It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - It's kind of a love thing

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Caylee's Pov:
I had a rough night, I woke up my hair was all over the place.  I had many nightmares, about me being pregnant, about Lauren dying giving birth, about the plane crashing, about Grandma being sick and dying, about Ashton and I breaking up, about random things. I walked downstairs and Liam laughed "You look like something bad happened." Liam said "Oh shut up." I said and Grandma snickered "Bad night?" She asked me "Hit me up with OJ." I said and I sat down in the chair and  Sassy went to her food bowl. "How did you sleep?" Grandma asked me "Not so good." I said "We can tell." Liam said and I shot him a dirty look."Calm down Cay." Liam said "I'm calm." I said and I just ignored my brother and went into my room. I took a shower and then I put my contacts in and wore my yellow sundress and my cowboy boots and I curled my hair. I had to look good even if I didn't plan on going anywhere today. I got a text from Ashton: Do you want to hang out today? Me: If you want to. I heard a knock on the door and that was my answer.
"Where's Liam?" I asked when I came down I knew I needed to tell him I was sorry about earlier. "He's already out with Savannah but he knows you're sorry." Grandma said and I smiled Ashton was at the table "What are you doing today?" I asked "Well, I'm going into the dance studio a little bit and then I'm going out with him."  Grandma said and I smiled "Have a good day." I said "you too." She said and she kissed my forehead good-bye and Ashton smiled  at me when. "What are we doing today?" I asked and I walked over to Ashton and I sat on his lap and kissed his lips softly "let's walk around downtown." Ashton said "With or without Hoss?" I asked "With." Ashton said "Okay." I said and we kissed each other one more time before he went and got Hoss.
I held Ashton's hand and he had his other hand on Hoss's leash. "This is nice." I  said taking in the scenery and Ashton smiled "This is nice." He said agreeing with me and I smiled at him. After we walked around a bit we went to an outside Cafe so Hoss could stay with us.  "Hello, I'm Alexa I'm going to be your server. Oh hey Ash and Cay!" Alexa said and I smiled at her "What can I get you to drink?" Alexa asked "Dr.Pepper." We both said and she smiled "What do you want?" I asked after Alexa left "A philly cheese steak sandwhich you?" Ashton asked me and I smiled at him "A BLT." I said and Ashton smiled at me "Their BLTs are usually the best in town." Ashton said and when Alexa took our order Ashton also included a plain hamburger too. 
When we got our food Ashton gave the plain burger to Hoss who took his time on the burger savoring it and then licking his lips and looking up at us. "How's your sandwich?" I asked"Good, yours?" He asked "Good." I said and after we ate it we paid the bill and left a tip and then we went to the beach and went to our secret area on the beach. He let Hoss off the leash and Hoss ran into the water and tried attacking the waves. I was in Ashton's arms and I kissed his lips softly "I'm really glad I have you. You have made me the luckiest guy in the world." Ashton said and I kissed his lips softly "You have made me the luckiest girl in the world. I mean before you I wasn't going to date any guys until after college." I said and Ashton kissed my lips. I'm going to miss his kisses, our time together. I'm going to miss it all actually. Today is the 24th and we leave in ten days. I'm not looking forward to leaving everybody.
Ashton's Pov:
We're at the beach and I can tell Caylee's mind is on her leaving, she went from that bubbly-self to the sad and gloomy Caylee. "Don't think about it baby." I said snuzzling her neck making her giggle "I won't. I promise." Caylee said and I kissed her neck, her cheek, her lips softly. She gently opened up to me, letting her guard down and giving into my kisses. Caylee gave in and began kissing my lips and allowing her body to relax, letting us make out for a bit until Hoss ran to us and shook off. "Hoss!" I yelled and Caylee giggled she had pulled away from me smiling at Hoss. "Let's take Hoss home." I said "Alright." Caylee said holding my hand and kissing my cheek leading me to the house and I smiled at her, she really looked beautiful today.
We ended up going back to the beach but to the bonfire everybody was at "look it's Allie and them!" Caylee said "Go on." I said knowing she wanted to go hang out with the girls so Caylee kissed my lips good-bye and walked over to the girls. "Hey Ashton." Zach said "hey Zach." I said and we did a high five "You haven't been around much this summer." He said "I know man. I've been busy." I said and Zach nodded "With Caylee." He said and I nodded "She leaves soon." I said "Yeah then we get our friend back." Zach said "Actually I'm going to visit my dad for the rest of summer." I said and Zach looked at me "Great man. We don't get no time with our man A." Zach said "I know dude. I know." I said and Zach looked at Caylee "Is she worth blowing off your friends?" Zach asked "Dude." I said "No really." Zach said "She's perfect. I love her." I said and yes I admitted I love her. "Dude, she's turning you into a love-lush." Zach said "She isn't. This is on me."  I said "Let's just hope the normal Ashton returns when school starts." Zach said.
I ended up leaving Zach and going over to the other group of friends I had "Hey Jake." I said "Ashton! My man!" Jake said and I smiled   "How's your summer?" Jake asked "Perfect." I said "I know. You have been with Caylee." Jake said "Caylee is a good girl." I said "I know. I'm not hating on her." Jake said "Yeah you are. Caylee is my girlfriend." I said "Yeah and we have been your friends before she was your girlfriend." Jake said "I don't care how many of you will hate on Caylee, she's perfect." I said a little bit too loud because Caylee heard that and took off. "Caylee!" I said jogging after her, "What I'm not good enough in your friend's eyes?" Caylee asked "They just aren't used to sharing me over the summer." I said "I'm sorry. At least I'm gone and I won't take up most of your time. I'm sorry for some reason I changed you?" Caylee said and she started to storm off again.
"Why should we even stay together Ashton? I'm leaving in ten days." Caylee said "Why shouldn't we? We are perfect." I said "Yeah, really? Why?" Caylee asked I could tell she was hurt and angry at the same time. "Your letting your emotions get to you Caylee." I said "No I'm not. It's true! It's in my mind all day! What's going to happen to us when I leave?" Caylee asked "We will make it work. I promise you." I said "Ashton don't make promises you can't keep." Caylee said "I mean it." I said "Oh yeah?" Caylee asked "Yeah." I said and I looked her in her eyes trying to make her feel better and I leaned in for a kiss "No Ash! A kiss won't solve this problem. It won't ease away my worries, my thoughts." Caylee said and I looked at her "I know Caylee. But it will make you feel better." I  said "Honestly Ashton why should we work this out? And try to make it long distance until the summer or fall?" Caylee asked and I was getting hurt but I had one last response that would hopefully work and make things better. "Because I love you that's why!" I said "You love me?" Caylee asked shocked "Yes I do. I love you." I said "I love you too." Caylee said and then she kissed my lips softly.

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