It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 47 (v.1) - It's kind of a game

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Caylee's Pov:
"You don't have a dress for Homecoming do you?" Aunt Penny asked me Riley was watching Dora in the living room and we were in the kitchen and I smiled at her "No I don't." I said and she smiled "How would you like to go dress shopping?" Aunt Penny asked "Are you sure?" I asked "Yes, your mom sent money." Aunt Penny said and I smiled at her "I have to take Hannah."  I said and she giggled "man I hated that class." Aunt Penny said "I hate it too, but it's an Easy A." I said and I rolled my eyes, it didn't feel like an easy A anymore. It felt like a hard A to earn. While Aunt Penny got Riley ready I put Hannah in her fake car seat and then I put my shoulder strap bag on and we headed out to the downtown shops so we could look for dresses. It took us two hours, I found the perfect one. It was a sky blue ball gown dress, it's strapless, with a different pattern on it, with little rimestones. It was big and fluffy but I love it, I can wear it for my homecoming at home too. "You look georgous!" Aunt Penny said "Pretty!" Riley said giggling at me. 
After we got home, it was around lunch time so I fixed lunch for us and then I went to change into my ripped jeans and a white tank top with Ashton's number in the back. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and I smiled at myself. "You look beautiful." Bailey said and I smiled "Thank you. Take good care of Hannah?" I asked "Of course!" Bailey said and I smiled at her. Aunt Penny came in with Riley on her hip "You have grown up so much." Aunt Penny said "Thanks, I'm going over to Ashton's for a few after the game if that is okay?" I asked "Yes of course. Let me give you a key." She said and I smiled at her. She handed me her key and I smiled at her. Alexa pulled up "I will text you when I know the time." I said "Okay good." Aunt Penny said and I walked out.
"Caylee!" Alexa said smiling at me "Alexa!" I said and she smiled "Are you ready?" She asked "Indeed I am." I said and she giggled at me. "I missed you so much." Alexa said "I miss you too." I said and she smiled at me. "I can't believe you are here again." Alexa said and then she went on and on about it and I was just thinking about how I was going to see Ashton play football for the first time. When we pulled up to their high school I smiled, the high school was huge, three stories, a huge football field. I followed Alexa into the stadium and smiled. I followed her to the bleachers and I sat down and I looked to my left and saw Mackenzie and she smiled at me. "Hey Cay!" She said I couldn't tell if she was faking it or not.  "Are you ready for the game?" She asked and I smiled "I am." I said and she smiled at me. 
The game began and it was a very intense game I must say. I loved watching Ashton play, he did really good. They won of course and I was very proud of that. When the game ended Ashton didn't go straight to the locker room, I ran into his arms and I kissed his lips softly. "I'm so proud of you." I said and Ashton smiled at me.
"Good baby." Ashton said after kissing my lips and he let me go so he could go change, we were all going out to celebrate and I texted Aunt Penny to let her know and she texted saying don't worry about the time. I smiled at Alexa and Mackenzie, Mackenzie was actually being really nice to me. 
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Instead of Caylee riding with Alexa who was now taking Mackenzie, Caylee got in Ashton's car so she could ride with Ashton instead. Caylee snuggled up against Ashton who then smiled at her.They pulled up to the dinner along with all the other cars and Caylee held his hand. Once they all got into their seats at the table, the waitress took their orders. Alexa sat beside Caylee on her left and then Ashton was on Caylee's right. The guys were all into talking about the football game, some of the girls were talking about cheerleading and Caylee was just listening. She felt out of place, she doesn't know anybody that well. Well enough to include herself into a conversation and Alexa was trying to include her.
"Hey y'all. Are we all eighteen or older?" One of Ashton's friends Nathan asked and everybody nodded. His idea was to go to some club. Caylee was unsure of it but she saw that Ashton was all in for it so she nodded her head. In Ashton's car it was Ashton, Caylee, Olivia, Alexa, Mackenzie, and Nathan. Everybody was talking the whole way to the club, it was about twenty minutes away from the dinner.
Ashton's Pov:
When we pulled up to the club I held Caylee's hand and I led her into the club. I gave the guy my ID and Caylee did the same, I paid for both of us and then we got a wrist band with the under 21 on it. I led her inside and she held my hand tighter than before. I know she is jealous of Mackenzie, she doesn't like that Mackenzie road which us. I led her into the dance floor and she smiled at Alexa and they mouthed something. The music was an upbeat hip hop one and I knew she was going to dance. She just had to dance. Caylee looked up at me for approval and I nodded and Caylee smiled at me.
"Man, can your girl dance." Nathan said and I smiled at Nathan, I looked up at Caylee in the dance floor and smiled at her, she was letting the music take control, she was doing the dirty dancing along with Alexa and Olivia. Mackenzie sat beside me and smiled at me. It was a great game and I know I need to deserve the win that we did, it was good. Caylee motioned for me to come on the dance floor, I know she saw that Mackenzie was close to me. We have been friends since we were two, I love Caylee but I'm not letting her ruin my friendship. I shook my head no and she nodded. 
After the dancing we went back to the diner around 12:30 AM and we all went back to the car. Mackenzie got in, I was taking them both home. Caylee was quiet the whole way to her aunt's house. I was taking Caylee home first. When I pulled up she gave me a half-fake smile and then she kissed my cheek and walked up to the house. Great, I'm in the dog house now. Mackenzie sat up front now and she smiled at me.
"Look I'm sorry if I got you in trouble with Caylee." Mackenzie said "Don't worry, it's not your fault. She's jealous." I said and Mackenzie smiled at me "I know you two are a couple. I'm not going to take her from you. Trust me, I  could if I wanted to." Mackenzie said and I smiled at her "What do you men Kenz?" I asked "I mean, I have known you my whole life. You have known here a few months. We have history." Mackenzie said "look Kenz, I really like her." I said and she looked at me "I know you do and I really like you." Mackenzie said and I looked at her "What do you mean?" I asked "I like you more than a friend." Mackeznie said "I'm with Caylee." I said "Caylee, won't be here but a weekend. I'm always here." Mackenzie said "I know." I said and I pulled up to her house. 
"See you tomorrow at the dance." I said and Mackenzie nodded and then she leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away. She didn't say anything but she walked into her house. I was in a daze all the way home. I had to be honest with Caylee, but I know she won't talk to me anymore tonight. I went home and Hoss wagged his tail when I made it home. I went to my room and Hoss followed me and he got on the bed with me. I really do love Caylee but I don't know how she's going to Mackenzie kissing me or her saying she has feelings for me. 


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