It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - It's kind of a love story, you know?

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Caylee's Pov:
I'm wearing my favorite denim shorts, with my favorite America Tanktop, it's white with an American Flag on it. I had my hair in a sock bun and I love it, I had on my flip-flops. Jason has been helping me with ideas for Ashton's birthday gift. I wanted to get him the perfect gift for his birthday. "Caylee, we need to go set up!" Jason yelled "I'm coming." I said I had my phone with me so I could take pictures of today, it's going to be our whole  family, Ashton's family at the beach today. I went down and was handed a cooler to put in the car and I did so, we got in the car and we went to Publix "I'm running in." I said "I'm coming." Jason said and we got the hotdogs, and sodas we neede. "Ready?" Grandma asked "Yes ma'am." We said, she insisted on driving to the beach.
"Riley!" I said picking up Riley, she is eleven months old today. The men unloaded the stuff "Caylee change!" Bailey said and Aunt Penny smiled at me "They love you." She said and I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom and changed into my bathing suit and took my bun out. I set my bag back down and I picked up Riley and placed her on my hip and I took Bailey's hand. Katie ran up and scooped Bailey from me and ran into the water with a squealing little one. Jason and the guys were in the other end, the men were cooking, and women were talking about who knows what but it looked serious. Ashton and them showed up not long afterwards when I was kind of tanning with  Riley on my stomach playing with a toy. I was tickling her and she giggled. She had a huge smile on her face when Ashton came up with Hoss "We couldn't leave him home." Ashton said and I smiled at him "Welcome." I said and he took Riley from me and he spun around making her giggle. "Go with the guys, I know you want to." I said and he went with the guys and Savannah came up and we went in the water with Riley. 
It's around eight o'clock now and it's getting dark out and the beach is getting more crowded. Ashton had his arms wrapped around me, I could feel like I was sunburnt. "I'm glad I got to spend today with you." Ashton whispered "I am too." I said and he kissed my cheek. I had Riley in my arms and she loved the fireworks, when it ended I put Riley in her car seat and she was soon asleep, along with all the little ones. We loaded up the cars and then we said our good-byes and we all went home. I spent time with Jason and my family and then Jason went to bed since we have to get up early.  I went outside and wrapped my arms around Ashton's waist and had my head on his chest "What do you want for your birthday?" I asked "I'm not telling you." He said "You're mean." I  said and he smiled at me "I know I'm mean."  Ashton said and I kissed his lips good-night.
Ashton's Pov:
Standing in the yard after saying good-bye to Caylee I couldn't help but laugh at her. My birthday is in sixteen days and she's trying to find the perfect gift for me. I already have her perfect gift on the way. Alright it's a small series of gifts, that will be given to her over the week and the biggest one will be on her birthday. I couldn't really sleep and I knew I would be up at three to take Jason and Caylee to the airport, Liam decided to sleep in. So on the way back I'm going to tell Caylee about next month. I laid on my bed and Hoss jumped  up there and I rubbed him and he wagged his tail. "Who's a good boy?" I asked and he looked up at me. I took a shower at two and then I wore my jeans and an old band T-shirt. I put on my Nikes and I went outside with my keys, Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl knew what I was doing.
I put his bags in the car and then I got in and when we got to the airport Caylee came back in the car and I could tell she was sad. I pulled into Denny's and she smiled at me. When we sat down I smiled at Caylee "I need to talk to you about something." I said and Caylee looked at me "My dad wants me to spend August 5th-27th with him." I said "What? How long have you known?" Caylee asked me "July 3rd, but I knew you were busy with Jason." I said and Caylee leaned across the table and kissed my lips. "You will be there for my birthday!" Caylee said and I smiled at the thought of her birthday and her gifts. "I also have four siblings, a brother and three sisters." I said "Man, I missed out on a lot." Caylee said and I smiled at her. We took our orders and then I held her hand and I smiled at her. "You're beautiful." I said and Caylee blushed.
After we ate I paid the bill and left a tip and I took Caylee by the hand and led her to the car, I kissed her lips softly "I think you are such a wonderful girlfriend. You make me feel like the luckies guy alive." I said and Caylee blushed and I kissed her lips again. She returned the kiss with a little bit more passion than what she had before, I knew she really cared for me. I wanted to tell her I love you, but I knew that was  too fast. I would save it for her birthday unless she tells me on my birthday. "Can we make out before we go?" Caylee asked me and I smiled at her, there's my girl. After we made out for a little bit I put the car in gear and we went home "let's go for a jog." Caylee said "Hoss is coming." I said and Caylee smiled at me. We changed really quick and told our family since they were up already.
Caylee actually out-did me, she ran more than I did. She ended up taking Hoss for a longer jog on the beach and then she ran back to me and she sat on my lap and I held her closer to me. "I don't ever want to let you go." I said "Then don't." Caylee said smiling at me and she kissed my lips softly. "I need to go work on your gift." Caylee said "Noo! You're my gift." I said and Caylee smiled, we already outlasted both sets of parents by not getting pregnant. Caylee got up "I will beat you home." She said smiling at me and she even took Hoss and she still beat me home, and honestly I wasn't even trying to let her win. "I guess we need to go in and do what we need to do for the day so we can spend time together." I said "Yeah you're right and I need to work on your gift." Caylee said and I smiled at her. 

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