It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - It's kind of the truth.

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Caylee and Ashton’s Pov:
“Caylee! Stop!” Ashton yelled at Caylee who was storming off but Caylee finally gave in and turned around and gave him the coldest, most dirtiest look Ashton has ever received. “What?” Caylee asked you could tell she was upset, you could see all her emotions running through her. “What happened? We were getting along.” Ashton said “I don’t do the party life, I don’t drink.” Caylee said flatly “I’m sorry I didn’t know that. Most people aren’t like this.” Ashton said trying to get closer to her. “Well when your father died in a car accident by a drunk driver you stay away from the stuff.” Caylee said and Ashton looked at her, he felt stupid he forgot all about her dad. “Caylee I’m so sorry.” Ashton said and Caylee looked at him “With your mother being in rehab I figured you could have related to me.” Caylee said “I spaced out Caylee or I wouldn’t have taken you here.” Ashton told Caylee who was still on edge “Let’s say we ditch this place.” Ashton said and Caylee stared at him, not letting her guard down. Ashton returned the stare not giving in this time either. Caylee blinked away the tears she felt forming but it didn’t work and the tears slid, and without missing a beat Ashton stepped closer to Caylee, invading her personal bubble and hugging her, wrapping his arms around her. “I didn’t want to come here because I knew this would bring memories of my dad.” Caylee said through tears and Ashton held her in his arms, he didn’t know what to do. “It will be okay Caylee. You will enjoy this.” Ashton said “I was eight when he died, but I was daddy’s girl.” Caylee said “I could imagine.” Ashton said and he wiped her tears away and she looked up at him “I’m a fool. I’m not used to this.” Caylee said laughing at herself. 
Once Caylee had composed herself “Let’s ditch her competely and go see Hoss.” Ashton said hoping that would cheer Caylee up. Caylee wiped the rest of her tears away and took Ashton’s hand when he offered it to her. Caylee doesn’t know much about dating, she doesn’t know much about boys, if it isn’t dance or school related she was clueless on it. Ashton looked at her, he was an expert on girls but for the life of him he couldn’t explain this feeling he felt over Caylee. They walked back in silent and when they got to the yard they quickly let go of hands, it was only ten o’clock so it wasn’t late. “I will be right back.” Ashton said going in to get Hoss and Caylee stood out in the yard thinking to herself how foolish she was to cry in front of Ashton. Caylee knew Lauren would give her a hard time when she called to tell about the details, but Lauren knows about Caylee’s father so it wouldn’t be too bad.
Ashton returned shortly after with Hoss and Hoss ran straight to Caylee who knelled down for him. “How old is Hoss?” Caylee asked “Hoss  is three months old, how old is Sam?” Ashton asked “Sam is two, but she’s my baby.” Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee. “Can you show me a dance?” Ashton asked Caylee “I have to change real quick.” Caylee said “I will wait.” Ashton said and Caylee walked into her Grandma’s house and up the steps, and changed into some stretchy shorts and a sport bra that she wore to dance in. She went out and turned on her Iphone to the lyrical song she had and she did a lyrical dance she learned when she eight. Ashton stared and watched with full focus while Caylee danced, she moved with such grace he was amazed at how well she moved. She was gorgeous in her dance clothes and he couldn’t stop staring at her flat stomach, she did a black flip and Ashton was amazed. When Caylee finally stopped dancing Ashton clapped “bravo!” Ashton said and Caylee blushed “Now let’s do a dance together. You can learn.” Caylee said and they spent the remaining time together dancing in the yard under the stars. “Caylee!” Caylee’s Grandma Mary called “Ashton!” Ashton’s Aunt Alice called and they laughed “See you later.” Ashton said “See you later.” Caylee said.
Caylee’s Pov:
I walked into the house and Grandma Mary was sitting on the couch and Liam was in the chair with his Ipod on. Good way to bond. I sat on the couch and took my shoes off and Grandma Mary smiled at me “How did it go? Did you two kiss?” She asked and at the word kiss Liam took his earplug out and I laughed “It was rocky, and no kissing was done.” I said and Liam put his headphones back in and I smiled at him. “Your mother called and was upset that you weren’t home. But you two deserve to have fun and live a normal life. You a non-dance life, and Liam a normal non-kick boxing life.” Grandma Mary said and I smiled. “It was good, do you want me to stay and talk?” I asked “No honey, I’m going to head on to bed.” She said “Good-night Grandma.” Liam and I said and Liam looked at me when she left “How did it really go?” Liam asked “They were drinking and I got emotional, stormed off. He followed, I cried, he wiped away my tears. You?” I asked “it went good. I really like Savannah.” Liam said and I smiled.
I went upstairs and changed into my t-shirt and shorts and called Lauren while I was pulling my hair up “Hello?” Lauren asked I knew it was seven thirty there and she would be busy but she answered “Hey, it went okay.” I said and Lauren giggled “Any kissing?” Lauren asked “Nope, tears instead.” I said “Oh Caylee.” She said “Around beer and I broke down.” I said “He’s your neighbor.” Lauren said “We danced in the yard to the music on my phone.” I said “Oh! Slow and steady.” Lauren said and I smiled “I wanted to call and let you know but now I need to get ready for bed. I love and miss you!” I said “I love and miss you too!” Lauren said and we hung up on each other. I curled up into the bed with my phone and headphones and I fell asleep to dance music.
Ashton’s Pov:
I went inside and I was greeted by Hoss who led me into the living room “How did it go?” Uncle Carl asked “it’s different. It went rocky.” I admitted “She doesn’t sound like your normal girl.” Uncle Carl said “Because she isn’t.” I said going to sit down and Aunt Alice smiled at me “I really like Liam, we’re going to hang out tomorrow if he gets home in time.” Savannah said and I smiled “You’re smiling, you like her.” Savannah said and I looked at her and felt myself blush. “He’s blushing! He’s smitten!” Savannah said and I rolled my eyes at her and she giggled. “She’s not like any other girl.” I said “She’s strong, tough, she doesn’t open up much. But I l like her.” I said “She’s very beautiful.” Uncle Carl said and I smiled, Aunt Alice is my mother’s sister and Uncle Carl is my father’s cousin “I’m going to go to bed.” I said “night.” They said and Hoss followed me to my room, Zach and the gang were texting me asking what happened and I just said that Caylee had to go home which wasn’t a lie.
I went to my window and looked out at Mary’s house, I really would love to see Caylee again. I will figure her out before she leaves to go back home, I promise myself that. I wanted to kiss her earlier but I could tell she wasn’t ready. I wanted to kiss away her tears but I didn’t think I could. I haven’t thought about a girl this much in my life, it’s sad. I looked at Hoss “Do you like Caylee?” I asked and he wagged his tail “Are we good together?” I asked and he stared at me but wagged his tail “Do you think I have a shot with her?” I asked and he stared at me “I’m going to try.” I said and he laid across my bed and I smiled at him. I got a text from Caylee: Tomorrow, if I get home in time do you want to go to a movie? I don’t get this chick me: Yes I would love to. Text you tomorrow. Night. And no response from her. I smiled at myself thinking about how good she looked in her dance clothes. I’m a typical guy okay? 

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