It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - It's kind of a first meeting thing

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Caylee's Pov:
I spent the 30th cleaning the house and making it spotless for Jason, and little miss Sassy had to help me clean up and I smiled at her. Ashton texted me around nine: Ashton: How's the cleaning? How was your day? Me: Good, I can't wait for you to see him tomorrow! I put my phone away and I changed into my pajama bottoms and tank top and I had my hair in a braid and I smiled at Sassy who was playing with a toy mouse. "You want to come up on my bed and play?" I asked Sassy and Sassy went to my feet and meowed at me so I picked her up. She curled up next to me and I rubbed her little belly until she fell asleep on me and I fell asleep. I haven't seen Jason since last year and I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. 
I woke up at seven and I straightened my hair and I wore my denim shorts and my black tank top with my purple half shirt on it that says Dance. I applied my make up and I left my hair down and I smiled at Sassy who was waking up. I went downstairs and Grandma Mary and Liam were up and eating breakfast "How did you sleep?" Grandma asked me "good." I said and she smiled at me. We heard a car pull up and without taking a pause I ran outside and ran into Jason's arms "Caylee-bug!" He said and I smiled at him "Let's go in and see the rest of the group." Jason said and I smiled at him. He went in and smiled at Liam and hugged Grandma "I say we go out to dinner with all the family." Grandma said "Okay Grandma." Jason said "I can't believe I have all three of my grandkids here. Until the 5th anyways." Grandma said and Jason smiled at her "Tomorrow I want to meet Savannah and Ashton." Jason said and I smiled at him.
Jason took his bags to his room and then he came back down "Can we go to the beach?" Jason asked "Sure." Grandma said and we all went for a walk on the beach and then we ended up going to Olive Garden first and we spent the night catching up with everybody. After dinner Grandma Mary went to bed and Liam went up to his room and I sat on the couch with Sassy and Jason "I can't believe you have a boyfriend." Jason said "He's a good guy." I said "He has to be for you to date him." Jason said "I really like him." I said "Of course my little sister does." Jason said and I rolled my eyes at him "How did you do on the SATs?" Jason asked me "Perfect score." I said and he smiled at me "Are you ready for your Senior year?" He asked me "I am." I said his birthday is May 20th, so he just turned 20. "How's Duke?" I asked "Duke is good, the party life is good." Jason said "Are you dating anyone?" I asked "Anyone? Multiple ones." He said "You playa." I said and he smiled "At this moment I'm dating just one girl going steady." Jason said and I smiled at him.
The next day I wore my sun dress with my cowboy boots and I had my hair curly and I wore enough make up and I smiled, Grandma was up "I'm going to the store with Jason after he meets Ashton and Savannah. Do you want to come?" Grandma asked me, see Ashton or shop with my family? "I will love to go." I  said and she smiled at me, it was that simple Jason will be gone on the 5th and I will have plenty of time until I leave to spend it with Ashton. There was a knock on the side door and I got up and I went outside. Ashton smiled at me "You look beautiful." He said "Why thank you." I said and he kissed my lips just softly and I led him inside "Jason, good morning!" I said and he smiled "Jason this is Ashton." I said and Jason smiled at him. Jason got to meet Savannah and we spent some time of them all talking and getting to know Jason.
After we did shopping for the cook out we are having on the 4th I'm in the pool with Ashton, Liam, Savannah, and Jason. "Any body up for touch football?" Liam asked "I am!" Ashton and Jason said and I rolled my eyes at them. They got out of the water, Savannah and I floated "You really do like Liam don't you?" I asked "I do." Savannah said and she smiled at me. "You like Ashton a lot don't you?" She asked me "Yes I do." I said and she smiled at me "Don't hurt him." Savannah said "Don't hurt Liam, he's my little brother." I said and Savannah smiled at me. I finally got out of the pool just so Jason could throw me back in and I rolled my eyes when I got out. 
Ashton's Pov:
Today I realized how much family means to Caylee, she is enjoying time with Jason her older brother and I realized how happy she is now that she has both of her full-blooded brothers with her. "I'm going inside Caylee." I said "Okay Ash. I will see you tomorrow." Caylee said and she smiled at me. "It's nice to meet you Jason." I said and he smiled at me. I went inside and Hoss wagged his tail at me. While I visited my dad I found out I did have siblings, I wasn't an only child, I have a half-brother and three half-sisters. He is with their mother, Tony is 13, Chyenne is 10, Lizzie is 7, Hope is 4, and Bella is 1. They all have brown hair and baby blue eyes. Aunt Alice came in "How was it?" She asked me "It was good.' I said and she nodded "Jace wants you to fly out the last week of your summer break. Where you will return the night before school starts." Aunt Alice said "Really?" I asked I start school August 28th, "You will leave August 10th and will return August 27th." Aunt Alice said and I smiled, Caylee's Dance camp is August 5th- 12th. I will be able to see her maybe. 
Jace called me "Hello?" I asked "Hey Ash, did Aunt Alice speak to you?" Jace asked "Yes sir." I said "How about it? You can see Caylee, it's not that far of a drive." Jace said "I'm up for it." I said "Great, we will get the details figured out." Jace said and I smiled "Alright dad. I will see you then!" I said and we hung up and I changed into my basketball shorts, and a shirt with the sleeves off, I put on my basketball shoes and I got Hoss's harness and leash on him "We are going to go jogging on the beach." I said "Be home by curefew." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her "will do." I said and I stepped out the door and Hoss and I began our jog on the beach and I smiled at him, he does really good on the leash and he loves running.
When I came back home in the yard stood Jason who was on the phone but he hung up "Ashton, can I see you?" He asked and I gulped "You really like my baby sister don't you?" Jason asked me "I do." I said "My grandma is too nice, and too you know at the moment. So she won't be tough on you. Caylee doesn't have our father to do this. So I need to do this." Jason said "You break my little sister's heart and I will hunt you down and hurt you." Jason said "Got it." I said and Jason looked at me "Also Caylee is a flower, don't pluck her petals." Jason said "I won't. Not unless we're married one day." I said "I don't want my sister to ruin her dancing career so young because her boyfriend talked her into having sex." Jason said "I won't." I said and he nodded at me. "Jason, what are you talking to Ashton about?" Caylee asked she came out in her pink tank top, black basketball shorts, and her glasses on. Caylee wears glasses? "Nothing Caylee, I'm going in." Jason said passing her by.
"So you get to see me in glasses." Caylee said coming closer to me "Glasses and no makeup." I said "Yeah." Caylee said smiling at me as I pulled her closer to me and I kissed her lips softly. "He was giving me the typical brother's lecture." I said and Caylee smiled at  me "Thanks for letting me now." Caylee said kissing my lips softly again. "I"m looking forward to the cook out, all day with you." I said and Caylee smiled at me "You're right baby. Good-night Ash." Caylee said "Good-night baby." I said and Caylee smiled at me when I said baby to her. Caylee went inside and Hoss and I went inside and he went straight to bed. I took a shower and then went online, I wanted to work on Caylee's birthday present and  I know it will be special for her. I haven't told her about me going to visit my dad at the end of the summer. I looked at her perfect gift one more time and then I closed my laptop, she's going to love it. I just know it. 

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