It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - It's kind of a promise thing

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Ashton's Pov:
I woke up today and I had the biggest smile on my face, Caylee's birthday party is Saturday but today is her actual birthday and I was invited to her birthday dinner tonight and tonight is the night I'm giving her the special gift, the big one. I picked up Bella and I spun her around when I was in the hallway "How are you this morning?" Sarah asked me "I'm good. How are you?" I asked "I'm good. Do you mind taking Bella down?" Sarah asked "not at all." I said going downstairs and my dad smiled at me "So today is the big day son!" My dad said and I smiled at him "I'm hoping she will like it." I said "Ashton you know she will." My dad said and I smiled at him, I knew she would I was just getting nervous about tonight.I set Bella down in the chair and I sat beside her for breakfast.
After breakfast I took a shower and I wore my nice pair of denim jeans with my baby blue polo and I smiled at myself, I had on Caylee's favorite cologned that she loved. "Ash you still have a few hours." Sarah said and I smiled "With that few hours would you like for me to baby-sit?" I asked "Do you want to?" My dad asked me all shocked "Yes sir. Go have fun." I  said "Sarah! Come on before Ashton changes his mind!" My dad said and they smiled at me and then they took off before I  could change my mind because I thought I was crazy too volunteering to baby-sit. "I have to hang with friends." Tony said "Not without dad's and mom's permission." I said "She isn't your mom." Tony said "You still need their permission." I said I was getting tired of his attitude. "Watch it." I said "What?" He asked trying to get in my face  "Tony, I'm not afraid to put you in your place." I said "Fine." Tony said stalking off to his room.
They pulled up around four and I smiled at the girls who were watching a movie "Where is Tony?" My dad asked "His room. I didn't have your permission to let him go, he got in my face with an attitude and I put him in his place." I said "I'm sorry Ash. Tony is in this phase." Sarah said and I nodded I remember that phase but I wasn't nearly this bad towards my mom. "I'm going to go ahead and go." I said "Thanks Ash." My dad said "No thank you." I said and I took my dad's keys and I went upstairs and got my gift for Caylee and I pur the box in the seat beside me, I have her ring inside a bigger box so she wouldn't expect a thing.
Caylee's Pov:
So I get woken up early by "Sissy! Happy birthday!" Landon jumped on the air mattress and sat on me Sassy climbed on the bed with Lauren when that happened. "Thanks buddy." I said putting my glasses on "Move out." He said and I smiled at him. "Let sissy sleep in first, okay?" I asked "No!" He said ad I rolled my eyes. "Morning Cay! Happy birthday Caylee-bug!" Lauren said when she opened her eyes. "Thanks. "I said sitting up now with Landon in my lap but he quickly ran off to let everybody know I was up now so they could tell me happy birthday. "Happy birthday Caylee." Jack said "Thanks." I said half-awake. I got up and I crawled into my bed and I smiled at Lauren "I love you." I said hugging her. "I love you too Caylee. Today is your big birthday." Lauren said smiling at me.
I got up and I put my contacts in and I took a shower and then I curled my hair and wore my yellow sundress with my cowboy boots and I applied my makeup. "Laur, do you work today?" I asked "My only day off." Lauren said "Sat?" I asked "I will be home before the pary." Lauren said and I smiled at her. We both went downstairs and I got told happy birthday from Liam, Bryson. Sean, and my mom. "Doing anything fun today?" My mom asked me "Currently not that I know of." I said and my mom smiled at me "You will think of something." She said and I nodded I knew she was right, after all today is my day. Jack went to work, my mom had to take Landon to the doctor's, Sean to the eye's doctor, and Bryson to the dentist and Liam has somewhere he wants to go so it will be just Lauren and I. "Bye everyone." I said when they were leaving "Love you." Mom said and they left and I smiled at Lauren.
"So." Lauren said "So?" I asked "Let's go." Lauren said "Where to?" I asked "You will see. Don't ask questions." Lauren said giggling at me and I rolled my eyes at her. I grabbed my phone and I put it my shoulder purse and we went outside "You can drive my car." I said "Good." Lauren said taking the keys from me and getting into the car. "Put this on." Lauren ordered handing me a sleeping mask cover and she put a blind fold over that and I smiled at her "Why must I be blind-folded?" I asked "You don't want to ruin the surprise." Lauren said "No!!! I hate surprises.' I said "I know but you will love his." Lauren said and I  smiled at her. "Are you excited?" Lauren asked after I could feel the car moving at a fast speed "I am." I said with as much sarcasm as I could use."Oh stop." Lauren said and I giggled "not fun is this?" I asked "No." Lauren said but she was quiet until we pulled to a sudden stop. "Okay we're here." Lauren said "Where is here?" I asked "Oh hush." Lauren said and she opened her door.
After leading me somewhere by the arm "Caylee, are you ready?" I asked "Yes!" I said "Okay!" Lauren said and she took the blind-fold off and I looked around I was in our first dance studio where we met when I first moved here. Somebody was there too "Kelsey!" I said running to her and hugging her "Lauren told me about your birthday and how everybody had plans for today." Kelsey said "And your mother agreed for Kelsey to stay until Sunday." Lauren said "Yes!" I said and then I realized less time with Ashton but I would still make time for him. "Care to go somewhere?" Lauren asked "No blind fold." I said "Deal." Kelsey said "where's your car?" I asked "Your place." Kelsey said and I smiled at her. We ended up going to the spa, we got the facial mask, manicures and pedicures. Then they treated me out to my favorite mexican resturant for my birthday lunch. I loved my girls day's out.
Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
After Ashton pulled up with the gift he walked up to the door and rung the doorbell. "I got it!" Caylee yelled she was wearing the same thing as earlier in the day. "Ashton!" Caylee said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his lips. "Happy birthday." Ashton said "Thank you." Caylee said leading his hand, Ashton saw Lauren and Caylee's family and then another girl he didn't know blonde hair and baby blue eyes. "Ashton this is Kelsey, Kelsey this is Ashton." Caylee said and Ashton nodded, Caylee talked about Kelsey a lot a friend from dance camp. "Okay, I guess Lauren, Ashton, Caylee, and Kelsey can take Caylee's car and the rest can ride with us?" Caylee's mom Karen said "Yes ma'am." Caylee said and they all got in their cars, Ashton sat up front. "What did you get me?" Caylee asked Ashton "You will see." Ashton said "Ash has been giving me a special gift each day, a little more special as the day gets closer to my birthday." Caylee told Kelsey who smiled.
After a wonderful dinner and they went back home, Ashton, Kelsey, Caylee, and Lauren were out on the porch. "I need to give you my gift before I head off." Ashton said "Yeah you do." Caylee said smiling at him. "I love you Caylee. You're beautiful, smart, kind, loving, caring. I would be lost without you." Ashton said "Aww!" Lauren and Kelsey said and Caylee opened up the box. "Another box." Caylee said and she opened that one to see a smaller box. "Geeze, boxes?" Caylee asked and Ashton smiled. Caylee finally found the little jewerly box. Thinking it was another pair of earrings or something she was shocked to see the golden band with a diamond heart shape "This is a promise ring Caylee. My promise to you that my heart only belongs to you. That you are the one for me. What do you say?" Ashton asked and Caylee kissed his lips softly as he placed the ring on her finger. 


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