It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - It's kind of a cute thing

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Caylee's Pov:
Ashton pulled up around eight thirty "Hey Ash!" I yelled and he came over when his dad pulled away "You busy today?" I asked "Nope." He said and Liam sighed "Want to go downtown with us?" I  asked "Can Hoss come?"  Ashton asked "Yes. Everybody get ready. We leave at nine." Grandma Mary said and we all went into our houses to get ready. I wore my favorite denim shorts my white tank top with a tiger on it and I straightened my hair and left it down. I put my flip-flops on and I applied my makeup and I went downstairs and outside. Liam  and Savannah were already outside holding hands "Knock it off." I said and Liam smiled at me. Hoss came out the door and ran straight to me and I rubbed him "Who's a good boy?" I asked and he wagged his tail. Grandma Mary came out "Ash!" She said and he came out of the house and smiled at me.  Hoss actually sat up front, and then all four of us in the back I sat on Ashton's lap the whole time.
When we parked we all got out and Ashton put Hoss's harness and leash on him and took hold of it. We went walking through stores and then we saw a pet store "Can we go in?" I asked "Yes."  Grandma Mary said and Ashton took a better grip on Hoss as we walked in "Grandma look at the kittens!" I said "Ragdoll kittens, they grow up to be very fluffy and beautiful." She said "You should get one." I said "How about I let that be your birthday present? You take it home." Grandma said "I have to call mom." I said "Go on." she said "hello?" My mom asked "Hi mommy." I said "What do you want Caylee-boo?" she asked "Can  I have a kitten?" I asked "Yes." she said "Thansk mom! Love ya!" I said hanging up on her and Grandma Mary smiled, I picked out a female one, she's white. We didn't get any supplies she was going to let us take the car to PetSmart with her.
We walked around some more and then when we got home I held the kitten in my arms, "I'm going to spend time with Alice." Grandma said and I smiled "Okay grandma." I said, Liam and Savannah were going to watch a movie in the living room. "Is Hoss going?" I asked "Yeah. Put the kitten down so they can meet."  Ashton said and I smiled at him, I put her down I decided Sassy was her name and Hoss smelt her and licked her and Sassy rubbed up against him and started purring. I picked her up and we got in Ashton's car and Hoss got in the back and he licked me, I put Sassy in the back with him. "They love each other." I said and Ashton smiled at me. I got a text: Allie: Are you and Ashton doing anything tonight? "Ash are we busy tonight?" I asked "Nope Cay." He said me: Nope, why? "Why?" He asked "Allie asked me if we were busy." I said "We can do whatever." Ashton said and I smiled at him. Allie: Beach party, bonfire tonight. No booze. I swear. Begins at six. The Stuart beach. "Beach party, bonfire, no booze, stuart beach, at six." I said "We will be there." Ashton said and I smiled at him. 
We got to Petsmart and he got Hoss and I had Sassy, I put Sassy in the shopping cart, and we went to the cat aisle, "Kitten food." He said and I nodded putting it in, "cat litter, cat box." He said putting it in, "toys, a carrier that is airline approved." I said "Check." He said "Collar."I said "Check." He said and I smiled at him "Well Sassy, all you need is a name tag." I said and he smiled "Hoss deserves a toy." I said and he nodded Hoss went to the dog tos and picked one out himself and I smiled at that. After we paid and loaded up the car Ashton held my hand on the way home, today is June 20th. Ashton helped me get the stuff into my room and then he went home so he could spend time with his family before the party. I took a picture of Sassy and sent it to my mom and Lauren. "You are such a beautiful kitten." I said and Grandma knocked on my door "My boyfriend is here and he wants to meet you and Sassy." She said and I smiled at her, I picked up Sassy who was now attacking my hair "Caylee this is Curtis, Curtis this is my Granddaughter Caylee." She said "Nice to meet you sir." I said "You too. Sassy is beautiful." she said "Thank you." I said and he smiled at me "We're going out dancing and dinner tonight, will you be okay?" She asked "Yes ma'am. Have fun!" I said and they smiled at me.
I put Sassy down when they left in my room and I shut the door and I took a shower and then I blow dried my hair and straightened it, and I applied my make up and wore my denim skirt and my cute sparkly pink shirt. I wore my sandals and I smiled at Sassy "Will you be okay alone?" I asked and she meowed at me "I take that as a yes." I said and she rubbed up against me. Allied called me "Hello?" I asked "Cay! Are you coming?" She asked "yes, six right?" I asked "yes! Please come!" She said "I'm coming." I said "Good!" She said and we hung up an I looked at myself in the mirror again I was beautiful and ready for tonight. Ashton came in and smiled at me "It's four thirty now we can leave now." He said "Alright." I said "You look beautiful." Ashton said "Thank you, so do you." I said and he smiled at me. "Let's go." He said "Bye Sassy." He said to a curled up Sassy, she was on her bed. "I love you Sassy." I said and she looked up at me.
We got in the car and I turned the music on and he laughed at me "I like your hair straight." Ashton said "Thank you, I do too." I said and he smiled at me, yeah this is slow pace. We kissed yesterday once or twice and today we haven't kissed at all. "How was it with your dad?" I  asked I realized we haven't talked about that yet "It was okay. I like him." Ashton said "Good, when is he leaving?" I asked "On the 5th."  Ashton said "Will you see him again?" I  asked "Actually yes." Ashton said "That's good." I said and he smiled at me. "Do you want to eat at the beach or before?" Ashton asked "How about at the beach?" I asked "We have to run into Publix before we get there." Ashton said "Alright  I don't mind." I said and he pulled into the parking lot and we ran in and got two subs, a water for me, and Dr. Pepper for him.  He held my hand when we were walking to the car and I smiled at him. "These past few days have been amazing." I said and Ashton smiled at me "I agree." He said and I squeezed his hand. We got into the car and then we went to the beach which took only ten minutes to get to the beach and I smiled at him. 

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