It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - It's kind of a love life

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Caylee's Pov:
I pulled up to the house and I got my back pack out and put that on my back, got my Dance duffel bag on my shoulder and then I got the car seat out with the baby in it. The baby doll did look like a real baby, it's creppy how they are making them in Parenting Skills. I went inside and Sam licked me and then she looked at the car seat. My mom came in "What did you have?" My mom asked winking at me. "Her name is Hannah." I said and I gave my mom the paper to sign. "I went to the store and got the supplies you both will need." My mom said and I nodded. I took the car seat and my backpack and went up to my room with Sam following me. Sassy was on my bed, I wasn't in the mood to eat dinner yet. I finished all of my homework by the time Lauren came home. I was at the table with Hannah in my arms and I was eating. "Here is your baby." My mom told Lauren and Lauren smiled at her. She sat down at the table "I don't want a boy." Lauren said and I giggled. "What did you name her?" Lauren asked me "Hannah." I said and Lauren smiled at me "What are you naming him?" I asked "Dylan." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
After we got done eating we went back to our room, I actually have a bed so I'm not on the floor and Lauren isn't on the floor either. We have a playpen in the middle of the floor so we could put the babies in the playpen. I changed into my pajama pants and a tank top and I keep my hair down and I get my laptop out. Hannah has a tan skin tone, with the faked brown color hair and then those plastic blue eyes. Dylan has the brown hair and blue eyes as well. I had Hannah in one of my old night gowns and a pacifier in her mouth. I saw Ashton sign on Skype and I rolled my eyes I knew he was going to pick on me. I had an incoming call and I rolled my eyes and clicked answer, he was in his wrong in his gym shorts and a t-shirt. "Hey baby." I said "Hey babe." Ashton said and he looked at me and smiled "Aw baby she looks just like you!" Ashton said and I rolled my eyes at him. "Yeah right." I said ad Ashton smiled at me. "I love you." I said "I love you too." Ashton said.
After we got done Skyping we went to bed and I put Hannah in the playpen and Lauren did the same. I was skipping Dance tomorrow, I actually told Madam Kasey I had a doctor appointment so she didn't mind. I'm going to Lauren's doctor's appointment with her. Around two am I am woken up by a baby crying "Is it yours or mine?" I asked and Lauren mumbled "Yours." She said and I put my glasses on and I got up, sure enough it was Hannah. I got a bottle and went to the kitchen and fixed it. After the doll had the bottle I put her back in the playpen and I curled up next to Sam and Sassy. Around three Lauren's doll woke us up and then at four it was Hannah and at five Dylan so we both got up and decided to get ready for the day. I got in the shower and then I pulled my hair up into a sloppy but neat ponytail and I kept my glasses on and I wore my sundress and wore my cowboy boots and I smiled. "Glasses today or do you want to wear your contacts?" Lauren asked "Glasses." I said and Lauren smiled. 
It was a long day at school, most of the Seniors were in that one of the Parenting Skills class for an easy A so babies were crying all day. After school I went with Lauren to her doctor's appointment. I had both of the fake babies in my lap, we were at the health clinic. Lauren was called back and I went back with her. "Let me take your blood pressure and temperature." The nurse said and Lauren nodded. "How are you related to Lauren?" The nurse asked me "I'm her friend." I said and she smiled at me. "I took Parenting Skills when I was in high school. I hated it." She said and I smiled at her. "Your blood pressure and temperature are normal." The nurse said and then Lauren stepped on the scale, when she started the pregnancy she weighed 100. "You weigh 110." The nurse said and I looked at Lauren who nodded. Lauren got her blood taken and then the doctor came in. "Your baby is healthy and so are you. You shouldn't start showing until you are around 5-6 months old." She said and Luaren nodded at her.
"I'm glad you and the baby are healthy." I told Lauren when we got in the car and she just looked at me and smiled. "When I start to show I don't know what to do." Lauren said and I could see the fear in her eyes. I got in a different lane instead of the one leading to our house and I just kept going. I turned on the exit ramp for Stockton, CA which is the next town over. None of our friends come over here. I went to the McDonald's parking lot and we got out without saying a word. We both ordered something sweet and then we took a booth in the far corner away from everyone. 
"Lottie, it's going to be really hard. Rumors are going to spread. Nate is going to deny it. People are going to talk. But I have your back. I will support you." I said and Lauren just looked at me "You have it easy, all you do is school, dance, and now Ashton. I feel like we're going distance." Lauren said and I looked at her "Laur, I will never ever leave your side. I will be by your side when you give birth to this baby. I will help you through college. I will be the best aunt to this baby." I said and Lauren laughed "We are already bad parents." Lauren said and I looked at her and then it clicked "Crap!" I said and I ran outside and got the dolls from the car and went back in and Lauren smiled. "Thanks Caylee. You are a good friend." She said and I smiled at her "This is what I'm here for." I said and Lauren flashed me her famous smile.
Ashton's Pov:
It's Wednesday now, two more days until the weekend. Our first game is this Friday, I wish Caylee would be in the stands cheering me on. I have seen Alexa in the hallways and she always asks me about Caylee and how she is doing.After practice I went with the guys to the local diner and we all sat at the same table. "We are going to win Friday!" Zach said "Yeah dude." I said "Hey, at leas it's the fall and we have our man Ashton back!" Adam said and I nodded. "But at least he's in love." Mackenzie said joking, the cheerleaders always join us. "Who are you going to take to homecoming?" Zach asked me "Mackenzie." I said and she smiled at me. I know she still has a crush on me but she knows I'm happy with Caylee. "Have you told your lover that yet?" Zach asked me "Not yet but I will." I said and I saw a hint of glory in Mackenzie's eyes.
After I left I went home and Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl was at the table and they looked up when I came home. "Hello." I said looking a little nervous "Ashton sit down please." Aunt Alice said and I did so "Is everything okay?" I asked "Yes, we need to talk though." Uncle Carl said and I looked at him, Hoss was already looking at me "I'm all ears." I said "Thanksgiving break is less than two months away." He said "Yes sir." I said "Your father is flying up to New York and we want to send you up there so you can tour Columbia to make sure you want to attend there." Aunt Alice said "Christmas break you will spend one week with your mom and then the last week with us." Aunt Alice said "Then your Spring break you will spend it with your dad." Uncle Carl said "We do not know Caylee's schedule, but we would want you two to see each other at lease once this year." Uncle Carl said and I smiled at them. 

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