It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - It's kind of a good thingy

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Labor Day September 2nd
Ashton's Pov:
Today is Labor Day, a day off of school. This school year already started off hetic for me. With Mary dying, then Football tryouts, and then catching up with friends I have hardly had anytime to talk to Caylee. Caylee hasn't gotten back in school yet, she begins tomorrow. I had texted Caylee earlier about a Skype date and the next thing I knew I was getting an incoming call. "Hey baby."  I said as I soon as I answered it. "Hey babe." Caylee said and I smiled at her. Caylee was wearing her dance shorts and the dance bra with her hair in a bun. "How was Dance today?" I asked "Dance was okay. How was Football tryouts?" Caylee asked "It was okay." I said "Was it tough?" Caylee asked and I looked at her, she was still just as beautiful over the screen. Her hair is still blonde and I know it won't be like that for much longer. Her Madam has already gotten onto Caylee over that. "When do you go to your mom's?" Caylee asked me, I was going over to my mom's today.  I haven't seen her since I have been back. "Soon. As soon as we finish this call." I said "Well don't let me keep you. I have to practice my dancing." Caylee said "Don't work too hard baby." I said "Ha, yeah. I love you." Caylee said "I love you too baby." I said and she hit the end  call button. 
When I got to my mom's house Clarissa was outside with Jon, Emma, my mom, and Kyle. "Hey Ashton!" Clarissa said with a smile on her face. Emma is now three months old. "How are you?" My mom asked me when I got closer. "I'm good. How are you?" I asked and she smiled at me "Good. Getting things back to normal since they are in school again. How is your Senior year going?" My mom asked me and I smiled at her "My senior year is going so far. I'm finding out tomorrow about who made the football team." I said "You will do great." My mom said "Do you mind throwing the ball with me?" Jon asked "Sure." I said and he tossed me a football and we started throwing it back and forth while Kyle cooked dinner. Clarissa even joined in a litle bit, I couldn't help but laugh when she would miss the ball.
The following morning I got up and put my jeans on and one of my polos on with a good pair of shoes. I walked downstairs and Savannah  smiled at me, she's a Sophomore this year. "Are you ready for school?" I asked "Yeah." Savannah said and she followed me to the car.   "How did it feel seeing Liam again?" I  asked "I loved it. I miss Liam." Savannah said "I miss Caylee too." I said and she smiled at me. When we pulled up to the school Savannah got out and went to her circle of friends and I walked into my locker. I didn't have a group anymore since the incident over the summer but I was still popular. I stuffed my bookbag in the locker and I got my binder and textbooks. Adam walked up to me "Hey dude!" He said "Hey!" I said "So today we will  find out!" Adam said "I know dude!" I said and he smiled at me. 
After Homeroom we all rushed to the main board near the office where all the lists of sports are pinned at. I walked up with the crowds and Mackenzie saw me and smiled "I made the cheerleading team Ash!" Mackenzie said "Good!" I said and she smiled at me. "Go see!" Mackenzie said and I smiled at her and looked at the board. Captain of the Football team: Ashton Summerland. I went back to Mackenzie and saw Zach with her and I smiled. "Dude!" He said "Dude!" I said and I texted Caylee: Made the team baby!!! Caylee: Love you baby!! I smiled at myself and smiled at my friends "Let's head to class." Mackenzie said and I nodded. "THis will be the best year yet." I said "I agree." We all said and I smiled at them. 
Caylee's Pov:
My Labor Day was spent working on dance with the girls in my Dance class. Now it's the 3rd and I'm getting up and ready for my first day of school. I already did my makeup for the first few days that I haven't been in school for. After school I have Dance class so I have to have my Dance bag with me. I'm wearing my denim skirt with my black sparkly tanktop and I curled my hair and after my contacts was in I applied my make up and put my sandals on. Lauren smiled at me she was wearing jeans and a cute baby tee shirt. Lauren will be 12 weeks tomorrow, she has a small buldge, but enough for people to think that she has gained weight because she quit dancing. Of course Nate isn't going to admit to everybody that Lauren is pregnant because everybody knows they were together. 
Liam car pooled with me to school, Lauren took her own car because she has work after school. When we pulled up Liam went to go find his friends and I stood at my car waiting for Lauren. She got out and smiled at me "Ready for your first official day of our senior year?" Lauren asked me and I smiled at her. Our lockers were next to each other so we walked to our lockers and I stuffed my bag in there and got my purse and my binder and my English Four and Economics class. During English Four Ashton texted me told me that he made his school football team. English Four seems like it will be going good too, even though it's AP it is still easy to me. After class I carried Lauren's book "No! People will start to wonder." Lauren said so I handed her books to her and rolled my eyes. 
Lunch went good, we sat with our old group of friends and we all carried on like we haven't been away from each other all summer. Then it was Dance for me and I had to fit right in with the dance routine and I feel like it would be a piece of cake for me. It's our last class which is Parenting Skills. I sat with Lauren again and she smiled at me. "Okay class, today I will hand out the babies." Dr. Peace said and I looked at Lauren who wrote on a note "Baby, to practice parenting skills. It's a class so you don't want to get pregnant. I looked at Lauren and nodded. "You will have until the end of the Semester with this baby. You will have to write a weekly paper to present in class. Your parents must sign the paper saying they will supervise you and make sure you are doing your job." Dr. Peace said "this will be just like a real baby. It will cry and laugh, eat, sleep, and do it's business. You are to take care of it like it is a baby." Dr. Peace said and we all said "yes ma'am." 
She worked from the left side of the room and then she got to our table, Dr. Peace handed Lauren a baby boy and Lauren gulped and Dr. Peace handed me a baby girl. "You will give your teachers this note so they will know."  Dr. Peace said "You will need to name your child and actually write down their birth date. Remember this is for real." Dr. Peace said and then she handed out car seats, and gave us a list of supplies we will need. After the bell rang Lauren and I walked to our lockers with the babies in one arm. "How are you going to take care of your baby at work?" I asked Lauren "Your mom said she will watch the baby." Lauren said and I smiled at her. "I'm not going to ask my mom." I said and Lauren smiled at me. Liam was riding with Lauren home, I was going straight to dance with the baby. I put the car seat in the back and then I went to Dance. I gave Madam Kasey the note and she nodded "I had to take that class." She said, I put the toy pacifier in the baby's mouth and I changed into my dance clothes. We danced from 3:30-7:30 and then we were dismissed. 
Ashton's Pov:
Football practice as brutal. The coach was working us even harder this year, he wanted us to win the championship when we make it that far. After practice I got a text from Caylee explaining her project and I couldn't help but laugh at her. I called Caylee while I was doing my homework "Hello?" Caylee asked I could tell she sounded stress "How are you doing baby?" I asked "Not so good. I'm on my way home and the baby is already starting to cry." Caylee said and I laughed "Did you name her?" I asked "Yes I did." Caylee said "What did you name her?" I asked "Hannah." Caylee said and I smiled "We should do a Skype date tonight so I can see Hannah." I said and Caylee laughed "I mean it baby." I said "What is Hannah your daughter too?" Caylee asked "Yes she is." I said and she smiled at me. "Alright we can Skype tonight." Caylee said "Okay, I will let you focus on driving. I love you." I said "I love you too baby." Caylee said and we hung up.

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