It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - It's kind of a cute thingy

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Caylee's Pov:
This has been the HARDEST week at Dance Camp ever. I mean that. It's now August 11th and we just did the dance show for everybody at camp which also includes some people from Juillard. Tomorrow I get to go home to my own home, to Lauren, Landon, and my lovely boyfriend who has been bored out of his mind. We're actually at the dining hall celebrating by eating pizza and drinking milkshakes. "I want to make an announcement!" The toughest director, Sally's mother Nicole said "You guys were the best group of dancers I have taught. I'm a teacher at Juillard. There were two dancers who I watched all week, the two I over-worked. Kelsey and Caylee please stand up!" She said and we slowly stood up "As a member on the board, I hope you two audition in February, I can gurantee you that if you do then you will be attending Juillard in the fall with a full-scholarship, you guys were amazing." Nicole said and we smiled at her, then we exchanged glances and hugged each other.
After we celebrated I went to the room and I called Grandma "hello Caylee." She said "Hey Grandma! The director Nicole, said that I'm guranteed a full-scholarship this fall! I have to aduition but still!" I said "That's wonderful news. Caylee, I love you. We'll talk tomorrow. It's midnight." She said "Oh yeah. Sorry! I love you!" I said and we hung up. Kelsey came in and she hugged me "I'm going to miss you!" Kelsey said "I will see you Saturday!" I said "Saturday is too far away! But hey I will see Lauren!" Kelsey said and I smiled at her "That you will!" I said "Let's pack tomorrow morning. Tonight we celebrate!" Kelsey said and we went to Sally's room "Sally come on!" I said and we dragged her out in her pajamas like we were. "Tonight is our last night! Our last night at camp! Ever!" I said and Kelsey nodded "I have been here since I was five." Kelsey said "Nine." I said "Only because you moved here then." Kelsey said and I giggled. "Still it's a part of me." I said and Kelsey nodded.
Sadly we crashed at two am, something we didn't plan to do. Because at seven: "WAKE UP!!!" We all got up and hurriedly got to the dining hall. "Breakfast is over at eight! We are to be gone by noon!" Nicole said and we quickly ate breakfast and then we went to our rooms. I changed into my contacts, my denim shorts, and my this year's Dance shirt with all of our names on it and the seniors names in Bold print. I pulled my hair up into a sockbun. I got all of bathroom supplies back into the storage bag, and I took the sheets off of the bed and put my sheets and pillow into my suitcase, my duffel bag had my clean clothes and my shoes, and my make up. Kayla, Jennifer, Tori, Sarah,  Kelsey, and I are all in a circle now. "Bye Kayla, Jennifer, Tori, Sarah, Kelsey see you all on Saturday!" I said and they hugged me. "Our last time leaving camp." Kayla said and we all nodded. I still couldn't process that I wasn't coming back anymore.
Kayla, Jennifer, Tori, and Sarah all walked out first and Kelsey and I stayed behind, we said good-bye to Sally and we walked to the parking lot together. We both loaded our bags up and I hugged Kelsey "I will see you Saturday. Call or text anytime." I said "Uh-huh. Enjoy time with Ashton." She said winking at me and I smiled at her when I got into my car. It was a two hour trip home basically. Liam went to a kick-boxing camp this week as well so he will be returning home then. I called my mom "I'm on my way. Love you." I said and I turned onto the highway and I had the radio going as I was driving. Ashton was all I  could think about, he was coming over at six and I was taking him to the beach I go to, he was going to meet my parents for the first time and my family.
I made it home at 1:30, since I left at 11:30, I put the car in parked and I cut it off and I got my duffel bag and suitcase. I opened the door and I was greeted by Landon, Bryson, Sean, Sam and Sassy. "Caylee is home!" They said and then a "woof" "Meow" I hugged all three of them rubbed Sam and picked Sassy up. I put my suitcase in my room and put all my dirty clothes and seats in the washer and started a load of laundry and I put away my clean clothes and I carried Sassy back downstairs and I smiled at my mom. "How was dance? "she asked me "Dance camp was amazing. I'm guranteed a full-scholaship. It was weird not having Lauren." I said "Well Lauren is on her way over." My mom said "Thanks mom." I said and I smiled at her "Oh something came for you." She said and I looked at her, she handed me a box. "A box of chocolate?" I ased "A note." She said smiling: My dearest Caylee, I hope these found you well. This is your special birthday week. So for my special beautiful girlfriend these lovely chocolates. I love you. I smiled at that and I put the box in my room.
Lauren showed up and we spent the all afternoon catching up on all summer basically and she helped me pick out my better outfit for tonight and she curled my hair better for me. "You know I love you as a blonde." Lauren said "Thanks." I said and she smiled at me "Kelsey asked about you. Kelsey missed you." I said "I missed Kelsey. I missed it." Lauren said and I smiled at her, she is now going on nine weeks pregnant, she was starting to have a buldge, not a bump but a buldge. "This is going to be a hard year." Lauren said sighing "Your best friend has your back." I said "Never have sex unless you're married." Lauren said "um..." I said looking away quickly "No way! When?" Lauren asked me "The last night." I said "No way!" Lauren said giggling at me. 
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton left his dad's house in his truck and pulled up at Caylee's house in no time with the flowers. He walked up and Caylee greeted him outside with Sam "She's beautiful." Ashton said "Sam meet Ashton." I said and Sam wagged her tail, Sam and Hoss are both the lighter skin German Shepherds. "Mom and Jack he's here!" Caylee said and Ashton handed her the flowers and she smiled at him. Caylee was wearing a white skirt, with a cute baby blue tank top. "Mom I would like for you to meet Ashton." Caylee said and Jack came down at that. "Jack, Ashton. Ashton my mom and Jack." Caylee said "Nice to meet you ma'am and sir." Ashton said and they smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Please come in." Karen said "Mom!" Caylee said and Ashton smiled. Caylee's little brothers came up "Ashton this is Bryson, Sean, and Landon." Caylee said "It's nice to meet you guys." He said and they smiled at him. After a much too long welcome meeting they finally left in Caylee's car.
Ashton's Pov:
Wow, meeting her family was hard. "This is a nice car." I said way better than mine. "Thanks." Caylee said smiling at me. Caylee told me all about dance filling me and I smiled at her. She pulled up to a different beach than what I went to the other day. When Caylee parked, Caylee walked over to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck and I pulled her closer to me. I kissed her lips softly, and then again until our tongues met. "I love you." Caylee said pulling away "I love you too. I missed you so much. " I said "Thank you for the flowers and candy. "Caylee said "there are more to come." I said and Caylee smiled at me "Now I feel bad." Caylee said "Don't." I said and she led me to the beach "this is my home away from home." Caylee said and I could see why this beach was beautiful. 
Caylee left her flip-flops by the car and she held my hand as we walked the beach closer to the water. "What do you think of California?" Caylee asked "It's different than Florida. I'm just now adjusting to the three hours behind." I said "It's going to kill you on the 27th." Caylee said and I smiled at her, just hearing her voice, seeing her smile, seeing those sparkly icy blue eyes made me fall more and more for her. After the walk on the beach we both had to return home, but we made out in the car for a little bit. "I shall see you tomorrow." I said when we pulled up "I will be here. Finally. My second night home since summer began." Caylee said and I kissed her "Goodnight, I love you." I said "I love you too." Caylee said and I got in my dad's car and went home.
"How did it go?" My dad asked "It went good." I said "Good, I'm glad." He said "Did you guys kiss?" Cheyenne asked me "Do I have to answer?'" I asked "That means yes." Sarah said and she giggled at me. "Good-night." I said "We embarrassed him!" Sarah  said "Score!"   My dad said and I shook my head and went into my room and changed into my gym shorts and T-shirt. Tomorrow I'm going over there  around four and we can spend until nine o'clock together. I'm looking forward to that. I knew I was going to dream of Caylee tonight, like I always do. And no not in a creepy stalkerish way. I honestly can't wait for Caylee to see her birthday present, which I just got today while she was on her way home from camp. I got the information I needed from Mary who gladly agreed to give it to me. She wants  to hear all about Thursday when it happens, I told her that Caylee would probably call.

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