It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - It's kind of just the beginning

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Caylee's Pov:
Ashton and I are going to Tampa for the day to see his mom and their family together. I got up and put in my contacts and I wore my denim shorts that I love, my black tank top with my dance shirt over it that was half covered and I put my hair in a fish braid and I found my flip-flops and I did my makeup quickly. "Good morning Caylee, I hope you have a good day with Ashton." Grandma said and I kissed her cheek "Thanks Grandma I will." I said and Liam walked down "Grandma are you ready?" He asked "Yes sir." Grandma said "We're going places today." Liam said "I hope you have fun, how come Savannah isn't coming?" I asked "Ah, she's spending the day with her mom." Liam said and I smiled at him. "I should go too. Bye Sassy." I said and I smiled when I saw Ashton, it was six o'clock.
We made it at his mom's house at eight o'clock and I kissed Ashton's lips softly. "Ashton and Caylee this is Jon and Clarissa." His mother said "Hi." We said and they smiled at us, Ashton was already having a blast. "Would you like to hold Emma, Caylee?" Anna asked "Yes ma'am." I said and she gently handed me Emma "Hi Emma." I said smiling at her, Ashton had went with Jon up to his room. "How long have you been wih Ashton for?" Clarissa asked me "Since June." I said "Oh, it looks like you guys have been together for longer." Clarissa said "I know, but I live in California, I was just visiting here for the summer. I go back." I said "Oh, you're going to miss Ashton?" Clarissa asked "Yeah." I said and I smiled at Emma "how do you like your baby sister?" I asked "it's good, I love her." Clarissa said "is your mom around?" I asked and I knew the look she had on her face "No, she died when I was six." Clarissa said "My dad died when I was eight." I said.
Anna sat down next to us "You must really like Ashton to come travel to meet total strangers." Anna said "I do, he's a great person." I said and Anna smiled "Alice and Carl did a good job." Anna said and I smiled "I'm going to miss him." I said "He's going to miss you too." Anna said and I smiled at her "You are really good with kids." Anna said and I smiled Emma was in my arms asleep, I had forgotten she was in my arms. "Thank you, I have three younger brothers, but mainly one that I held." I said and Anna smiled at me "You will be a great mother one day." Anna said "many, many years from now." I said and she smiled at me, "You can place Emma in the playpen." Anna said and I gently got up and placed Emma in her playpen and she didn't even move.
Ashton's Pov:
When we pulled up I was dragged by Jon into his room, to see his Yankees collection. I like Jon a lot. We go downstairs and I smiled, Caylee was talking to my mom and Clarissa and she had her knees up to her chest but she gave me the brighest smile when she saw us. "Is everything okay?" I asked when we joined them "Yes, Caylee just put Emma down." My mom said and I smiled at Caylee "Kevin should be home soon. He just had an emergency at the office but he's off today." My mom said and I nodded "Are you guys ready for school?" Anna asked "No ma'am." Caylee and I both said at the same time and my mom smiled at us. "One year left though and then to the big apple." She said and and I smiled "Yes ma'am." I said and she smiled "What do you think of the place?" My mom asked "It's nice." I said "Let's have Clarissa and Jon give you the grandtour." My mom said to Caylee and I.
We all got up and I held Caylee's hand while we were given the tour and it was a huge house "And this would be your room if you came to visit or decide to move in." Clarissa said and we stepped in, it was huge. I had my own bathroom, it was already set up with Yankees stuff all around the room. "Nice." I said and I squeezed Caylee's hand who smiled at me. After the tour we went out back "Basketball?" I asked "Yes!" Jon said "Can you teach me some dance moves?" Clarissa asked Caylee so they went to work on that while Jon and I played a game of basketball, so far I'm loving my step-siblings on my mom's side and I love my half-sister to death, she's just so adorable. I just can't believe I already have my own room here.
Kevin pulled up in a nice car and Clarissa ran to him, we went back in the house and I held Caylee's hand when he walked in "Kevin, dear Ashton and Caylee are here." My mom "Can't wait to meet them." Kevin said and he walked in the kitchen, tall, brown hair, brown eyes. "It's nice to meet you." I said "It's nice to meet you too Ashton, your mom has told me so much about you. And Caylee you are just as beautiful as Anna said." Kevin said and Caylee smiled at him. We sat down as a whole group for lunch while Emma was sleeping away. "Where do you want to go to school at Ashton?" Kevin asked "Columbia" I said "A good school. You will do good." Kevin said and I nodded "Caylee?" He asked "Juillard." She said and Kevin smiled, "Clarissa has always wanted to take dance." Kevin said and Caylee smiled.
We ended up all going for a walk around town, Emma was in her stroller sleeping still "This is a nice place to walk." I said and they nodded "This is something we do as a family all the time." My mom said "I wouldn't blame you guys." I said and they smiled, I got to hold Emma when we got back and she woke up. But my mom wanted Caylee to hold her again "Don't get any ideas." Anna said "No ma'am." Caylee said and I smiled "I agree mom. I don't want any babies right now." I said and she smiled at me "You guys best keep that mind set." My mom said "We will mom." I said and she smiled at me. We spent the rest of the time just talking and getting to know everybody and it was fun.
Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
Caylee and Ashton told Ashton's family good-bye around four in the afternoon so they could head on home. "I had fun with your family." Caylee said "I did too." Ashton said and he kissed Caylee's lips softly. They pulled up to a gas station and Caylee went in and bought something while Ashton paid for and pumped the gas into the car. They went up to the beach area so they could enjoy Tampa's beach before heading back home. "It's beautiful." Caylee said letting her feet touch the sand and she kissed Ashton's lips softly. "I love you so much baby." Caylee said "I love you too Caylee." Ashton said returning the kiss. Ashton got on top of Caylee, where his arms were in the sand and they were kissing, which lead to making out. They were both ready for the next level. Ashton led Caylee to the car and they were making out more and more which was leading closer to the sex part. Caylee had condoms but Ashton pulled away at the last minute "I can't take your virginity away in the car. We need to wait longer." Ashton said being mature about it.
After they got home Caylee was kissing Ashton on the lips and smiled at him "I'm glad you said no." Caylee said "I know we would have regretted it." Ashton said "You're right." Caylee admitted and she kissed his lips softly. "Do we have to say good-night?" Ashton asked "Not yet." Caylee said, it was only eight pm when they got home, due to that detour or they would have been home sooner. "I don't want this night to end.' Caylee said "I agree." Ashton said and they just laid next to each other on the grass, Hoss was somehow let out and he went up to them and laid in between them and they still didn't move they were enjoying the peaceful night together. Savannah and Liam weren't even home yet. "I'm going to go in." Caylee said "Okay baby-girl. My beautiful girl. I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." Caylee said and they kissed each other good-night.

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