It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - It's kind of a love story

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Caylee's Pov:
On the 26th I spent the day with Grandma Mary, we went to the nails and spa place and we got a manicure, pedicure, and a spa treatment. "This is a wonderful day." Grandma said and I smiled at her "I agree with you Grandma." I said "I'm going to miss these girls day when you leave." Grandma said and I nodded, after we left the spa and was in the car Grandma Mary looked at me "Let's get something different done to our hair." Grandma Mary said "Okay." I said not wanting to do much to my hair because I love the length. When we got to the hair place we didn't have to wait "What would you like done?" The hair stylist asked me I knew I didn't want any of the length to go "Could I have a trim?" I asked "Yes you may." She said and she began cutting, I didn't get anything else done but Grandma looked at it "You need something different done." Grandma said "What would you like done, ma'am?" The stylist asked "I'm thinking a different color. Can it be dyed dark blonde?" Grandma asked and I looked at her "I would love that. I want to take some length off but she doesn't." The stylist said and Grandma smiled "Dancers like to keep their hair long." Grandma said and she smiled.
The 27th I finally saw Ashton for a split-second in the yard and he smiled at me "Dirty blonde looks good on you." Ashton said and I smiled "Well my mom is going to flip."  I said "Even better Cay." Ashton said and I smiled at him. We spent the 27th with all of the family at the beach again. Everybody commented on my hair and my nails of course. "Your mother is going to flip." Aunt Penny said coming up to me with Riley who was reaching out for me, I gladly took her "I know she will." I said smiling "But you're almost eighteen soon." Aunt Penny said and I smiled "I know, she can't stop me then." I said and Aunt Penny smiled at me and walked over to the rest of the gang. Today was really good, hanging out with the family at the beach, I was able to see more of Liam than I have in a couple of days. I know he's going to miss being here, he's going to miss Savannah a lot.
The 28th I was asked if I could baby-sit Jacob, Bailey, and Riley over at Grandma's and with Grandma's permission I agreed. "Can I go play outside?" Jacob asked "Then we all have to go." I said picking up Riley and placing her on my hip. Jacob and Bailey started playing on the swing set Grandma had in the yard for them. I put Riley in the baby swing and started pushing her and she giggled. Ashton came out with Hoss who got excited at the sight of kids. "Sorry Cay, he wanted out." Ashton said "Don't be. They love Hoss." I said and he walked over and smiled at the kids "today is your day to baby-sit?" Ashton asked "Of course. Since I'm leaving soon." I said "Yeah." Ashton said "Have you been spending time with your family?" I asked "Yeah, I will see you around?" Ashton asked "Yeah." I said and he smiled at me.
The 29th I hung out with Allie, Alexa, Olivia, Hannah, and Morgan. We spent the day at the beach, at the mall, at the movies. They all loved my nails and hair, I knew my nails wouldn't last through dance camp but I love how they looked now. "Are you and Ashton spending a lot of time together?" Alexa asked "Not as much time as we would like to. But tomorrow we're hanging out together finally." I said "I bet it's going to be hard on you." Olivia said "it will be, tomorrow is the only day we get together until the 3rd, the 31st and 1st he will be in Tampa, and the 2nd I will spend it packing and then it's the going away party on the 3rd." I said "And on the 2nd he will be packing too." Hannah said "Yeah." I said "Do you think you guys will see each other while he's there?" Morgan asked "I hope so, especially on my birthday." I said "Aw! He loves birthdays, be prepared." Hannah said and I smiled at  him.
The following day Ashton and I went roller skating at the skating rink. "This is a great way to spend our day." I said and Ashton smiled at me "It is." Ashton said and he took my hand as we skated, we are both good skaters. "How are you doing?" Ashton asked me "Good, we can go faster." I said and Ashton smiled at me and he took my hand and we skated faster than our already decent pace. And then Ashton did a wipe out, but before he could take me down with him I did a 360 and skated away "Caylee!" Ashton said and I giggled but skated away and he caught up "You left me." Ashton said and I smiled "Of course I did." I said and I got to the other side and I began taking the skates off   "Let's go get pizza." I said "Okay love." Ashton said smiling at me, we ended up going to the local pizza place and ordered a pizza. "I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." I said smiling at him. I leaned over the table and I kissed Ashton's lips. Ater we had pizza we went home and went swimming in Grandma's pool and had fun. We spent the evening just gazing at the stars kissing each other. "I'm going to miss you baby." I said "I know. I will miss you too." Ashton said kissing my lips softly and I smiled.
Ashton's Pov:
I pack the last of my few items like tooth brush and toothpaste. I'm staying with my mom until the 2nd and then I get to come home and pack. I can't believe Caylee will be gone in a few days. Yeah I will be gone too, but Caylee will be going back home. Home in California, away from me. Far away from me. "I will call you guys when I get there." I said "Be safe Ash." Aunt Alice said "I will. I love you." I said and I rubbed Hoss, I went outside and I saw Caylee "Hey  Cay." I said "hey Ash. Have a good and safe trip." Caylee said and I pulled her closer to me and I kissed her lips "I love you." I said "I love you too." Caylee said and I smiled at her, I put my bag in the car and then I held Caylee close to me one more time before getting in the car.
I made it in Tampa within two hours and I called Aunt Alice when I got there and then I got my bag and I knocked on my mom's door. "Hello." Jon said and I smiled at him "Hi." I  said "Is that Ash?" My mom asked "Yeah Anna." Jon said "Ash take your bag upstairs if you want." My mom said and I smiled. After I came back downstairs my mom was holding Emma "Would you like to hold your sister?" She asked "Yes ma'am." I said and she smiled at me. "I'm glad you decided to spend time here." My mom said "I am too. I knew it would be fun." I said "You're right. I'm just glad you decided to come. I know your time with Caylee is limited." My mom said "it is, I will see her on the third." I said "That's a long ways away for you guys." she said "it's only a few days but it's also our last day." I said and my mom nodded.
I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Jon, shooting basketball, and then spending time with Clarissa, she was a sweet girl. We had a cook out for dinner, Kevin did the cooking and my mom sat outside with Emma in her arms. While we played basketball including Clarissa who wasn't bad at the game, she did better than Caylee would have done. I haven't really kept my phone on me, so I don't know if she has texted me or not. "Dinner is served!" Kevin said and we all went to the table "Are you enjoying yourself?" My mom asked me "Yes ma'am." I said and they smiled at me. After dinner we all did the family walk around the neighborhood and everybody had fun.
On the 1st which was the following day we all spent it at the beach, Jon and I there the football back and forth in the water and it felt weird not being with Caylee. After the beach we ended up going to Wendy's, "what do you want to do tonight?" My mom said asking all of us "movies." Jon said "Shopping." Clarissa said and they both looked at me "Anything is fine." I said and my mom smiled "The second easy one." She said laughing at us. When we got back home they decided on bowling instead, I haven't been bowling since I was 15. "What a great night!" My mom said when we were back home, Emma was already in her crib for the night. "It was fun." I said and she smiled "I'm sorry if it wasn't what you thought this would be." My mom said "Mom I had a blast." I said and she smiled at me.
I left around 8 am and then when I got home I called my mom to let her know I got home, and then I threw my clothes in the laundry. I pulled out my suitcase and I started packing. I spent all day packing, I took a break at seven and I took Hoss outside and we saw Caylee so he ran to Caylee. "Ashton!" Caylee said smiling at me "How was your trip babe?"  Caylee asked me smiling "It was good babe." I said and Caylee smiled at me "Are you all packed?" I asked "Yup, all I'm missing is a few of Sassy's stuff." Caylee said "Tomorrow is going to be good." I said "I agree." Caylee said kissing my lips softly and I smiled at her. "I love you." Caylee said "I love you too. I will see you tomorrow." I said "Goodnight." We both said. 

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