It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - It's kind of a good time

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Ashton's Pov:
After I said good-bye to Savannah, Uncle Carl, and Aunt Claire I slid into Jace's car and he put it in gear, he had a nice little sport car. We pulled up at the hotel and Jace got out. We wet into his room and he nodded at the outlet "You can plug your phone in there."He said and I nodded. "I like Caylee." Jace said "I do too. I finally talked her into being with me." I said and he smiled "She is a keeper Ash." Jace said and I smiled I knew Caylee was a keeper. We were texting now back and forth. "Where do you want to go to school at?" Jace asked "Columbia." I said "Do you play any sports?" Jace asked "Yes sir, Foot ball, main player. Captain of the team." I said and he nodded "There will be scouts there in the fall so I can hopefully get a scholarship." I said "how are your grades?" Jace asked "They're good, A's I scored a 2350 on the SATs." I said and Jace nodded. "Is Caylee a dancer?" He asked me "Yes sir." I  said "I can tell, her mother was a dancer until she got pregnant. Your mom was friends with her friend." Jace said and I looked at him.
That night I learned a lot about Jace and my mother and then more about Caylee's parents. Caylee's mom was a dancer and cheerleader, her dad did the foot ball team as well. Caylee texted me, Caylee: I'm glad you are having fun Ash! I'm going to bed. Sleep tight. Night. Me: Me too. Good night. I will see you tomorrow. "What are you going to do when summer ends?" Jace asked me "We honestly haven't brought it up. We have been busy playing games or Caylee was." I said "What do you think will happen?" He asked "I think we will still communicate. It's only until the summer of next year. We will be both going to New York if we get in." I said and Jace nodded. "I wish the best of luck to you." Jace said and I smiled at him "thanks." I  said "I'm proud of the man you have become. You're a good person." Jace said and I smiled at him "Thanks." I said "I would let to get to know you better. I want to get to know you better." Jace said and I nodded "I agree to." I said and he nodded.
Caylee's Pov:
That night Lauren and I applied to Juillard and we looked at the audition for Julliard "February 11th, we're signed up. We have to be there in San Francisco." I said and Lauren smiled at me. "I'm done with dancing for the summer at the dance studio." I said "Good you need a break." Lauren said "I can't believe you don't want to stay more." I said "I don't want to interupt the blossom of love." Lauren  said and I giggled "have fun in Colorado." I said and she smiled "I will be able to see you at dance camp!" Lauren said and I giggled. I painted Lauren's nails and she then painted mine and we giggled "You're going to win Nate back right?" I asked "I will." Lauren said and I giggled at her "You're beautiful!" I said "You are too." Lauren said and we smiled at each other. "Let's go to the studio." I said "Okay." Lauren said and we changed into our dance clothes "Grandma can we go?"  I  asked "Here's the keys." She said smiling at us "Thank you." I said and she smiled. We started walking and Lauren smiled at me "Allie seems like she will be a good friend." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I think so. Don't replace me though." I said "I won't, you better not as well." Lauren said and I giggled. 
We unlocked the studio and we turned on the music, we worked on a dance that we made up when we were fourteen. I did two blackflips, a jerky and Lauren did the same thing. "We could improve it." I said "Yes we could." Lauren said and we did. We made it more of a lyrical dance on my part since I'm excellent on displaying of emotions. We are both really good at Acro dance, I did an aerial and Lauren did the same and I smiled at her. I put on the music to a good beat and I did the dance it started out as a back layout, back tuck, back walkover, two cartwheels, a chest stand, a elbow stand, front aerial, two handspring, a handstand, another aerial, hand walking, kip up, roundoff, side aerial, and ended it with a valdez. "Bravo! Bravo!" Abby said "Sorry." I said "No don't be, Mary said you two were here dancing. You're an excellent Acro dancer." She said "Thank you." I said "how would you like to have a spot here until the end of summer?" Abby asked me "I'm going to take a break from professional dancing until dance camp." I said and she nodded "if you ever change your mind you are always welcome." Abby said and I smiled at her.
I borrowed Grandma's Mary car around two in the morning and I went to the airport and I hugged Lauren "Let me know when you get there." I said "I will. I'm going to miss you." Lauren said and I hugged her "Bye." I said "Bye." she said and I pulled away when she walked in. I can't believe I'm not going to be dancing anymore until Dance Camp in August, it was the 20th and I begin Dance camp August 5th but still. My grades are perfect in school all 100's I scored a 2400 on my SATs when I took it. I went home and I went to bed and I curled up in my bed clinging to the monkey Ashton won me. Ashton texted me: Ash: Are you still up? Me: Yes I just dropped Lauren off. Ash: I'm sorry. I can't sleep. Me: I'm sorry Ash. How are things with you and Jace? Ash: Good, I can doze off now. Night! I smiled at his texts he loves texting me before he falls asleep and if he can't fall asleep. I can't wait to see Jason and for Jason to meet Ashton on the 1st, he's coming then until the 5th and then he has to go back.
The next morning I got up early and I was outside on the porch with Grandma Mary, she was sipping coffee I was drinking Orange Juice and she smiled at me "This is nice." She said "This is. Do you  want to do yoga?" I asked and Grandma Mary giggled she was 16 when she has my dad, who was 16 when he has Jason, so Grandma Mary is 52 years old and she moves like a thirty year old. Grandpa passed away fourteen years ago due to cancer so I don't really remember him that well. "Okay get the yoga stuff." She said and I smiled I came back with two yoga mats and we did our yoga and then she went back to her coffee "Today I say we shall spend it going shopping downtown. Us, Ashton, and Savannah." Grandma Mary "What if he's with his dad?" I asked "Then Savannah will have to live without Liam for a day then." Grandma Mary said and I giggled at her. Liam walked out "Morning, plans?" He asked "Downtown, it all depends on Ashton if Savannah can come." Grandma Mary said and I smiled at him "Alright, Savannah and I can't be together all the time. But I'm sure Ashton will come." Liam said and I smiled at him. 

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