It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - It's kind of a good thing

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Caylee's Pov:
It's July 19th now and I'm avoiding Ashton today, since we got back I have been at the dance studio until noon teaching the smaller kids some dance moves,  afternoon meaning 12-4 with Ashton, and then the evening with Grandma and Liam. Tomororw is Ashton's birthday and I have his gifts in my room, I'm waiting to get the right box to wrap them. I have been making sure to spend as much time as I can with my Grandma, because I know I'm going to miss her when I leae. And I can't believe I'm saying that, I feel bad for how I acted when I got told I was going to come and visit Grandma for the summer. Because this has been the best summer of my life. I'm not just saying that because of Ashton. But I have gotten closer with family, and I finally got to have one summer where I was a normal teenager, and now it will be back to Dance,  dance, dance, school in a couple weeks. My phone rang "hello?" I asked "Hey Cay! Are you busy?" Ashton asked "A little, why?" I asked "I wanted to hang out. Come over." Ashton said "No! No! I gotta wrap your gift!" I said "Alright love." He said and I smiled, he calls me love which I love. 
I finished wrapping his gift and his card and I smiled at myself, I was feeling really pleased about the great job at my wrapping skills. I have sixteen days left here, and I'm going to miss it so much. I get a phone call from Lauren, we have texted back and forth a little bit since she came but not much since she knows I'm trying to spend time with my family and Ashton. "Hello?" I asked  "Caylee. Caylee-bug." Lauren said, she sounded worried "What's wrong Lauren?" I  asked getting worried myself now, "I'm two weeks late." Lauren said "Period?" I asked "Uh-huh." Lauren said "Take a test! You did lose your virginty!" I said "I can't be pregnant, that would mean no Juillard, no dance."  Lauren said "Calm down, Lauren. You don't know yet for sure." I said "I know but I'm scared. I wish you were here Caylee." Lauren said and now I was feeling bad about not being over there with her. "Let me know what happens." I said "Will do. I'm scared." Lauren said and she sounded it "I love  you." I said trying to make her feel better. "I love you too." Lauren said and we hung up. 
I went downstairs with Sassy in my arms and Grandma Mary looked at me "What's wrong kiddo?" She asked me "Lauren might be pregnant." I said "See why I said no sex." She said ad I smiled "Things will be okay for Lauren. She has an amazing best friend to support her." Grandma Mary said and I smiled at her "Any big plans tonight?" I asked "I have a date." Grandma said and I smiled at her "I hope you have fun Grandma." I said "You should go out tonight too." Grandma said "Tomorrow is Ashton's birthday, I will tomorrow." I said "Caylee Marie, live a little." Grandma said and I smiled at her "I will go out with him tonight. I have a birthday gift from Jason anyways." I said "Two Yankees tickets?" She asked me "Yes ma'am." I said and Grandma smiled  at me "Caylee will be at a baseball game?" Liam asked "Oh hush." I said and Grandma Mary smiled at us. 
I went outside and saw Ashton with Hoss outside "hey baby! Are you busy tonight?" I asked Ashton "Nope babe." He said "You are! Wear something casual baby." I said "Like?" He asked "Baseball cap, jersery, Yankee stuff." I said "No way!" Ashton said and he picked me up and spun me around "A gift from Jason." I said and he kissed my lips softly "I love your brother." Ashton said and I smiled at him "Be ready by four." I said and Ashton nodded kissing me good-bye. I went inside "I have to get ready for a baseball game." I said "I have to see this to believe it." Liam said and I rolledmy eyes at him. I changed into my favorite denim shorts, and a Yankee's tank top that I got for me, I braided my hair in two and I put on my Pumas and I went downstairs "You look baseball ready!" Grandma said and I smiled at her but then I heard her and Liam snickering when I had my back turn "this dancer can go to a baseball game."  I said and they laughed.
Ashton's Pov:
I smiled at Caylee when she was standing outside at my car with the tickets in her hands, I had my hoodie with me just in case it got cold and I needed it. Caylee has never been to a baseball game  I could tell by her outfit. I didn't say anything though I knew Liam and Mary had probably given her a hard enough time about it. "You look lovely." I said and Caylee smiled at me. I opened the door for her and then we went inside the car and I turned the radio on her favorite station and she smiled at me. "Are you ready for your first game?" I asked "Yes!" Caylee said smiling at me. When we got there I grabbed my hoodie and I held her hand and we went to line and Caylee handed me the tickets and then I found our seats, they were the perfect seats too! I could tell Jason really liked me, and I knew that Caylee liked me a lot too. Or she would never be at a baseball game for anybody, I could tell.
The game was going good, and we ordered a hot dog and Caylee was having a blast, I made sure to take plenty of pictures of her and the game. She even had a foam finger, around the ending of the game Caylee got cold "Can I borrow your coat?" Caylee asked  "Yeah." I said and she put it on and I smiled at her, she looked good with my coat on. After the game when we were in the car I kissed Caylee, "We won babe!" I said and I spun her around again. "I know!" Caylee said "I hope this made  your birthday." Caylee said "Yes!" I said and I hugged Caylee again. I couldn't believe Caylee was in such a great mood, I love her and her cuteness. "Caylee, can we go get ice cream?" I asked "Yes! It's your birthday in a couple hours." Caylee said and I smiled at her. 
We got our icecream and we went to the beach to eat our ice cream and I held her hand "This is a beautiful way to spend the night." I said and Caylee nodded "I'm so glad to be with you." I said "I'm glad I'm with you too." Caylee said smiling at me. We ended up going home so we could say we were home and just laying in the yard. At midnight Caylee turned around on her side facing me and she kissed my lips softly "Happy birthday." Caylee said "Thank you." I said and returning the kiss. "I need to head in." I said "Me too." Caylee said and I kissed her lips softly "Good-night babe." I said "Good-night baby." Caylee said and I walked her to the door and I smiled at her, I knew I wasn't going to get my hoodie back. I went inside and Hoss wagged his tail at me. I knew today was going to be a great day.
I woke up at seven and went downstairs, Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl smiled at me "Happy birthday Ashton!" They said "Thanks!" I said smiling "How was the game?" Uncle Carl asked "They won." I said and he smiled at me. I got a phone call "Hello?" I asked "Happy birthday Ashton!" Jace said and I smiled "Thanks dad." And it was put on the speaker phone "happy birthday Ash!" They all said and I smiled  "Thanks." I said and then it was my dad "We're excited to see you soon!" He said "I'm excited." I said and then we quickly hung up, everybody else quickly called me. My friends were excited for the party this evening, and I knew I would be meeting with Caylee in a few minutes so I went upstairs to get dressed. I came down and I smiled at the  thought of seeing Caylee, the girl I really like on my birthday.
Mary knocked at the door "Come in." Aunt Alice said "I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, not telling Caylee and Liam." Mary said and my heart sank, "I know it's hard. But you wanted this to be a stress-free trip. So you could reconnect with your grandchildren." Aunt Alice said "I know. It's hard though, they deserve to know." Mary said "It will be easier, you're going to tell them the last day." Aunt Alice said "I know but I know Caylee is going to be hurt." Mary said and I bit my lip, I couldn't believe it. "It's eating me inside." Mary said "Things  will be easier." Aunt Alice said and I walked down "Happy birthday Ashton." Mary said "Thank you." I said "Caylee is up, but she's making breakfast and wants you over there." Mary said "Thank you."  I said "No thank you." Mary said and I nodded. I felt bad about not telling Caylee but it wasn't my place and it never will be my place.

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