It's kind of a love story(2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 40 (v.1) - It's kind of a thingyy

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




Caylee's & Ashton's Pov:
Caylee pulled up to Ashton's house at four and he hopped in and smiled at Caylee. "Ready?" Caylee asked "Yup. Want me to drive?" Ashton asked Caylee "No baby, I know the way." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. He held her hand the whole way. "This is just what we needed too baby." Ashton said  "I agree." Caylee said  When they stopped for gas, Caylee leaned in and kissed Ashton's lips softly. Ashton pumed the gas while Caylee went in and paid. Ashton will be using Liam's yearly pass today to make it cheaper on them. Caylee got in and smiled at Ashton "When does dance class start?" Ashton asked Caylee "On the 27th." Caylee said and Ashton smiled "Are you excited for dance?" Ashton asked "Not really. I got used to not dancing." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee. They pulled up to Disney Land and Ashton smiled at Caylee. Caylee parked when they got out Ashton held Caylee's hand as they walked to the line to get in. After they got in Ashton looked at Caylee "Where to first?" Ashton asked.
"How about we go to the rollercoasters?" Caylee asked and Ashton nodded so Caylee led Ashton to the roller coaster and they waited in line and Ashton sat beside Caylee. When the ride started they both enjoyed being together.
"I love you!" Ashton said when the ride was going up. Caylee squeezed Ashton's hand she was acting scared for Ashton so he could feel like he was needed. Caylee loved rollercoasters but she knew Ashton would like it this way better.
After they rode a few roller coasters they went walking through one of the parks trying to decide which ride to do next "How about the boat ride?" Caylee asked while they continued walking in that direction. Ashton smiled at Caylee. 
"Sure baby, that sounds like fun." He said and Caylee smiled, they ended up riding in the back of the boat so that way they could feel more of it and of course they started the wave with each side. They stayed at the Disney Land until the park closed and then Caylee let Ashton drive back to his place. Caylee laid her head on his chest the whole way back to his place. Caylee was going to miss spending time with him.
Ashton's Pov:
We pulled up to my house around two in the morning and I kissed Caylee good-night on the lips and I walked to the steps and watched her drive away before I went inside. We were smart we called and let our parents know ahead of time that we were going to be getting home really late. I opened the front door slowly and I walked in trying not to make too much sound so I don't wake everybody up. I snucked up the stairs and I went to my room and I put my gym bag down and I went to my bed. I knew my dad would be up or something. As if he was reading my thought he slowly walked in, of course he had his night clothes on. "How was it Ashton?" My dad asked me and he sat on the foot of my bed.
"It was good, thank you for letting me go. Sorry we got back so late." I said and my dad smiled at me and nodded. "Good night Ashton." My dad said and I smiled at him. "Night dad." I said and he left so we could get some sleep.
Caylee's Pov:
After leaving Ashton's house I finally pulled up at the house around two thirty and I slowly shut the door and I slowly walked up the front porch. I was just letting my mind remmeber today but I know it will be a day I will never forget.I opened the door and Sassy met me at the door, today it's 22 so we have five days left together. I hate sleep, because that cuts into time with Ashton. Sam met me when I picked up Sassy and I went up the steps as quietly as I could and I went into my room and Lauren was asleep in the bed. I quietly grabbed a four sizes too big night shirt and I went to the bathroom and slid that on and took my contacts out. I slid under my covers on the air mattress and I curled up on my side holding the monkey Ashton won me in my arms. 
I woke up to somebody shaking me and I yawned, I put my glasses on and looked up to see Lauren standing above me, I'm not a morning person especially when I haevn't gotten much sleep, I know she has to work early but still.
"Morning." I mumbled and she smiled at me as she slowly sat down I know she wanted to hear all about yesterday. I took a deep breath "It went good, we had fun. We kissed. We held hands. He made me go on rollercoasters." I said 
"I figured as much. I'm sorry I woke you up early I just knew I wouldn't be home until late." Lauren said and I slowly got up and helped Lauren up. "When do you work?"I  asked "7-7." Lauren said and I rolled my eyes, she's having to work so much lately. "I feel like we never get to see each other anymore." I said and Lauren turned on the light now that I was up and I winced at the bright light, it was way too bright for this early in the morning. Lauren turned and looked at me.
"I know and I'm sorry. But hey I will slow down for our Senior year. Which we should be getting our schedules soon." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
I was more awake when Lauren left for work and I went downstairs in my favorite denim shorts and my strapless shirt with my hair pulled up in a sockbun. My mom smiled at me when I walked down with Sam and Sassy following me. 
"Good morning Caylee. How was your day yesterday?" She asked me and I sat down with a cup of coffee, I'm normally not a coffee drinker but it will be a long day. Today I have to baby-sit my three brothers and Ashton is bringing his siblings over. "It went good mom. I had fun and so did Ashton." I said and she smiled at me. I took a sip of my coffee and I stuck my tongue out I had forgotten to add sugar and cream to it, if I ever drink coffee it is normally from Starbucks.
"Good, I'm glad it went good. Are you still babysitting today?" My mom asked me and I nodded at her, I wasn't in the mood to talk about baby-sitting either.
Bryson, Sean, and Landon has decided to act like they hated girls, Landon was the first one to cave in and to let Hope play with him, then Sean let Lizzie, Bryson finally let Cheyenne play with her. Tony and Liam hung out in Liam's room and I helped Ashton with Bella who wanted to play with Sam and Sassy. "Mail is here!" Sean said after lunch so I placed Bella on my hip and I went outside and I got the mail and I saw three letters for Lauren, Liam, and myself. I had to wait until Lauren got home to open it. Nobody was coming home until late tonight. I kissed Ashton lips softly and he smiled at me. "Aren't you a little bit curious?" Ashton asked me and I smiled at him, of course I was but Lauren and I always open it together.
When Lauren got home, we both went to the porch. Ashton went home already, my mom and Jack wouldn't be home until later. "On Three Cay." Lauren said and I smiled at Lauren "One..Two..Three!" Lauren said and we opened it.
Caylee Summerland, Grade 12 First Semester:
AP English Four: 8:00-9:30
AP Economics: 9:30-11:00
Lunch: 11-12
AP Dance 12:00-1:30
  AP Parenting Skills 1:30-3:00
Second Trimester:
AP Chemistry: 8:00-9:30
AP Civics: 9:30-11:00
AP Dance: 12:00-1:30
AP Latin 2 1:30-3:00
In Seventh grade we took Algebra, Eight grade Geometry, 9th grade Algebra 2, Tenth grade, Caluclus, 11th grade was Trig. So we don't need any more maths, and we did Spanish 9-10, Latin 11th-12th. We have all the same classes but Dance, while I have dance Lauren has study hall. Parenting Skills will mean learning more about being parents, we will have a fake baby to deal with all semester in order to pass. Lauren wanted me to take this class with her so I could help her out. "This will be the toughest year of Dance for you." Lauren said and I nodded, it won't be the same without Lauren being in my class.

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