It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - It's kind of a reunited thing

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Ashton's Pov:
The 22nd,  Jace and I went to Tampa and we stayed with my Grandmother, a woman I have never met before. She gushed though saying I was a spitting image of my dad and how happy  she was to meet and I just nodded in agreement. My mind was on Caylee though, hoping she would make it through this week. That night my grandmother cooked us chicken alfredo and gralic bread which was supposedly Jace's favorite meal and how she was sure I would like it. Which she wasn't wrong on. On the 23rd I met Jace's brother Chance, his wife Anna and their three kids and we had a cook out with them, they have a 17 year old son, two twins 15 years old boys. That wasn't so bad, the 24th Jace and I went to the museum they had and we had fun with that, and then I met his sister and her family, Carly, Nick, their two kids Connor is twelve and Colleen is ten, we had a good time with them. The 25th we spent the whole day with all of the family and I enjoyed it with all of them and I thought of Caylee still.
The 26th we stayed around town but Jace showed me all the places he has learned to love out Tampa which wasn't so bad I must say. Jace let me take his motocycle for a ride down the street which I loved. I felt the rush I got. The 27th Jace and I went on a walk with Hoss, he was able to come with me. "You really like Caylee don't you?" Jace asked me "Yes sir, I could even love her." I said "Don't screw it up." He said "I don't plan on it." I said and my dad smiled at me. The 28th which was my last day with my dad, he also had to go back to CA on the 30th, his vacation was up so we spent the day at Busch Gardens which was awesome! I had a blast going on all the rollercoasters and every single ride they had it was amazing. 
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
It's nine am and Ashton pulls up and Caylee runs outside and jumps in his arms and wraps her arms around his neck "I missed you." Ashton said "I missed you too." Caylee said and Alice and Carl came out and smiled "How did you feel this past week?" Alice asked "It was nice to spend time with family, to make new friends. It was good not to have Ashton as the center of my attention." Caylee  admitted "it was good to get to know my dad and family." Ashton said but he was still holding her hand. "Good you learned your lesson and yes you can go out. Have the day." Alice said and Ashton smiled at her "Thanks Aunt Alice." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at her grandma "I will call you when I want you home." She said and Caylee smiled ather. Even Liam and Savannah took a break from each other this week. "So tell me how was it?" Caylee asked Ashton when they were away from everybody "it was good. I had fun. How was your week?" Ashton asked "It was great. I have a group of friends." Caylee said being proud of the fact and Ashton smiled at her. In his mind he was thinking about how much he has missed her beautiful smile. 
Ashton and Caylee are on the beach now and they're holding hand "Geton my back Cay." Ashton said and Caylee hopped on his back and he took off running and they made it to their special little area. It was away from everybody and yet still in public. Caylee hopped down and Ashton sat down dangling his feet over the dune and Caylee did the same having her head on his shoulder. "I missed you." Caylee said softly "I missed you too." Ashton said "Will you be my boyfriend?" Caylee asked biting her lip after she said it "I thought you would never ask." Ashton said and he tilted up Caylee's chin and he kissed her lips softly. Caylee wrapped her arms around his neck not pulling away right away, allowing their tongues to explore. 
Ashton laid Caylee down in the sand and he kept kissing her, having his hands in the sand, Caylee was enjoying the kissing, they were making out on the beach. When Caylee felt that it was getting to far she mumbled "Stop." Through kisses and Ashton got off of her "I'm sorry." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him "it's okay." Caylee said and Ashton got up and helped her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and she wrapped her legs around his waist and they made out again. "I.." Caylee said between kisses "Think.." kisses "We.." kisses "need to stop." Caylee finally got in "You're right." Ashton said and he told her to hop on his back and he gave Caylee another piggy back ride, Allie was at the beach and took her phone and took a picture of that and Caylee smiled at her. 
They spent the day between making out with each other catching up on the week and just enjoying their day together. Tomorrow Caylee would be busy getting things ready for Jason's arrival and Ashton will be spending it with his family as well. "You're beautiful." Ashton told Caylee "You're handsome." Caylee said smiling at him and she kissed his lips again with more passion and then she skipped off. They were in the yard now "We should say good-bye." Ashton said "We should." Caylee said staring at Ashton, they both locked eyes and just stared at each other with the romance, passion in their eyes. Ashton will be 18 July 5th, she will be eighteen next month. They both knew their summer romance is almost over but enither one of them wanted to admit it. Not yet anyways. They were finally starting to admit their true feelings for each other.
Caylee and Ashton sat in the yard with Hoss just holding each other's hands, "I leave in almost a month." Caylee said softly "We will have a few school breaks." Ashton said "What will happen to us when I leave?" Caylee asked "We will write, call, text, email, Skype." Ashton said "it won't be the same." Caylee said "it's better than nothing." Ashton said "So we will try for a long distance?" Caylee asked "Not try, we will. Next summer I can visit my dad, I'm seeing him Christmas and Spring break I can see you while I'm in California. We will make it work." Ashton said and Caylee nodded "I don't want this summer to end. " Caylee said and Ashton nodded in agreement "Let's not worry about the future just yet Caylee, let's stay in the moment." Ashton said trying to be strong "We will both be in New York together in the fall." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "See there you go." He said "Ashton!" Alice called "Caylee!" Mary called "Goodnight." They both said smiling at each other.

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