It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - It's kind of a chapter

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Caylee's Pov:
I wake up at seven and I get dressed in my ripped jeans and a black tank top with my Dance half sweatshirt. I brushed my hair and I straightened it and I applied my make up and I left my hair down with my contacts in. I walked downstairs and Jason and Sophia were up. Jason was changing Maddie's diaper "Good morning Caylee!" Sophia said "Good morning!" I said and they smiled at me. After Jason changed Maddie's diaper he smiled at me "Would you like to hold your niece? She's already fed and changed." Jason said "sure." I said and he smiled at me. I gently picked up Maddie and smiled at her "do you have any plans for today?" Jason asked "Nope, today is my only day off of dancing." I said "Can you show us the dance you're working on for your audition?" Sophia asked "I normally don't." I said "Please." Sophia said and I gently handed Maddie to her mommy. "I'm in Jeans. I have to quickly change." I said and she nodded. I put on my dance shorts and then I pulled my hair up.
I put my Ipod on the dock next to the TV and I hit play for Give Me Love. After the song ended I looked up at them, before they could speak I changed back into my jeans and went back down. "So?" I asked "It was beautiful. You have a talent." Sophia said "That's my baby sister for you." Jason said "Do you mind watching Maddie for us? While we go looking for house stuff?" Jason asked "Is this like a test?" I asked "Yes." Jason said "I will pump enough for you. She's learning to take a bottle." Sophia said "Alright, am I able to take her anywhere?" I asked "Yes. I will leave the stroller, and carrying pouch." Sophia said ad I smiled "I do not mind at all." 
Ashton's Pov:
I woke up and I smiled at my texts, Caylee is watching Maddie today. Caylee is so thrilled about that, I know one day she will be a great mother. I changed into my jeans and a normal graphic T-shirt from Hollister and I wore my regular tennis shoes. I walked downstairs to my mom and Mark sitting at the kitchen table together, it's ten am here. Mackenzie and Jon are still asleep, Emma is in her high chair waiting for some baby food, my mom was getting her used to baby food now. "Plans for today Ash?" My mom asked me "Nope, just hanging out with you guys before I head back home tonight." I said "Good. I missed you." She said "I will be here again soon."  I said "I know Ash." She said and I smiled at her.
After breakfast we went to the Flea Market an walked around as a family. Then us guys worked on Jon's car while the girls made our lunch for a pincic in the park. My mom came out with the food and Clarissa came out with Emma on her hip. Emma gave me her baby smile and I smiled at her. After we had our lunch I loaded up my car "I need to head back, I have homework I kind of haven't done yet." I said "Alright Ash. Text me when you get there. I love you." My mom said "I love you too." I said. 
Caylee's Pov:
After Sophia had pumped enough bottles for the day and she kissed Maddie, Sophia gently handed Maddie to me. "I love you my baby girl." Sophia said and I smiled at her "I will call you if I need anything." I said and Sophia smiled. Maddie was asleep when they left, I gently placed her back in the playpen. Lauren came in wearing her sweats and a baggy T-shirt with her hair in a ponytail. "Are you off today?" I asked "All weekend." Lauren said and I smiled at her   "Good. How would you like to spend the day with me and this little bundle of joy?" I asked "I would love that. But I need to go shopping. I need new clothes." Lauren said "We can go." I said and Lauren smiled at me "My dad sent me money to go shopping for myself, and he said to buy something for the baby from him. My step-mom is excited." Lauren said and I smiled, her dad lives in Houston, Texas they split up when Lauren was ten. "Okay! Are you wearing that out?" I asked "Yeah, my jeans aren't fitting me." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
My mom came down "I'm babysitting Maddie, and we're going out." I said "Alright baby." My mom said "Phone?" She asked "Yes ma'am." I said, I got a couple bottles in Maddie's diaper bag, a change of clothes, diapers and then I gently got Maddie in her car seat and Jack took the stroller and carrying pouch to my car for me. I gently picked up the car seat, my diaper bag and I carried the car seat to the car and I put Maddie in. Lauren got in and we made our way to the mall. I got out and I got the stroller and carrying pouch out, got the carrying pouch under the seat in the basket, with her diaper bag. I put Maddie's car seat in the stroller and I smiled at Lauren "Ready?" I asked "Sure." She said and we went to the maternity store first. Lauren got a couple different jeans and a few shirts, she wanted to wait a little bit to buy more since she will be growing. 
After we got done for her we went to the baby store. "How can I help you?" One of the workers asked "I'm looking for something for my niece." I said "Come this way." She said smiling at me. She found a cute little onesie "My Auntie loves me" "I"m Auntie angels" I got all of the Aunt related onesie they had. I came up to Lauren after I paid "I  got one of the Auntie onesies for Hope too." I said and she smiled at me "Of course you did. I got a cute dress for her." Lauren said and we went home. It was only ten am but I put Maddie down in the playpen in our room. Lauren was working on her project. Since day one, she has been knitting a blanket for Hope. With different colors and patterns, and even put words on it. LIke the due date, her name, the sex of the baby. It was a really cute idea and she's having fun. 
After I changed Maddie from her dirty onesie, I put her in one of the Aunties one I got her. I was feeding Maddie with her daddy's girl bib on and Sophia and Jason come in. "How was Maddie?" Sophia asked and as I was burping her "Maddie did perfect." I said and Sophia is smiling at me. "Thank you. Would you like to go visit our house?" Sophia asked "Yes!" I said "It's in walking distance!" Sophia said "Let's go." I said "Lauren!" Jason said and Lauren came down "Come on, you're seeing it too. You and Caylee have a room there." Jason said and I smiled at him. My mom was keeping Maddie while we went. "It's beautiful." I said "Thank you. Maddie needs to be close to both sets of grandparents." Sophia said and I smiled at her "When are you due?" Jason asked Lauren "I'm due March 19th." Lauren said and Jason smiled, she will be 22 weeks on the 13th.

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