It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - It's kind of an adorable thing

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Caylee's Pov:
While I'm changing into my bathing suit Sassy was attacking my feet "I promise I will be here tonight." I said and she rubbed up against me I guess liking my answer and I giggled. I put on my black dance shorts and I put clothes in a bag I got a phone call "Hey Caylee, it's Alexa. We're going to the Stuart Beach. Is that okay?" She asked "I have to borrow my Grandma's car." I said "okay. See you then!" She said and we hung up "Grandma?" I asked "Keys are hanging up. Liam is using Ashton's car. Have fun."  She said and I smiled at her. I got outside and I looked at Ashton's house hoping he would be walking out and realizing he wouldn't  be there for a week. I got in the car and turned up the radio and started singing along to the song if I knew any. I made it to the beach and I saw Alexa, Olivia, Hannah, Morgan, and Allie in the parking lot they waved at me. "Welcome! Glad you could make it let's tan!" Olivia said I smiled, they are all my height, Alexa has strawberry blonde hair green eyes, Olivia has black hair and blue eyes, Hannah has brown hair and blue eyes, and Morgan has reddish hair and brown eyes. 
We laid our towels out "What happened to Ashton coming?" Morgan asked "he's with Jace. We fell asleep together on my Aunt's house and his parents flipped." I said "Ouch." Morgan said and I nodded. "We are so glad to have you here." Olivia said and I smiled at her "It feels good to be living outside of dance." I said "You can say that again!" Allie said and I smiled at them we all laid on our stomach first, we had tanning oil on. "When the timer beeps then we go in." Hannah said "Alright." I said and they smiled at me, I listened as they talked about the remaining of their summer plans, today is the 22nd so on the 29th I can see Ashton again hopefully. "Where do you want to go to college at?" Olivia asked me "Julliard." I said "Me too." Allie said "Duke." Olivia said "Stanford." Morgan said "NYU." Hannah said "UF." Alexa said and I smile at her.
We go into the water and we let the wave crash into us twice and then we go back on our backs "This is the life." I said "I agree." They all said and we giggled "Pizza next?" Morgan asked "I'm in." We all said "We should do a sleepover." Morgan said "I will see if it can be at my Grandma's house."  I said "That would be awesome. "They said and I smiled I called Grandma "Grandma can the girls spend the night?" I asked "Yes. I will be out though, I trust you." Grandma said and I smiled "Thanks." I said and we hung up, "When do you turn eighteen?" Alexa asked "August  15th." I said "Allie is September 15th, I'm August 1st, Hannah is August 7th, Morgan is July 15th, and Olivia is July 30th." Alexa said "I will remember that. But I leave August 4th for dance camp." I said and they smiled at me.
After the beach we had pizza at the pizza shop and then they all went home to pack and I changed into shorts and my dance T-shirt and I played with Sassy. Allie came first and I smiled, Liam was staying with one of his new friends tonight. "Your grandma is amazing!" Allie said "I know!" I said and she smiled at Sassy "Your kitten has to be the cutest thing." Allie said and I smiled, everybody else arrived and they set their stuff in my room. "Your Grandma's house is huge." Olivia said and I smiled at her. We made chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries for dinner, we then did make overs, and we did a dance off party. We then went outside and did flips and tricks and used Grandma Mary's pool, she told us we could. "Tonight has been amazing!" Olivia said and I smiled at her and everybody agreed. Today was Monday too.
Tuesday on the 23rd we were lazy around the house, but we still had fun we ended up going to the mall and blowing some money. They then took me to a party that night where I met some more of Ashton's friends and former girlfriends. I spent the night with Grandma watching Lifetime movies until three in the morning when I finally fell asleep. But Tuesday was a pretty productive day I must say. I didn't really think about Ashton which was my goal because I knew if I did then I would miss him more than I already did. But I did curl up with the monkey Ahston won me, Sassy was asleep at my head instead of on her bed but I honestly didn't mind. I love sleeping with her.
Wednesday the 24th, we spent the day with all of the family at the beach. I took Riley and Bailey down to the water and when the wave would come up I would lift up Bailey and she would giggle when the water hit her feet. Liam was playing with all of the guys, hanging out with them. Jacob was included in that trying to act all tough. Katie was helping me with Riley and Bailey, "Are you enjoying your time here?" Katie asked me "I am. I love it." I said and Katie smiled at me "Grandma loves having you and Liam here. It's making her feel young and fresh again. With Jason coming down and Hannah she is going to have all of her grandkids here with her for the 4th of July." Katie said and I smiled at her, Hannah was coming tomorrow and Jason will be here the 1st. 
Thursday, I spent it with Katie baby-sitting, Sean, Jacob, Brent, Nate, Bailey, and Riley at Grandma's while everybody else did their thing.   "This is a good way to spend a day." Katie said and I smiled at her "Sassy is adorable." Katie said "Thank you." I said and she smiled at me. That night we did a welcome home party for Hannah and I got to meet her, the last time I saw her she was ten and now she's twenty so thing has changed. On the 26th I spent the day watching Lifetime movies with Grandma pigging out on junkfood, and then that night I went out with the girls to a bonfire which was also pretty fun. I loved it too, I was enjoying the night out. The 27th, we spent walking around downtown and going other places as a family. We ate at a local cafe "This is nice, having my granddaughter and grandson all day." Grandma said "I feel bad for not spending enough time with you." I said "I don't mind, I have been busy too Caylee and you guys are enjoying your life as a teenager like you should. Liam is in love. You like a guy, you have friends you're not dancing." Grandma Mary said and I smiled at her. I spent Sunday with the whole family, we went to Church together and then out to dinner together, then Grandma and I took a walk on the beach and then we ate dinner. When I curled up in my bed that night I smiled because tomorrow Ashton will be home and we will find out the verdict!

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