It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - It's kind of a good story

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Caylee's Pov:
I got up and I carried Sassy in my arms who laid her tiny head on my chest and started purring downstairs and Grandma Mary smiled at me "I have a doctor appointment today, but then we should go shopping." Grandma said "Is everything okay?" I asked "Yes Caylee-bear." Grandma said and I kissed her cheek softly, when she left I poured myself a bowl of cereal and added milk in it and I gave a small bowl of milk to Sassy. My cell phone went off "Hello?" I asked "Hey Cay." My mom "Hi mom." I said "How are you?" She asked me "I'm good, how are you mom?" I asked "I'm good. We miss you Caylee." My mom said "I miss you too." I said "Are you ready to come home?" She asked "If I have to." I said and she laughed "I heard some interesting news about Lauren." She said "What did you hear?" I asked "that she is pregnant." My mom said "Yeah."  I said "I don't want you around that kind of person." She said "it's not a disease mom. I'm going around my best friend." I said and I hung up on her. 
I changed into my denim shorts and I threw on a T-shirt I put my contacts in quickly and I just left my hair down and I went outside and I knocked on Ashton's door "Come in." Alice said and I smiled at her "Good morning, is Ashton up?" I asked "You can go into his room and see." She said and I smiled, they trust us and they know we won't have sex so we're able to do this. I knocked on Ashton's door lightly and I went in and Hoss wagged his tail at me. I walked over to Ashton and I smiled, he looked so peaceful sleeping. I slid into bed with him since he was on his left side meaning I could lay on my side and be in his face. I kissed his lips softly and he opened his eyes to me and he didn't pull away from me. We kissed for a couple of minutes and he finally registers his surrounding. "You okay?" He asked me "My mom called." I said "Uh-oh, never good." Ashton said propping himself on his elbow. "I'm not allowed to hang out with Lauren anymore." I said "Because she's pregnant." I said and Ashton looked at  me "That's stupid, you have been friends for nine years you can't do that."  Ashton said "Lauren is going to need me. " I said "You will still see her no matter what." Ashton said and I kissed his lips softly.
I kissed Ashton's lips softly again, and he slowly kissed my lips returning it, we made out for a bit and then I got up and I kissed his lips softly "I'm going to sit outside. Come joing me when you're dressed." I said and Ashton smiled at me, I went out of his room and smiled at Alice and I sat outside on the grass. Ashton and Hoss came out, Liam and Savannah were already together today. Ashon laid in the grass with me and smiled at me "What are you doing today?" Ashton asked "Shopping with Grandma Mary." I said "Sounds like fun." He said and I smiled "Where is she?" He asked "A doctor's appointment." I said and he nodded and looked away at Hoss. Grandma Mary pulled up and he got up and helped me up "Ashton do you want to go to the mall with us?" Grandma Mary asked "it should be a girl's day out." Ashton said "But we need a guy to carry our bags." Grandma Mary said "I will ask Aunt Alice." Ashton said and I smiled  "How was your appointment?" I asked "good. Your mother called." She said "She can't tell me that I can't be friend with Lauren because she's pregnant." I said "I agree." She said and I smiled at her.
We went to an outlet mall in Vero beach instead of a regular mall, "Coach!" Grandma said and I smiled, she got me a new purse and wallet, sunglasses hut: two different pairs of Oakley, and one pair of Raybans, Juicy: New clothes, Ralph Lauren: clothes, shoe stores: new rainbows, new sandals, new nikes, makeup: more makeup, then they had a dancer store! Ashton already had to load our stuff into the trunk. Ashton followed me Grandma was talking to the owner, I saw the acro shoes I need, Zebra shorts, jeggings, bra tops, dance shorts, dance booty shorts, hip hop pants, carpi leggings, camisole tops, dance shirts, a shirt that says you should see me dance, dance for ever, a few leotards, a unitard, balera bare treads, dance paws lyrical shoes, urban fleece shorts with dance on the butt, sweats for warm up, sweat shirts, a dance sling bag and duffle bag. "Where to now?" Grandma asked "No where, you already spent way too much." I said "Nonsense. You need two more suitcases. Come on." She said and she ended up buying me two designers suitcases. 
Ashton's Pov:
I must really like Caylee if I would spend my day shopping with her and Mary, man am I tired. But I'm at her house with Hoss so Hoss could play with Sassy. I'm on her bed with her, she was sitting up with her laptop out. "Are you okay?" I asked "Yeah, sorry about today I knew it was kind of crazy." Caylee said and I kissed her lips softly ."It's okay." I said and I smiled at Hoss who was letting Sassy climb on him "He's going to miss her." I said "Don't talk  about it, okay? I'm going to cry." Caylee said and I held her in my arms "Don't cry baby. It will be okay." I said kissing her lips and tickling her. "Dinner is ready!" Mary said and I looked at Caylee who smiled at me, I can't believe she's going to be find out the truth soon and she's going to be crushed. "Let's go." I said and we left Hoss in her room to play with Sassy.
"Thank you for letting me eat dinner here." I said "You're welcome. It's only fair since Liam is at your house." Mary said and I smiled at her, Liam is going to regret not staying here  more and so is Caylee, the 3rd is only ten days away. After dinner I helped Caylee do the dishes and then we went back up to her and we found Hoss and Sassy asleep together "They are perfect together." Caylee said "So are we." I said kissing her lips softly. I had her up against the wall and I had  my hand on the wall and I kissed her lips, she returned the kiss, openly inviting my tongue to her mouth, this make out session was with the most passion we had, she runs her hands up my back and she plays with my hair as we kiss, you could tell that with all this time together we are getting closer and closer to each other. We didn't want to pull away but when our hormones were starting to take action we pulled away and smiled at the pets.
I sat on Caylee's  floor and she curled up next to me and laid her head on my lap and she smiled up at me I gently lifted her hair and laid it across my lap and I started brushing her hair with a brush and she smiled at me "You are good to me." Caylee said giggling at me. I looked into her icy blue eyes and I knew I wanted to be with her for awhile. "You can keep playing with my hair." Caylee mumbled and I kissed her cheek, I knew she was falling asleep on me. I gently sat her up and I rubbed her back and she smiled at me "You're perfect." Caylee said and I kissed her lips softly. "I should go home baby." I said "Okay baby." Caylee said and I kissed her good-night softly on her lips "Hoss come on." I said and Hoss followed me and I smiled at him "Night." I said and she smiled at me. 
I went home with Hoss and my dad called "Hello?" I asked "Hey ASh, how are you?" My dad asked "Good." I said "Good, you should have your ticket info in your email." He said and I looked  "I do dad, thanks. I'm looking forward to it." I said and he chuckled "We are all." He said "Thanks dad." I said "How are you actually?" He asked me "Not that great, I'm keeping a secret that's going to crush Caylee." I said "You're not cheating on her are you?" He asked me "No sir, a worse secret." I said "The truth always comes out." He said and I swallowed "I know, and she's going to hate me when she finds out." I said "It's about Mary isn't it?" He asked "Yes sir." I said and that was all he needed to know."Things will work out for the best son." He said "Thanks dad, I will see you soon!" I said and we hung up and I sighed. 

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