It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - It's kind of a thingy

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Caylee's Pov:
When I went to my room for the night I had already taken Sam out for the night, she's curled up on my bed along with Sassy "It's my bed." I said and they just gave me that look like I didn't know what I was talking about. "Scoot over." I said giggling and I get a text from Lauren: Can I spend the night? Things are bad here. "Mom?" I asked getting up, it was only nine thirty but I was tired so I planned on an early night. "Yeah?" She asked "Can Lauren spend the night?" I asked "Yeah." She said I texed Lauren: Yeah. I went to my room again and I let Sam out, Lauren lives two block downs. My phone went off "Hello?" I asked "Can you come meet me?" Lauren asked "Car or walk?"  I asked "Walk." Lauren said and I put Sam's harness on her and we went walking to Lauren's house. "Hey." She said and I took Lauren's bag from her.
"What happened?" I asked on the way home "My mother went off on me." Lauren said "Why?" I asked and she pointed at her stomach "She was going off on me." Lauren said "Why?" I asked "Because I was such a good dancer. I should be going to Juillard. I shouldn't be keeping the baby. Especailly since Nate isn't going to be around I shouldn't keep the baby." Lauren said "Lauren, you are going to be a good mom." I said and she just looked at me "Times like this I really regret my decision." Lauren said "I'm here for you." I said as we walked closer to my house with Sam ahead of us. "Things will clear up by the time your baby is born." I said "My mom doesn't want to see me. She doesn't want the image of her un-perfect daughter around." Lauren said and I hugged her.
"How is everything?"  My mom asked when Lauren and I were in my room, I was sleeping on the floor because I don't want my pregnant friend to sleep on the floor. "Not so good." Lauren said and my mom came into my room and sat down on my computer chair. "What happened?" My mom asked, she was always a good mother to my friends when they need one. "My mother and I had a fight." Lauren said "You are doing the right thing Lauren. Abortions are wrong." My mom said "Well I  might be homeless." Lauren said "Until things cool down you can stay here." My mom said "Thank you, I appreciate that." Lauren said and my mom smiled at her. "Well goodnight girls." She said "night mom." I said and when  she left Sassy curled with Lauren and Sam laid at my feet. "Is your mom serious?" Lauren asked me "Yes she is." I said "if things don't improve I will stay here. I have a job." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
When Lauren and I woke up at seven thirty I gave her one of my black dance shorts and a T-shirt to wear while my mom did the laundry "I need to go home today." Lauren said "do you want me to walk with you?" I asked "Yes." Lauren said and I smiled at her. I wore a pair of white shorts with my Dance T-shirt. I walked with Lauren home and I walked inside with her "You can't just run off when we fight." Lauren's mother said "You said you wished the baby wasn't born." Lauren said "It's true! You are wasting your life! Do you plan on keeping the baby?"    Lauren's mom asked her "Yes ma'am." Lauren said "You're out of here. Leave your phone." She said "Come on Cay." Lauren said not even bothering, she did at least get her work clothes and then we went to my room where I held her while she cried. "It's okay Lauren, you're eighteen. You can stay here." My mom said when she came in and she even hugged Lauren. "I agree with my lovely wife. You're a second daughter to us." Jack said and Lauren smiled at them.
Ashton's Pov:
I got a text while I was doing yard work with my dad that tonight it's a friend thing, that Lauren will be tagging along which I don't mind at all. I changed into my jeans and a button down shirt and I grabbed Caylee's CD and I was able to take my dad's car tonight. I got in it and I headed to Caylee's house. It was a twenty minute drive, majorly different from the two minute walk to her house. I pulled up and Caylee and Lauren were outside on the porch. I got out and Caylee hugged me and I handed her the gift "Thanks." She said kissing my lips softly.  "Ready?" Caylee asked Lauren "Yeah." She said and I opened the door for Lauren and Caylee I didn't mind at all. "Is everything okay?" I asked once we were inside my dad's car. "I'm living with Caylee now." Lauren said "Her mom kicked her out." Caylee said "That's rough." I said and Lauren nodded in agreement. 
They told me of a great place to eat so I pulled up there and I let both girls out and we sit down, Caylee sat beside me and Lauren sat across from Caylee. "Order anything." I said and Caylee smiled at me "I'm so sorry I had to tag along." Lauren said "Don't be. You are my friend too." I said and Lauren smiled "Ash has been giving me a birthday present every day this week." Caylee said "uh-oh." Lauren said smiling at me, when I ran into her the other day I told her all about her surprise and Lauren loved the idea. I listened to them talk about things and I smiled, I didn't understand the girls code but I was glad I was around them. It made me feel good knowing my girlfriend was happy with her best friend and that she wouldn't be miserable when I'm not here.
Caylee's Pov:
After dinner when Ashton pulled up to my house again, Lauren went inside to give us some space. "I'm really sorry about today." I said when we were alone "Don't be. Lauren needed to be around her friend." Ashton said and I smiled at him and I kissed his lips softly. "I love you Ash." I said "I love you too." Ashton said and we kissed one more time before I walked in, in two days I will be eighteen years old. I'm enjoying all the time I'm spending with Ashton but I know it's hard on him that we aren't able to spend as much time together as we both wanted to. I went inside and I changed into my night clothes and I sat on the air mattress and I looked up at Lauren "When do you work?" I asked Lauren "I worked 11-7." Lauren said "Yikes, when are your hours going to be changed?" I asked "When I'm twenty weeks." Lauren said "Yikes."I said "Babies are expensive." Lauren said and I smiled at her "You're right. I'm here for you too." I said.
The following morning I woke up and I put my contacts in and I wore one of my baby blue summer dresses and I brushed my hair and did a sock bun and Lauren smiled at me. She went ahead and changed into her Whole Food's uniform. "Sexy momma!" I said and Lauren rolled her eyes at me "Straighten my hair?" Lauren asked and I used my hair straightened, afterwards we heard a knock on the door. "Ashton!" I said and Lauren smiled at me, I ran downstairs the best I could and I wrapped my arms around Ashton and I hugged him. "I have a gift for you but that's for later." Ashton said and I smiled when Lauren came down I handed her my keys "have fun. Don't hurt anyone." I  said and she rolled her eyes at me and smiled.
Landon ran up to me "Where are you going?" Landon asked "To the beach." I said "oh." Landon said "We will be back." I said "good. Mommy says your baby-sitting us tonight." Landon said "I know." I said and he smiled at me. Ashton and I walked the beach and he got down on his knees "Caylee, I love you." He said and he pulled out at a box I looked at him and smiled when I saw the diamond earrings "I love you." I said hugging him and I kissed his lips softly. "I love you too." Ashton said and I smiled at him and I kissed his lips softly "You're amazing baby." Ashton said "You're amazing too." I said and he smiled at me "You're lying." Ashton said and I looked at him "I don't lie." I said and I kissed his lips softly and he smiled at me. "I love you baby." I said kissing his lips "I love you too." Ashton said and we made out before I had to go in. 

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