It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - It's kind of a break up again

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Caylee's Pov:
I'm in my room after school  with Give Me Love playing, I started out by doing the back layout, back tuck, back walkover, cartwheel, chest stand, elbow stand, front aerial, hand spring, hand stand, hand walking, kip up, round off, side aerial, and a valdez. I restarted my music and I began by the round off to get going. I made sure I was in the right positions, keeping my arms straight. I did my back layout, then a back tuck, with a back walkover, I did two cartwheels, a chest stand, I paused for the music, did a elbow stand, then my front aerial, my hand spring, my hand stand, hand walking, a kip up, a side aerial and ended it with a valdez. I did a back bend, and made that into a flip.I ended it with a good position. "No!" I told myself. Sassy was on the bed with Sam curled up, I have an actual bed now instead of an air mattress, we already have some baby stuff in the room. My mom went shopping today. I worked on that number until Lauren came in "Stop!" She said giggling at me and I looked at her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee got on Skype after she changed for bed wearing her gym shorts and a black tank top with her brown hair in a ponytail. Ashton soon got on wearing his gym shorts and shirtless. They smiled at each other, before they began.
"Baby I need to talk to you about something." Ashton said "Okay babe." Caylee said "I kissed Mackenzie." Ashton said "What? Why?" Caylee asked "We were spending time together, and it just happened." Ashton said "Do you like her? Have feelings for her?" Caylee asked "I love you Caylee." Ashton said "Then you wouldn't have kissed her." Caylee said "Look, I want us to work out." Ashton said "Then you wouldn't have kissed Mackenzie, and be all over her." Caylee said and without saying anything else Caylee hit the end call.
Ashton's Pov:
I tell Caylee about the incident and she ends the call on me. Basically I think she broke up with me. "Hey." Savannah said coming into my room "Caylee and I are done." I said "What did you do?" Savannah asked "I kissed Kenz." I said "No way!" Savannah said and I nodded "Do not give up on Caylee." Savannah said "You gave up on Liam." I said "No I didn't, we are still talking. We're friends for now." Savannah said "I would like to be alone." I said and Savannah nodded "Just know that if you let her walk out then you're making the biggest mistake of your life." Savannah said and with that she left my room leaving the door wide open. Aunt Alice came in "Are you okay?" She asked me "Yes ma'am." I said "They broke up!" Savannah said and I rolled my eyes, I did not want her to know. "Why?" Aunt Alice asked "I kissed Mackenzie." I said "You were honest. But if you have any feelings then you need time to yourself." Aunt Alice said and I nodded.
Mackenzie's Pov:
My phone rings while I'm studying for our mid-term tomorrow. "Hey Ash." I said "Hey, I told Caylee." Ashton said, Uh-oh that is never good. "How did that go?" I asked "Well she ended the call on me." Ashton said "Would you like to hang out?" I asked "Actually I need to figure things out. I need to decide who I want to be with." Ashton said "That's okay. I understand. I'm always here for you." I said "Thanks Kenz." Ashton said and we hung up. I have known Ashton since I was a baby, we grew up together. I know him like the back of my hand, I truly do want to be with him.
Caylee's Pov:
After I ended the Skype call I look at Lauren "Care to run to the store with me?" I asked "Of course! I have a craving actually." Lauren said and I grabbed my keys and put my flip-flops on. We went downstairs "Running to the store." I said and they nodded. Once we got in the car Lauren looked at me "What happened?" She asked me "Ashton kissed Mackenzie, he has feelings for her. Somewhat." I said "Yikes." Lauren said "I know." I said "Where are we going?"   Lauren asked "Wal*Mart." I said "Alright." Lauren said and we went in silent for a few "Are you okay?" Lauren asked   "I love him. I don't want to lose him. But I don't want to be cheated on."  I said and Lauren nodded "I know what you mean. It's never easy." Lauren said and I nodded "I miss the days when it was all on dance." I said and Lauren laughed at me "it will work out." Lauren  said.
I saw a body tattoo and ear piercing place and I pulled in. "Don't tell me you're getting a tattoo? professional dancers don't get some." Lauren said "No piercing." I said and Lauren rolled her eyes "Come on." I said and she followed me. "How can I help you?" The guy asked "I would like to get my cartilage pierced." I said "Just one or both?" He asked "One." I said "Left or right?" He asked "Right." I said and the guy nodded, I got it pierced and Lauren did the same. Then we went to Wal*Mart got all the snack food we would need. "Hair dye or something?" Lauren asked me, it was only seven PM our time. "What color? I don't want to cut my hair because I like the length." I said "Blonde did good, how about black?" Lauren asked "Deep, dark." I said and she smiled at me. After we got the hair dye, we went to the food section and got the loads of junk food and then healthy food for Lauren since she can't just pig out on junk food anymore.
When we got home I mixed up the dye while Lauren was getting the food ready. I put all the dye on my hair and made sure it was mixed. While I waited with the bubble wrap on my hair I sat on the bed with Lauren and she smiled at me. "You are going to look good." Lauren said "I hope so." I said and she smiled at me "I'm trying not to let it bother me." I said "Cay, it's natural." Lauren said and I nodded. After the timer beep I washed it out and then I went ahead and used a blow dryer and then I fixed my hair and walked into the bedroom. "You are gorgeous." Lauren said and I smiled at her. We heard a knock on the door and my mom came in "Caylee Marie what did you do?" My mom asked "I wanted to dye it." I said "And get a piercing?" She asked and I nodded "Just be careful." My mom said and I smiled at her "Will do." I said.
Before bed I worked on my mid-term report for Paenting Skills. The following morning I didn't even bother to check my phone, I just pushed it in my bag. I had Dance class after school. Today was mid-term day for every class. During my Dance mid-term after we did the written report we had to do a solo. I pulled my hair up into a bun and I did my solo and the teacher Mrs. Woods smiled at me "I love your hair. I love your style." She said and I smiled. After school I waved good-bye to Lauren who was walking to her car and went to dance class. "We have to work hard!" She said and we all nodded "Caylee work!" She yelled and I nodded "Yes Ma'am!" I said and I worked on the piece. Afterwards she smiled at me "Excellent. Keep your head in the dance. And you will go far." Madam Casey said "Yes ma'am!" I said and she smiled at me. 

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