It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - It's kind of a mistake

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Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
Ashton got out of the car and ran over to Caylee's side and opened her door for her and then he got the bag that their dinner was in and they walked away from the party noise hand in hand. They sat down on a log and Ashton handed Caylee her sub "Thank you very much." Caylee said smiling at Ashton. They ate their subs in silence and then they threw away their trash "Are you ready to join the party?" Ashton asked "Yeah." Caylee said and Ashton took her hand and they walked to the party and Allie smiled at me  "Glad you made it!" Allie said and Caylee smiled at Allie "These are the people who go to my school." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him, they saw Amber and Logan together "Now they make a cute couple." Caylee said and Ashton nodded in agreement. "Shall I have this dance?"Ashton asked and Caylee nodded, they had a boom box on the sand so there was music playing, it was on a mixed station. Caylee taught Ashton how to do a couple hip-hop dance and he loved it.
After they danced Ashton took her hand and led her through the crowd and went up to the group of friends he sat with at lunch  "Caylee this is Lance, Blake, Gabe, and Grayson." Ashton said "Hi." Caylee said smiling at them. Allie walked up "Caylee are you having fun?" she asked "Sure." Caylee said smiling at Allie "Can I take her from you real quick?" Allie asked Ashton "Sure." He said and Allie led Caylee away "Amber is having a melt down." Allie said and she led Caylee to see "I can't believe she's here! Who invited her? Why?! " Amber said and Caylee smiled Allie "How sad." Caylee said and Allie giggled and they went back to the group and Ashton was in a crowd full of people. "He's like this at school too." Allie said and Caylee looked at her "Caylee!" Ashton said and Caylee made her way over to him "Guys this is Caylee." He said "Caylee, this is Alexa, Olivia, Morgan,  and Hannah." Ashton said "Hi Caylee!" They said smiling at Caylee. "You look like a dancer." Alexa said "I am a dancer." Cayleesaid "That is so cool!" Alexa said and Caylee smiled.
Caylee's Pov:
After coming back from Allie calling me to listen to Amber going off because I'm here I return to see Ashton surrounded by more girls than guys and I felt a little jealousy kick in. But Ashton reached his hand out for me and I went to him. "Caylee is a beautiful one."  Alexa said and I smiled at her "Are you busy tomorrow?" Morgan asked me "Nope." I said "How about we make it a beach day?" Morgan asked "Sure." I said and she smiled at me "Can guys come?" Ashton asked "Yes." She said and he smiled. He pulled me closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me. "Let me see your phone!" Hannah said taking my phone from me and she took a picure of Ashton and I. "Why'd you do that?" I asked "I assumed you didn't have any pictures of you two yet." Hannah said and I smiled"Caylee you really make Ashton happy."   Olivia said "He's the happiest he has been in forever." Alexa said and I smiled at her and I saw that Ashton was blushing. I got a phone call  "Caylee, can you baby sit? We have an emergency. Shane's father is in the hospital." Aunt Penny said "Sure, I'm in Stuart now. I will leave right now though." I said hanging up "Ash, I need to go." I said "I will see you all tomorrow. You can get my number from Ashton." I said and they nodded. "What's wrong?" He asked "Shane's dad is in the hospital. I need to baby sit." I said and he nodded.
While we were on the way to their house I called Grandma Mary and GrandmaMary was fine with it and she told me to take all the time I needed. When we pulled up Aunt Penny and Uncle Shane rushed out, it was around eight. "They should be asleep soon." She said handing me Riley who was excited to see me. Around eight thirty I tucked Jacob in bed and he smiled at me, I put Bailey in bed next and I was holding Riley who wouldn't fall asleep yet. "Riley go to sleep for Caylee." I said softly and it took until nine thirty for Riley to fall asleep. "Let's watch TV." Ashton suggested, he stayed to help baby-sit. "Okay." I said and I curled up next to him and it felt nice. He kissed my forehead and I smiled at him, I had my head on his chest. I had the baby monitor on the coffee table so I could hear if Riley was crying or not. Ashton was playing with my hair which felt really good. Ashton tilted my chin up and he looked me in the eyes and he kissed my lips softly. I returned the kiss softly. 
I ended up falling asleep in his arms "Caylee! Grandma is going to flip." Aunt Penny said waking me up shaking me "What?" I asked sleepily and I was in Ashton's arm, I feel asleep with Ashton. "What time is it?" I asked "Five in the morning." Aunt Penny said "We didn't do anything. I swear." I said "I believe you. His dad is okay. But you guys need to go home." She said "Thank you." I said and I woke Ashton up "Oh man." He said "Let's go." I said grabbing his hand and he was slowly getting up. I looked at my phone:1 5 missed call: (2) mom, (10) Liam, (3) Grandma Mary. Ashton's was worse he had missed calls from his Aunt Alice, Uncle Carl, and his dad Jace. "Let's go." I said and he nodded, taking my hand and leading to me the car.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee and Ashton got in the car and got home by five thirty and Ashton's Aunt, Uncle, and dad was in the yard, Caylee's Grandma was in the yard waiting. "Do you know what time it is?" One person asked "We were worried sick." "You should have at least came home"  That was directed to Ashton, Caylee and Ashton exchanged glances "We're sorry. We fell asleep watching a movie." Caylee said "I knew Jace was a bad influenced on you." Aunt Alice said to Ashton "He wasn't." Ashton said "While you were out all night we decided something." Uncle Carl said to both of them "For now you two are off limits from seeing each other. And to make sure you don't, you are staying with Jace for a week." Uncle Carl said to Ashton "That's not fair!" Ashton said "Neither is having us worried sick." Aunt Alice said and Ashton looked at Caylee. "Go in now." Uncle Carl said to Ashton and he nodded.
They all looked at Caylee "We expected better from you Caylee. You're responsible." Grandma said "I'm sorry." Caylee said "You two both come from a line of teen pregnancy." Carl said to Caylee "I know. Nothing happened." Caylee said "The rule applies, you two need time apart." Alice said "Okay." Caylee said "Can I go in now?" I asked "Yes." Grandma Mary said and Caylee nodded. Caylee walked inside. Both of them texting each other promising it would happen  soon again that they will be able to see each other again, they can't keep them apart.
Ashton's Pov:
"You are so mature! Responsible! You blew it! We no longer trust you!" Aunt Alice said "You scared us to death." Uncle Carl said "You are better than this." Jace said and  I nodded. "No phone for the whole week, and if things are going good then you will get the phone back and will be able to see Caylee when one of us is around." Aunt Alice said "Go pack." Uncle Carl said and I went upstairs and packed a bag, I was instructed to leave all devices that I can communicate with Caylee on. I don't care what happens I will still find a way to talk to Caylee on. "Ready Ash?" Jace asked "Yes." I said "My laptop and everything is on my bed, including my Ipod." I said "Thank you, we're doing this for your safety." Aunt Alice said "I understand." I said and Jace popped the trunk for me "We're going to Tampa for the week, so you can meet your family." He said "yes sir." I said and feeling bad that now I can't even sneak to see Caylee "We just don't want you to end up like we did." Jace said "I understand Jace." I said and I looked out the window thinking of Caylee.
Caylee's Pov:
When we got inside Grandma Mary made some coffee "I'm not mad at you, I'm not upset." She said "I'm so sorry Grandma."  I said and she smiled "Honey, you're young." She said and I smiled and Sassy came up and purred. "I'm so sorry." I said "I know Caylee, I won't go off on you. But your mother and Liam will. Liam is worried sick." She said and I nodded "You're the best." I said and Grandma smiled "Are you doing anything today?" She asked "A few friends wanted me to go to the beach with them." I said "You should, and you should have fun!" She said and I smiled. Liam came down "Caylee Marie. You had me worried sick. What were you thinking?" Liam said and I hugged him "I'm sorry." I said and he just nodded. My mom on the other hand went off on me, saying I better kiss my social life good-bye when I get home. I was okay with it, as long as I have Ashton I don't mind. 

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