It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - It's kind of a big deal

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Caylee's Pov:
My morning went by too quick for me. I'm now on my plane ride home with the fake baby in my arm. I was looking out the window not really paying attention. The person next to me looks at me "Parenting class?" She asked and I looked at her for the first time since I got on the plane. Next to her was a three year old or four year old little girl. "Yes, it's for that class." I said and she smiled at me, she has baby blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. "Don't get any ideas." She said and I smiled at her "I won't. I'm doing this for a friend." I said "Oh is she expecting?" She asked me "Yes." I said "It's not easy, but it's all worth it." She said "I'm Caylee." I said "I'm Katie and this is Kylie." She said "She's beautiful, how old is she?" I asked "Kylie is three years old." Katie said and I smiled "Single mother?" I asked "Yeah." Katie said and I smiled at her. On the rest of the flight we kept talking and we became friends by the time we landed. Nobody was here waiting for me and I realized I drove myself to the airport. 
I put my bag in my car and I call my mom "Hello?" She asked "Hey mom, I'm on my way to the house." I said "Okay good!" She said and we hung up. My flight was eight hours, I left noon their time so 9 my time, so it's 6 o'clock and I will be home around seven thirty and I had to miss dance again today. I got home right when Lauren pulled up. It's now October 20th, Lauren is 19 weeks this week. "Lauren!" I said and she smiled at me, she was in her work clothes. "How are you?" I asked "Fine." She said "You have a small bump!" I said and Lauren nodded. I walked inside with her and my mom smiled "welcome home Cay." "mom can I go walk on the beach with Sam?" I asked and she nodded "Come on." I told Lauren who followed me. 
"What's wrong Laur?" I asked "Nate is spreading rumors now. People are starting to talk about me, and he's saying that I slept around with other people." Lauren said "Laur, as long as you know the truth. Haters are going to hate Laur." I said "It's easy for you to say that." Lauren said "Lauren, I'm your support. I won't leave your side." I said and she smiled at me "I'm pregnant Cay, I will find out what I'm having Wednesday. I'm almost halfway there." Lauren said "So, I am still your friend. I met a friend on the plane, she is a single mother of a three year old daughter." I said "I would love to meet her." Lauren said "You off tomorrow?" I asked and she shook her head "Wednesday." Lauren said "Alright we will make plans for then." I said
It's Wednesday and I'm in Lauren's car we are on the way to her OBGYN appointment, today she could find out the sex of the baby. This week at school has been tough on Lauren, I have been doing my best to cheer her up. I'm going to go off on Nate I swear. Dance for me has been harsh on me, but I'm not giving up. I'm still the best dancer they have but I know it won't get easier. I pull up to Lauren's doctor's office, I asked her if I could drive because I didn't want her to drive and she agreed with me. We went into the office and Lauren signed in. 
"Lauren Campbell?" Was called and I got up with Lauren "How are you today?" She asked Lauren and "I'm okay."   Lauren said and she smiled at her. She sat down on the table and they put the gel on her, and they did the same routine. The baby's heart beat was strong and good. "Look at my baby." Lauren told me and I smiled on the screen, "I bet it will look just like you." I said "What if it's a boy?" Lauren asked me "It will be a boy version of you." I said and she laughed at me. "Your baby isn't hiding today." She said and Lauren smiled "You are having a girl." She said and I saw Lauren smile, I know this is just what she needed to hear. It will make all of their taunting go away at least for a little bit. I already knew her name Hope Lynn after Kelsey. 
Ashton's Pov:
Caylee texted me when she got home and I was glad. Monday wasn't that bad, the school was celebrating the big win. Mackenzie was still being my friend but I could tell she was keeping her distance from me. "Kenz, what's wrong?" I asked her at lunch "I don't want to get you in trouble Ash." Mackenzie said and I nodded "Don't worry. I will handle it Kenz." I  said and Mackenzie nodded "How so?" Mackenzie asked "I just won't tell Caylee. Somethings don't have to be told." I said and Mackenzie smiled at me "I want to be her friend, don't get me wrong." Mackenzie said "Don't worry." I said and she smiled at me "Do you think on Wednesday we could get something to eat after school?" Mackenzie asked and I nodded "Sure." I said "Will you tell Cay?" She asked me "No, I don't want to worry her. It's nothing bad." I said and she smiled at me.
After school on Wednesday, Mackenzie and I took my car to Denny's and she sat beside me. I was feeling a little bit guilty about going to dinner with Mackenzie and not telling Caylee, but I know Caylee is at the doctor's with Lauren and then they are going to meet Caylee's friend. "How many?" The waitress asked "Two." I said and she nodded. Mackenzie smiled at me "I'm glad we're finally getting to spend time together." Caylee said "I know, it's been crazy so far." I said "It's our senior year." Kenz said and I smiled at her "I'm looking forward for the rest of the year." I said and Mackenzie smiled at me. After dinner I took Mackenzie home and she leaned in and kissed me. This time for a strange reason I  didn't pull away from her. "I'm sorry." Mackenzie said and I just nodded. 
Caylee's Pov:
We are at the beach now, waiting for for Katie and Kylie. "How are you feeling?" I asked Lauren "I'm fine. I'm excited." Lauren said "Are you sure?" I asked "Yes." Lauren said and I smiled at her "Hope Lynn Campbell." Lauren said smiling at me "I'm sure she will look just like you." I said and Lauren smiled at me. Katie and Kylie soon walked up. Katie had Kylie on her hip and I smiled at her. Katie's dirty blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail, Kylie's dirty blonde hair was into pig tails. "Katie this is Lauren, Lauren this is Katie." I said "It's nice to meet you." Katie said and   Lauren smiled, Kylie smiled at me. "How hard was birth?"  Lauren asked "It was hard, nobody was there. I was just like you, my parents didn't want me, my baby's sperm donor didn't want anything to do with her." Katie said  "What are you having?" Katie asked "A girl." Lauren said and Katie smiled "It's hard but it's worth it." Katie said "What do you do?" Lauren asked "I attend classes in the morning, I work part time at the store for now, and then I come home and take care of Kylie." Katie said "What are you majoring in?" I asked this time "I'm majoring in Nursing." Katie said and I smiled "You look like a dancer." Katie said and I nodded. "Never give up. I was a dancer until I got pregnant."  Katie said "How old are you?" Lauren asked "I'm 19, I was pregnant at 15, turned 16, and Kylie is three years old." 

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