It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - It's kind of Ashton's day

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Caylee's Pov:
I made Ashton a great birthday breakfast and he walked up and he looked at me and he kissed my lips softly "it smells good." Ashton said and I smiled at him "I hope so. It's your favorite." I said and Ashton smiled at me."Happy birthday baby."  I said and I could sense something was wrong "What's wrong?" I asked him "Nothing baby, I'm great. Today is great. I can't wait to find out what you got me for my birthday." Ashton said and I smiled at him, he would know tonight. His party tonight is at the beach and it begins at five o'clock. Today is the day I get to spend half the day with him out of the house so they could do his gifts and then he will spend the rest of the day with his other friends until his birthday party. Ashton sat down at the table and I smiled at him and handed him his plate "You are a good cook." Ashton said "Thank you." I said and he smiled at me.
While Ashton was eating breakfast my phone started vibrating and I looked at the caller ID Lauren "Excuse me." I said to Ashton getting up and feeding Sassy "Hey Lauren, how did it go?" I asked her "I went to the doctor's yesterday." Lauren said "How did that go?" I  asked her getting worried "I won't be at Dance Camp." Lauren said "What? Why?" I  asked "I am pregnant." Lauren said "have you told your parents?" I asked Lauren "My mom and dad says no adoption or abortion. Nate doesn't want the baby, so I'm going to be a single mom." Caylee said "I will be supportive Lauren." I said "Thanks Cay, hurry up and get home." Lauren said and I nodded, "I'm five weeks." She said I knew she would be due in March. Our Juillard audition is in February. There goesher dancing career. "I will be home soon. I love you." I said "I love you too." Lauren said and we hung up.
After breakfast we went to the mall and at the food court around lunch Ashton held my hand from across the table "What was your phone call about?" Ashton asked "I don't want to stress you, or worry you with my issues today." I said "Caylee, I'm your boyfriend. Tell me." Ashton said "Lauren is pregnant." I said "She will be a good mom." Ashton said "Yeah, but it made me realize, since we were nine we said we would go to Juillard together, she will be nine months pregnant at our audition, she can't dance anymore." I said "You don't want to get pregnant, do you?" He asked "No. I want to dance still.  Dancing is all I know." I said "That's why we haven't done anything, because there is always a chance." Ashton said and I kissed his lips softly "You will be a supportive best friend, you will help Lauren get through this." Ashton said and I smiled at him. "I'm sorry if I ruined your birthday." I said "You didn't baby." Ashton said.
Ashton's Pov:
After Caylee and I got back home I got dressed for my party and I couldn't help but think about Lauren, not in a sexual way like that but I was worried about her. Caylee was trying to best to be a supportive long distance best friend but she knew it wasn't cutting it. This is exactly why no matter how much  I might want it to happen I'm not having sex with Caylee any time soon. Dance is her life, and I don't want to be the reason why she isn't dancing. "Ashton?" Aunt Alice asked "Yes ma'am?" I asked "Are you ready to go. We don't want to be late for your own party." She said "Yes ma'am." I said and I rubbed Hoss telling him good-bye. We got in the car because we had all the supplies "Are okay okay?" Uncle Carl "Yes sir." I said "We're proud of you Ash." Aunt Claire said "Thank you." I said and she smiled at me. It felt good having Savannah with us for once instead of with Liam. 
Caylee, Mary, and Liam was already there to help set up. I smiled at Caylee when I saw her, she was beautiful, wearing a white summer dress with sandals, I loved how beautiful she looked. "Are those my gifts?" I asked when I put my box down on the table.  "Yes. But don't touch." Caylee said and I smiled at her "Yes baby." I said and I went back to setting up and Caylee helped. All of my friends came, including Hannah, Olivia, Alexa, and Allie. Zach and the group of guys. While Uncle Carl was cooking the food a car pulled up. All of teenagers were in group and I looked up, and up walks a woman that I  remember from my childhood memories. The last time I saw here I was fifteen and being dropped off at my Aunt and Uncle's house so she could go to rehab. "Uh-oh." Aunt Alice said and I looked at her. 
The woman walked up and I saw those baby blue eyes and brown hair as she got closer "Alice! Where's Ashton? My son." My mother Anna said "I'm right here." I said standing up being as cold as stone. "Happy birthday Ashton!" She said "Thanks." I said "How long have you been out for?" Aunt Alice asked " A year, I have been sober for a year." She said "Why are you here?" I asked "it's your birthday, I wanted to celebrate your birthday  with you." She said and I just nodded going back to my friends. Caylee squeezed my hand "that would be my mother." I said and Caylee looked at me with those beautiful icy blue eyes "Are you okay?" She asked me "Yeah. I have you." I said "Ash. come on over with Caylee." Aunt Alice said and I held her hand as we walked over "Anna this is Caylee, Ashton's girlfriend and Karen's daughter." Aunt Alice said "It's nice to meet you." Caylee said softly "You too. You should can pick them." Anna said to me and I nodded. 
When it came to gift time Caylee left my side so she could take pictures with her Iphone and video tape it with her beat up old camera, I got a ton of cool gifts from my friends, and an amazing pair of Nikes from Aunt Claire and Uncle Carl and now it was my gift from Caylee who backed away from me, she still had my coat but I figured I would never see that thing again. I opened one box and smiled a NY Yankee hat with all of their autograph on it "Thank you." I  said and she smiled "There's more." Caylee said and I opened it up to see a jersery from my favorite player and it was autographed. "Thank you Caylee, it's perfect." I said and she smiled at me "You're welcome." Caylee said and I smiled at her, this has been a good party other than my mother showing up.
After the party I was outside in the yard and my mother walked up to me "Why are you here? Why now?" I asked "I wanted to make things right with you Ashton. I want my son in my life." She said "You waited a year mom." I said "So I could make sure I stayed sober. It was tough on me." She said "It's three years later since you left me." I said "I'm sorry Ashton." She said "I don't need  the drama in my life mom." I said "There won't be any drama."  She said and I remembered all the lates night of her being home drunk and bringing men in the house. "You're like Jace, okay? You have to earn your trust back." I said "okay Ash. I'm willing to do that. Caylee is beautiful." She said and I only nodded "Where do you live?" I asked "In Tampa."  She said and I nodded. This was going to be a long year I could tell that now. 

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