It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - It's kind of a road trip

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Caylee's Pov:
"Found it!" I said loudly which made Sassy jump and meowed at me. I found Ashton's perfect birthday gift, I have been looking for it for days now. Ashton loves the New York Yankees, the baseball team. I'm not a sport fan so I don't know if that is any other team or not. But a NY hat with all of their autographs on it. That and his favorite player's jersery which he signed as well. I wanted to make his birthday special and now thatI know he is going to be in California near me on my birthday I just know my eighteenth birthday is going to be even better. "What did you find dear?" Grandma asked as she poked her head in "Ashton's perfect gift." I said and Grandma smiled at me. "That's good dear." She said and I smiled at her "Do you want to go to dance studio with me?" Grandma asked me "If you want me to." I said when really  I wasn't in the mood to dance. "I would love to have my granddaughter with me." She said "Then I will change into something else and we will go."I said and she smiled at me. I changed into my dance shorts and dance T-shirt with the dance clothes under my outfit. 
When we got to the studio Grandma had me go into one one, where there were little kids "Do you mind teaching them some moves?" She asked me "Not at all." I said and I smiled at all of the little girls, they have to be around 4-6 years old and I love this age for dance. "Okay we're going to start with lifting our legs up and tap." I said and they all clapped. Around noon class ended and I went to Grandma's office and her door was shut and she was on the phone with somebody so I waited outside. She came outside and she smiled at me "Ready to head home?" She asked "Yes ma'am." I said "I have surprise for you and Liam when we get home." She said and I smiled, I somehow talked Grandma into letting me drive home. Ashton waved when we got out and I waved back and then I went inside and Liam was waiting, he had the house clean. "We're going to Disney tomorrow! Savannah and Ashton too." She said and we smiled at her, we have been to Disney Land but never Disney World.
"Who will watch Sassy?" I asked "Alice will come in and spend time with her. Change her box" Grandma Mary said and I smiled at her. "Pack enough clothes for three days and two nights." Grandma said and I smiled at her "Will do." I said. I went into my room and I packed enough clothes for then. Ashton and Savannah are crashing over tonight, so we can leave early morning tomorrow. I'm in my room on the laptop and Ashton slips into my room and he smiles at me. Sassy purrs at him as he got closer to me. "You look beautiful tonight." Ashton said and I smiled at him "Thank you, so are you."  I said and Ashton smiled at me and he kissed my lips softly. "You're not supposed to be in here." I said giggling and he smiled at me. "I know, I wanted to say good-night." He said "Good-night." I said and Ashton smiles at me as he slips back out and I giggled at Sassy who was waiting for him to come back and she curled up next to me and I smiled at her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
They were up and on the road by  4 Am. Caylee's Grandma was driving even after everyone has offered to drive for her. They pulled up to the parking lot and Caylee was taking picture of everything with her camera. "Let's go in." Grandma Mary said and they all followed her.They stayed together from 10am-noon and then Grandma Mary looked at them "be back here by four." She said "But Grandma?" Caylee asked "I don't want to hear it. We did our spending time together. Go." Grandma Mary said "You heard her let's go." Ashton said and they all checked their times and smiled at each other. Caylee looked at Ashton "Are you ready to go?" He asked her "Yes." Caylee said and he smiled at her, they had Liam take a picture of them. They ended up going on all the water rides, and then roller coasters. When it got scared Caylee would clutch to Ashton and burry her head in his chest.
"Caylee, it's almost four." Ashton said as they were  walking "I  know, we're on our way." Caylee said smiling "oh Minnie!" Caylee said and she ran up to Minnie mouse and Ashton took a picture. Ashton held Caylee's hand as they walked to the meeting place. Caylee stood up and kissed Ashton's lips and smiled "Let's go babe." Caylee said taking his hand and leading him to the group. "Did you have fun?" Grandma Mary asked "Yes ma'am." Caylee said "Let's go  eat and then we can shop." Grandma Mary said and Caylee smiled at her "Sounds like a good idea." Caylee said, so they went and ate dinner at a place and thenthey went to the gift store and stock up on gifts, they went from the two amusements parks, tomorrow will be Universal Studios.
After the fireworks they went back to the hotels, the guys in one hotel room and the girls in another, it was two different rooms connected to each other. Caylee took her shower first and then she went over next door with Grandma's Mary permission, the biggest rule: NO SEX. "Hey Ash." Caylee said smiling at  Ashton, he took his shower first. "You look beautiful with curly hair." Ashton said and Caylee kissed his lips softly, today was the 6th, so Caylee had two weeks for his gifts to come. "So  Ash, I got your gifts." Caylee said "What  did you get me?"Ashton asked her getting ready to tickle her "Not going to tell! What did you get me?" Caylee asked and Ashton kissed her lips softly and tickling her even more."That's it!" Caylee said and Caylee started kissing Ashton and he kept tickling her and returning the kissing. "Stop it." Liam said when he came out, "Oh Savannah is coming."  Caylee said and Liam rolled his eyes at her.
They had an amazing day at Universal Studio, they spent quality time with Grandma Mary and then they went off again, and they hada blast. Ashton would make sure Caylee was safe before any other ride. "Let's do some sight seeing." Caylee said and Ashton agreed and they held hands and walked around, Caylee would get people to take pictures of them, Caylee even took one of them kissing. "This has been amazing Caylee." Ashton said and Caylee kissed his lips "I agree Cay. I loved spending time with you." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him. The following day they spent sight-seeing in Orlando before they took the two hour drive home, Grandma Mary let Liam drive, Caylee curled up to Ashton and laid her head on his chest and ended up falling asleep.
Ashton's Pov:
These  past three days were amazing, I got to spend every minute of the day with Caylee. I just felt really bad knowing something that I can't tell Caylee because it isn't my place. I looked at Mary when we pulled up and I could tell she was exhausted from the trip. "Are you okay Grandma?"  Caylee asked "Yes sweetie. This trip was exhausting but fun. I'm going to bed early. No sex. I love you." Mary said "I love you too Grandma." Caylee said and then she looked at me, Autn Alice had already let Hoss out who was excited to see me and Caylee. "I'm glad you got to go with us." Caylee said smiling at me "I'm glad too. I had a blast." I said and I kissed Caylee's lips "I should go in and spend time with Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl." I said "Yeah, I will see you tomorrow." Caylee said kissing my lips softly and I held her waist pulling her closer to me and I smiled at her and I kissed her lips quickly letting her go.

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