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Chapter 55 (v.1) - It's kind of Thanksgiving

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013




Ashton's Pov:
Today is the 22nd, meaning Thanksgiving. I already knew I wouldn't be talking to Caylee at all today. I would be busy today with my family, Caylee would be busy with her family. Caylee has been busy baby-sitting Maddie, school, dance, family, and Lauren. I get up at six, I go jogging like I usually do, I bring a change of clothes and I go ahead and go to my mom's for today. She smiled when I got there "You don't mind helping out?" She asked "Nope, that's why I'm really early and not changed yet." I said "Are you going to talk to Caylee today?" My mom asked "probably not, we will both be busy." I said and she smiled at me "You are right on that." She said and I smiled at her. I helped with setting the tables up and getting the food ready. 
I then took a shower and changed into my clothes and I helped with the food. Finally when Uncle Carl, Aunt Alice, and Savannah came all of us guys went to watch the Football game and the women went to cooking. My mom and Aunt Alice are sisters. Their mother, my grandmother and grandpa showed up. "Ashton my dear!" Grandma said "Have you applied to Columbia yet?" Grandpa asked me "Yes sir, they offered me a full athletic scholarship." I said "if I don't accept the sports then I have the full scholarship due to grades." I said "Very proud of you." Grandma said and I smiled at her. "Are you excited to be spending Christmas with your dad?" My Grandpa asked me "Yes sir." I said "He's just excited to see his girlfriend Caylee." My mom said and I could feel myself blushing.
We all gathered around at the dinner table and we had a nice long conversation during dinner, passing around the food. We all said what we were thankful for the most. After dinner we all helped clear the table and put the food up, then we all went outside. Us guys and Clarissa of course were playing touch-foot ball. My mom's brothers and their families were here, so we had four extra boys not counting my uncles which were Uncle Nick and Uncle James. After a very fun and long game of touch football, everybody were slowly going their own ways because of most of them going shopping tomorrow. I'm staying at my mom's so I could baby sit Emma while she goes shopping, and Mark will be working earlier than normal so I have to kind of keep an eye on Clarissa and Jon. 
Caylee's Pov:
I woke up at five am today and I put on my dance clothes and went to the basement, my dad made a dance studio there for my 6th birthday. I remember that day clearly, I was more excited about that than cake. I stayed in the studio until seven working on the Give Me Love song, February will be here before I knew it and I have to have it perfect. Lauren is now 23 weeks pregnant, her sixth month appointment is next Tuesday and I'm going with her again, she's in the last month of her second trimester. She has gotten a little bit bigger but not much, she still isn't huge but she's comfortable. I threw on my Senior hoodie and sweatpants and I pull my hair up into a sloppy ponytail. "Are you ready to help?" My mom asked "Yes ma'am."  I said Lauren was working the 6-2 shift today. I was handed the broom and I began swepping, then I mopped, dusted and I cleaned all the windows, and I had the house sparkling clean. It was a decent day out so I had Sam outside with the boys who were doing yard work and Sassy was in her kitten bed asleep. 
I pulled out Grandma Mary's special Pumpkin Pie recipe and I began working on it homemade, my first time making it alone. Over the summer Grandma taught me how to make it and I felt really good about it. Today is going to be a big day, a big dinner. It's going to be my mom, Jack, Liam, Sean, Landon, Bryson, myself, Lauren, Jason, Sophia, Grandma Karla, Grandpa Michael, Jack's parents Sara and Ron, Jack's brother and sister in-law and their two kids, mom's brother and sister and their family. After I helped cooked some until about one thirty I went into my room and Sassy followed me. I took a shower and I got dressed in my brown dress with my white leggings and I curled my hair and I put my sparkly headband on, I applied my make up. Lauren came in while I was getting ready and she smiled at me.
After we got ready we all went downstairs so we could be prepared for our guests. Sam was outside still she was enjoying it, Sassy was now in my room on my bed until it's safe for her to come out. I call Sam in and I lead her to my room and she lays on my bed with Sassy. Jason, Sophia, and Maddie showed up first. Maddie is wearing a cute baby dress, with the socks that looks like shoes, with a cute headbow on her head and I smiled at her. "Maddie is adorable." I said and she smiled at me, Jason has a few days on break so he's spending it with them. He will be here for good in two weeks after final, all of his stuff is already here. Next came Grandma and Grandpa, my grandparents not Jack's parents. "Grandma!" I said hugging her and smiling. Maddie was the center of attention, she was asleep most of the time anyways.
Lauren and I both escaped around seven thirty into my bedroom where Maddie was sleeping. Sassy was in the playpen with her, but she wasn't on her just close enough to keep an eye on her, Sam was on the floor next to the playpen keeping an eye on her. "This was a lot." Lauren said "Yes." I said "It's simple at my home." Lauren said and I smiled "Do you miss it?" I asked "Not really. This is home." Lauren said and I smiled "How do you feel?" I asked "I feel fine." Lauren said "Are you stressing out over anything?" I asked "No I'm not. I'm actually happy. Can you rub my feet?" Lauren asked and I giggled "Of course." I said, I heard a gentle knock "Come in." I said Liam came in "You should be ashamed Caylee! Escaping." Liam said "Come on." I said and he sat on my bed. I heard another knock in comes Sophia "Checking on Maddie." She said "Uh huh." I said and she sat on the bed, next was Jason. "Why are we all hiding?" I asked, I was rubbing Lauren's feet like she asked. 
After all of the family has left my mom knocked on the door "It's safe to come out now." She said "We're fine." I said and she opened the door "Well us girls are going shopping tomorrow." Mom said "Maddie?" I asked "I know how to take care of my daughter." Jason said and I giggled "I know." I said I looked at Lauren "I don't go to work until 2, I have plenty of time." Lauren said and I smiled, I knew my mom was going to get the rest of baby stuff she doesn't have yet and more maternity clothes, different clothes. "We're heading home. Love you." Jason said and I nodded, Sophia put Maddie in her car seat and then they went home. Liam went back to his bedroom and I sent Ashton a text: Happy Thanksgiving baby. I hope you had a good day. I love you and miss you baby. I smiled at myself because he will be here December 20th. 

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