It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 48 (v.1) - It's kind of the homecoming

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Caylee's Pov:
The fake baby woke me up around seven this morning. I fed and changed the baby and then I put my contacts in and wore my Dance Shirt and Dance shorts. Aunt Penny came down with Riley and she smiled at me. Riley ran straight to me and wanted up in my arms. She gave me the biggest hug she could give me and I kissed her cheek. She giggled and I smiled at her. 
"How was your night?" Aunt Penny asked me pouring herself a cup of coffee montioned if I wanted one and I nodded. After she handed me my coffee Riley wanted down and she ran back up the stairs, I knew she was going to go wake her daddy up or one of her siblings.
"It was okay. I feel like there is something going on with Ashton and Mackenzie." I said and I twirled a strand of my hair that has fallen out of place in my sloppy bun, I wasn't going to get all pretty when the dance was around seven tonight. I looked at Aunt Penny for answers to the unasked questions, I knew she would understand. 
"You have to trust him honey. You love him. You need to trust him." Aunt Penny said and I nodded,  I knew she was trying the best she could. We spent the day walking around downtown with the family. Bailey was a good big girl and carried my assignment around all day and I had Riley on my hip because she wouldn't go to her mommy or daddy and Jacob stayed beside his dad. We got home at five and I took a shower and when I slipped on my dress, Aunt Penny was painting my toes while I was applying my makeup. 
"You look beautiful honey. I can see your daddy and mostly your mommy in you." Aunt Penny said and I smiled at her. I curled my hair and then I slipped on Aunt Penny's wedges that went with my dress and I smiled at her. Uncle Chad had me spin around and he made me giggle. 
Ashton arrived at six thirty and he was wearing a suit out fit and I smiled at him. "You look beautiful Caylee." Ashton said "Why thank you. You look very dashing." I said and he smiled at me. He held my hand and we went to the dance. I saw Alexa, Olivia, Morgan, Nathan and then Mackenzie. I rolled my eyes at that but I was calm. "You look beautiful." I told her "Thank you. So do you." Mackenzie said and I smiled at her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Mackenzie went up to Ashton and Caylee "Can I have this dance?" Mackenzie asked and Caylee looked at Ashton, but Ashton nodded in agreement. Caylee sat as she watched Ashton dance with Mackenzie. After they danced a song they came back to the table. "So Cay.." Mackenzie said all cooly and Caylee looked at her "did Ashton here tell you that we kissed last night?" Mackenzie asked and Caylee shot a look at Ashton "No." Caylee said slowly and Ashton looked at her "She kissed me." Ashton said and Caylee looked up at him. "I knew something was going on." Caylee said "Cay." Ashton said "look Mackenzie. You  can have him."  Caylee said and before anyone could say something Caylee got up and walked out the door.
"Mackenzie that was low." Ashton said and he got up and went to find Caylee. He found her in the parking lot with her phone out. "No Ashton. No. Don't." Caylee said "let me give you a ride home." Ashton said "I don't need a ride home from a cheater." Caylee said and Ashton looked at her "fine." Ashton said and he walked back inside and Caylee just sat on the step waiting.  Ashton went up to Mackenzie and them, Alexa was going off on Mackenzie. "Go set it straight." Alexa said sternly.
Mackenzie's Pov:
I can't believe this. Caylee comes into my school and I'm the one who has to fix it. Ashton belongs to me not to that tramp. I walked out the gym and I walk to the side of the curb where Caylee is sitting. I march in front of her. I stare at her. "I was told to apologize." I said coldly "Not needed." Caylee said "Look. I know Ashton. I know he should be with me. But he's with you. He's a nice guy." I said I don't even know why I'm doing this. I obviously won and I want to keep it this way. "He's yours. He's not worth fighting more." Caylee said and I looked at her "No he isn't. He doesn't want me. I will be surprise if he talks to me after this." I said and she just stared at me. "I won't flirt with him, I won't try to steal him from you. I will wait." I said and she looked at me. "Look if I wanted him I would have him. But he's yours." I said and she just stared at me. "Look I don't know what else to say."  I said and I was hoping that would be enough. 
"Don't say anything. You win." Caylee said "No. Go make it right. I'm just the jealous friend who will always be jealous because I won't have him." I said and she actually laughed. "See. Now go." I said and she smiled at me "Thanks." Caylee said and I rolled my eyes at her.
Ashton's Pov:
I see Mackenzie and Caylee walk in so I know Kenz fixed everything like she always does. Caylee comes up and wraps her arms around my neck "From now on tell me." She said and I smiled at her. My girlfriend is back to being my best frien something I enjoy very much. After that dance I take Caylee to the beach instead of back to her Aunt's. Caylee's plane leaves tomorrow at noon, so I have only tonight left with her before she has to head back to home. "This is beautiful baby." Caylee whispered in my ear and I smiled at her and I kissed Caylee's lips softly. We began making out and then making out lead to more. I had on protection and Caylee was on the pill so I know nothing bad will happen to her. "I love you so much Ash." Caylee said "I love you too baby." I said "Do you have to go?" I asked "Yes." Caylee said and I smiled at her. 
After I dropped her home around eleven, I went home and I smiled at Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl who were up still. "How was the homecoming?" Aunt Alice asked me "It was okay. It had the drama. But good." I said and Savannah came down "Ash can you come upstairs?" Savannah asked me and I nodded. I told them good-night and then I went into Savannah's room with her "What's up?" I asked "I'm pregnant." Savannah whispered. "What? How? Who?" I asked feeling my big brother emotions occur. "Pregnant. Sex. Liam." Savannah said "That happened when?" I asked trying to figure out the math "It didn't. I just wanted to see if you cared." Savannah said and I rolled my eyes "Don't ever scare me like that again. I was going to beat Liam up." I said and Savannah smiled at me. 

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