It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - It's kind of a boring chapter

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Ashton's Pov:
I get woken up at four am by my mom. "I'm up." I said changing into my sweats and some shirt I threw on. "Emma will be up. I wanted to thank you for this." My mom said and I nodded. My phone rang, the caller ID was Caylee, it was one am her time."Good morning baby." I said "Morning." Caylee said "Are you ready to go shopping Cay?" I asked "Yeah, we're leaving at two so we can wait in line." Caylee said and I smiled at the phone "Have fun baby." I said "I will. I miss you baby." Caylee said "I miss you too." I said "Well I have to go get ready. I do love you baby." Caylee said "I love you too." I said and we hung up. I watched as my mom and Clarissa went out the door, Jon went to work, and Tyler was still in bed and of course he would be.  Emma woke up at six am so I got up from the couch and put my laptop down and I gently picked Emma up and I changed her diaper and then I fixed Emma's bottle and after I fed her I sat back on the couch and Emma was staring at me "Who's the cutest baby on Earth?" I asked and Emma giggled at me. "Yes! You know I'm right!" I said and she smiled at me. 
Caylee's Pov:
We left the house around two in the morning and we are in the middle of the line around three thirty. I'm wearing my ripped jeans with my Dance shirt from the high school I attend with my hair in a high bun and my contacts in and make up. A guy Lauren's and my age turned around he was with a group of other teenagers. "Hi, I'm Anderson." He said, he was tall about 6'2, tan, brown short hair, with green eyes. "I"m Caylee and this is Lauren." I said and he smiled at Lauren and then he smiled at me. "What school do you go to?" Lauren asked "Oh I attend Yosemite Community College. I'm a Freshmen there." He said "Oh we are Seniors at Beyer High School." I said "I went to Valley Charter School." Anderson said and we smiled at him. "How far along are you?" Anderson asked Lauren "I'm 22 weeks." Lauren said "Are you and your boyfriend excited?" Anderson asked "I don't have a boyfriend." Lauren said and he smiled at her "I bet you do." Anderson said "Yeah, how?" I asked "Promise ring." He said and I smiled. "Well Lauren, maybe we should hang out sometime." Anderson said and Lauren handed him her phone to put his number in it and Lauren put her number in his phone.
Lauren's Pov:
After we spent the morning shopping we went back home and I was changing into my work clothes my phone went off. I saw Anderson's name pop up and I had a smile on my face. Caylee glanced over at me, she was holding the dolls from our Parenting Skills class and she smiled at me. "Hello?" I asked snapping out of my trance. "Hey Lauren. Are you busy tonight?" Anderson asked "I'm working 2-8." I said "Are you busy tomorrow?" Anderson asked me "I work 12-6." I said "How about we meet at the beach tomorrow around 7?" Anderson asked "Sure, that sounds like fun." I said and we hung up. Caylee looked at me "I have to help you get ready for your date tomorrow!" Caylee said and I smiled at her "Of course!" I said and she smiled at me.
The following day after a hard day at work I went home and Caylee was waiting while she curled my blonde hair for me I was applying my make up. I found my maternity jeans that fit good, and then a cute top. It's kind of hard to be looking cute when you're twenty-two weeks pregnant."Have fun." Caylee said before I left and I nodded, she was taking Sam on a walk with the assignment. I walked to the beach and I see Anderson sitting on the bench and I smile at him. I walk over to him and Anderson flashed me a smile. "I'm glad you came." He said "me too." I said and he motioned for me to sit down. "What are you majoring in?" I asked "Oh I'm working on business, so I'm in the University Transfer program right now." He said and I smiled "Is the father in the picture?" Anderson asked me "Nope not at all." I said and he smiled at me. 
We spent three hours just talking on the beach, of course we ended up talking a walk down the beach. We were walking back to the cars, I live not far away so I walked here. "Can I give you a lift home?" Anderson asked "Sure." I said and he opened the door for me and I got in. I gave Anderson the directions to my house and when we pulled up he leaned in and kissed me, his lips were soft and it was magical. "I want to see you again." He said when we pulled away "I want to see you again too." I said and he opened the door for me and walked me to the door. I smiled and waited until he got to his car before I went in.
Caylee's Pov:
I just finished my Skype call with Ashton when Lauren came into the room, it was 10:10 when she walked in. "How did it go?" I asked "It went really good. He's a good kisser. We will see each other again." Lauren said and I smiled at her, it's already Saturday. Lauren changed into her night clothes and I braided Lauren's hair, she was still keeping it long. "Can you show me your dance one more time?" Lauren asked "Sure." I said and I put on Give me love and I did it twice and then Lauren smiled at me. "You are amazing." Lauren said "I hope so." I said and she smiled at me. I pulled my covers up and I crawled into my bed and Sassy and Sam both jumped up on my bed. Sam ended up getting on the bed with Lauren instead of me. 
Ashton's Pov:
It's now Sunday night, I'm home and I'm outside with Hoss. My phone rings "Hey baby." I said "Hey, I missed you." Caylee said "I missed you too baby, How did Lauren's date go?" I asked "It went good. Lauren likes Anderson." Caylee said and I smiled "Good, she needs to find a guy." I said "She does." Caylee said "Are you still working on your dance?" I asked "Yes, 1/3 of my time at dance was on what she taught us, then on the one for class, and then the one for the audtition." Caylee said and I smiled "I can't wait to see your dance concert." I said "I can't wait for you to be there. I wish you could be here for the audition too." Caylee said "I know, I wish so too." I said and we talked about random things until I started dozing off on her.
Caylee's Pov:
Lauren went out with Anderson again tonight, she returned at ten o'clock."How did it go?" I asked "It went good. He asked me to be his girlfriend." Lauren said and I smiled at her "That's good. I'm glad." I said "Is it too soon for me to already like him?" I asked "Not at all. He's a year older." I said and Lauren smiled "I know." Lauren said smiling at me "Are you okay?" I asked "Yes I really do like him." Lauren said "Good. Just be careful." I said "I will. I mean I will be six months on Tuesday, I have to worry about Hope too. Anderson is already supportive, he's being protective over me." Lauren said and I smiled at her "As long as it's nothing bad." I said and Lauren smiled at me "Thank you for looking after for me." Lauren said and I smiled at her "that's what friends do." I said and Lauren smiled at me.

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