car lot. And your mother contacted me saying she's in rehab again." Jace said "Why now?" Ashton asked "I just thought it was a great time." Jace said "Where are you living?" Ashton asked "Right near L.A" Jace said "Why are you on the East Coast then?" Ashton asked "To get to know you." Jace said.
They were leaving around ten "Do you want to crash at my hotel tonight?" Jace asked Ashton "Follow us home? I have to ask Aunt Alice." Ashton said "Alright fine." Jace said and they got in their cars. "What do you think?" Ashton asked Caylee "he's decent." Caylee said when honestly she wasn't impressed with Jace. "I want to get to know him better since he's my father." Ashton said "I understand." Caylee said and she felt bad about her father. "I'm sorry Cay." He said "Don't be Ash. You meant nothing by it. You have a second chance you don't need to blow it." Caylee said and when they pulled up Alice and Mary were outside talking with Lauren "Can I stay with Jace tonight?" Ashton asked and Alice looked at Jace "Jace." She said "Alice." He said "Call me if you need anything." Alice said "Okay, Cay do you want to help?" Ashton asked and Caylee nodded. When they got up into Ashton's room Caylee kissed Ashton's lips softly on the lips. "Be careful." Caylee said "I will Caylee." Ashton said and Caylee nodded. 

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