It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - It's kind of a great thing

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Caylee's Pov:
Five o'clock came too early for all of us this morning. I changed into my dance work out clothes and we put our sneakers on because we have to do a mile run so we can be better prepared for dancing. Kelsey and I jogged together "So what are you doing for your birthday?" Kelsey asked "A party. You better come!" I said and Kelsey smiled "I will be there!" Kelsey said and I smiled at her. After our run we went to breakfast. After breakfast we did to the Ballet dance from 8:30-10:30. Kelsey and I stayed together, even though we have other dance friends Kelsey is my best dance friend, since she lives here we don't see each other enough but Kelsey will be down there for my birthday. Sally wasn't working with us even though she was supposed to she kind of avoided us "Kels, you hurt her feelings." I said "Well she isn't a good dancer." Kelsey said and I rolled my eyes at her. 
We did the hip-hop dance 10:30-12:30 Sally had to be in our group again "Why are you here?!" Kelsey yelled at Sally, yeah Kelsey has a bit of a temper "You're not a very good dancer!" Kelsey said and Sally bit her lip to stop from crying "Sally, Kelsey is just a very competitive dancer. She lets dancing get to her head." I said and Sally nodded "Now you're not the greatest, but we can improve on that." I  said and Kelsey rolled her eyes but I elbowed her in her side "Yeah we can." Kelsey said and Sally smiled at us.After that we were going to our Acro dance class and I gulped knowing Acro dance won't be that easy, Kelsey is going to lose her patience with Sally even if she does try to be calm. Lauren balances us out, because she can be direct to you but she can also be nice to you.
I helped Sally with her dance moves, the back layout, back tuck, back walkover, cartwheel, chest stand, elbow stand, front and back aerial, hand spring, handstand, hand walking, kip up, round off, side aerial, valdez, and limbers. She was slowly improving. "You have to keep your leg up steady!" I said as calmy as I could without sounding mean. Kelsey stood there and held her leg up and then she manually put her leg down and up. "You need to learn to do it quick." Kelsey said and Sally nodded. "Let's work on that better." Kelsey said and Sally nodded. "I love your acro shoes." Kelsey  said "Thank you, my acro thongs were gotten at a dance store in Florida." I said and Kelsey smiled at me "How was your summer?" Kelsey asked "It went good." I said and Kelsey smiled. We did a fish flop, chest rolls, split rolls which Sally slowly got the hang of. 
From 5:30-7:30 we worked on our group perfomance and Sally actually did pretty good on it. "Why are you here?" I asked "My mom is the tough instructor. She wanted me to learn more. I'm not into dance, I prefer cheerleading." Sally said "That explains it. Your heart has to be in it to dance better." I said and Kelsey smiled pleased to finally know the reason behind it. During dinner which was between 4:30-5:30 we sat with the group from our room and we all talked about how hard this is this year, it's the toughest dance camp year yet. "I can't believe this." Kelsey said "I know, and we have until the 11th for dancing anyways, we leave on the 12th early morning. After the group perfomance we worked on Jazz until 9:30 and then we all took a shower and then sat on our bunks. I texted Ashton: Good-night. I love you. Ashton: I love you too. Good-night. I smiled at the group "Hopefully we all get into Juillard." Kelsey said "Hopefully." I said and she smiled at me. "Caylee has a boyfriend!" Kelsey said and I smiled at them. I texted Lauren: Another day at camp without you. I miss you. Lauren: I miss you too. At least you will be home soon. 
Ashton's Pov:
My dad got us guys up at five o'clock in the morning. I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and I walked downstairs "Ready for fishing?" My dad asked "yeah." I said and we got in the car and Tony had his headphones in and I sat up front with my dad. "Hopefully we will catch something."My dad said on the way "it takes patience dad." I said "And time." He said and I smiled at him "Did you bring your phone?" He asked me "No sir, I left it at home." I said "Not worried that Caylee will call?" He asked me "Caylee gets no time to talk during the day." I said "Good, until she comes home." My dad said and I smiled "I would love to see her. But I'm here to see you guys." I said "I know. But still." My dad said and I smiled at him. We arrived at the spot and I helped to get the fishing poles out. We were going on a boat.
I could tell Tony could careless about being out here fishing but my dad and I had fun. "This is nice just having a boys' day out." He said and I nodded in agreement "Sure." Tony said and I sat back as my dad started driving the boat to his special spot. When we got there I threw my line out and waited, we started fishing at 6am, but it was so peaceful. "This is just what I needed." I said "I agree. A day off of work." He said and  I smiled at him. The hours flew by and it's noon and we are loading up with our fish, dad caught two, Tony caught one, I got four! We went home and we dropped the fish off and picked up everybody else we went to the beach for the afternoon. My dad taught me how to surf, Lizzie, Chyenne, and Tony knows how to surf. "Caylee is going to be so proud." My dad said and I smiled.
We had fish that night for dinner and the fish turned out good. I had my laptop out on the porch after the family work, my dad and Sarah were outside, the kids were playing in the yard. "What are you doing son?" My dad asked me "I'm working on Caylee's birthday week." I said and my dad smiled at me "I want to see what you have planned." My dad said "it's a work in progress but I pretty much have it done." I said "is it in a word document?" He asked me "Yes sir." I said and he smiled at me I showed it to him:
Caylee's birthday week:
Day one: August 11th- leave a box of chocolate with a love note
Day two: August 12th: Bring her favorite flowers and take her for a walk on the beach
Day Three: August 13th: Bring her a mix CD of her favorite songs, take her out
Day four: August 14th: Bring her the diamond earrings, spend time with her
Day Five: August 15th: The big one! Her birthday! Spend the morning with her, give her the biggest gift. The GIFT!!!!
"What's her gift?" My dad asked "I can't tell you just yet dad." I said and he smiled at me "It seems like you have it all planned out." He said "I do, pretty much as long as you guys don't mind?" I asked "I'm all for romance." Sarah said "Caylee is a special girl to you and I know she will love this." Sarah said and I smiled at them. I closed my laptop and I set it aside and Lizzie walked up "Ash can youg give me a piggy back ride?" Lizzie asked me "Sure." I said and she hopped on I ran around the yard with her and she squealed having fun. I did the same for Bella, Hope, and Chyenne. "Tony never does this!" Lizzie said "He's a typical teenager. I'm your much cooler, older brother." I said and they giggled at me. "Bed time girls." Sarah said "But mom!" They said "Ashton will be here tomorrow." Sarah said "Night Ash." They said "night girls." I said and when  they walked in my phone went off. 
"Hello?" I  asked "Ashton!" Savannah  said "What Savannah?" I asked "I miss you. It's not the same. You're gone. Liam's gone." Savannah  said "I miss you too." I said "I can't wait for you to come back!"  Savannah said " I will be home before you know it." I said "Good. I don't know how long Hoss can last for." Savannah said "I bet. Is your mom around?"  I asked "Yeah. I love you." Savannah said "I love you too." I said and the phone was handed to Aunt Alice "How are you?" She asked me "I'm good. I'm having fun. I miss you guys." I said "Good. We miss you too Ashton. I hope you have a good-night. I love you." She said "I love you too." I said and I called my mom "Hello Ash." My mom said "Hello mom, I wanted to call and tell you good-night." I said "Good-night Ash. I love you." She said "I love you too." I said and my last text was a good-night text to Caylee. The love of my life. 

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