It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - It's kind of a dance thing

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Ashton's Pov:
It's December 19th, it's 12:30, I'm in my car rushing home. My plane leaves at 1:30! This past month has went by so slow for me. Finals are when we come back from Christmas break  and then it's the last semester of high school for me. I haven't done any other sport but Football but I will be doing track in the spring. I get home and I get my suitcase and I finish packing and then I load it up in Aunt Alice's car. Once Uncle Carl arrives with Savannah we get in the car and then we drive to the airport, I'm not texting Caylee since she's still in one of her classes right now. Once we get to the airport I say my good-byes and then I go to get my ticket and my suitcase goes up. I come back home on the 2nd and school begins on the 3rd again. 
I arrive in California at 9:30 and I hug my dad and then my sisters and then we head back to their house. "You can see Caylee tomorrow night." My dad said and I nodded I go and put my suitcase in my room and then I go back to the living room, it's 12:30 my time so I'm tired but I know I need to get use to the three hours behind. "I'm going to go to bed." I said "Alright I hope you have a good night of rest." My dad said "Good night." I said and I went to my bedroom and texted Caylee: "I"m at my dad's going to bed, I know it's early but I will be up early. I love you." I get a text back saying Caylee: "Alright I love you too." 
Caylee's Pov:
So it's the 19th of Decemeber, this month has flown by kind of. It's been all about DANCE. I live it right now. Tomorrow is our big dance show at the school and I'm nervous about that. Ashton is going to be attending that so I'm kind of excited but I'm going to be more nervous. On the other note Lauren and Anderson are going strong, we have a double date tomorrow night set up, we have had it planned for the past two weeks now. Lauren's sixth month appointment went good, she and Hope are doing well. Then when it was her OBGYN appointment on the 1st  Anderson went with her and it was very touching for him. He has already told Lauren that he will be Hope's father if she lets him, that he loves her and Hope so much. Lauren is still thinking about that answer. Lauren is now 27 weeks along, next week she will be seven months pregnant on the 24th so her appointment is earlier that day.
The following morning I wake up at five and I put on my dance shorts and my dance bra with my acro thongs on my feet and I pull my hair up into a bun. I look at Lauren who's sitting up now "How are you and baby?" I asked "we are good." Lauren said and I smiled at her. Lauren was getting ready when my phone went off "Hello?" I asked "Good morning baby!" Ashton said "Hey babe!" I said "I can't wait to see you tonight!" Ashton said "Me neither!" I said and we ended up hanging up because I had to get ready for school. I went to school first, then Liam went, and then Lauren got to school last.
During what would be My AP English class I went to the dance room and we worked on the dance. During Economics we were excused from class. "You have to have this down!!" The teacher kept saying to one dance group. My dance friend in this class  Monica looked at me and giggle "Remember when we were that group being yelled at?" Monica asked, we were that group our Freshmen year, we werent the reasons. Monica have been dancing since she was six, Lauren and I have been dancing since we could walk so we weren't the reason. Of course during the actual dance class she has us seniors running our solos all class. Our lunch was very quick, but I was able to talk to Laurenand text Ashton at the same time. 
We were allowed time to go home but then we would basically have to turn around and go back so I decided to stay at school and I wasn't going to waste my gas or time. I'm sitting outside on the football field in my dance shorts and dance bra with my Senior hoodie on. Lauren and Ashton are on their way, Lauren went to pick Ashton up, Anderson was with them too. I am really glad she has a boyfriend. She needed a boyfriend. And I'm really happy for her. I look up and I see them walking towards me. "Ashton!" I said sitting down still, although I know in romance movies the girl runs up and hugs the guy. But this isn't a romance movie or novel, it's my life. Reality so I'm just sitting here as he's walking up to me. I'm that awesome.
Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
Ashton was walking at a faser pace than Anderson and Lauren, of course. Ashton hasn't seen Caylee since October, two months ago. "Caylee!" Ashton said when he got right up at her, Caylee finally got up and wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed and Ashton smiled at her. "What do you think of Anderson?" Caylee asked "I like him. He makes Lauren happy." Ashton said and Caylee squeezed his hand and smiled at him. "I'm so excited you get to be here for my dance tonight." Caylee said "I wouldn't want to miss it for anything in the world." Ashton said and Caylee was blushing at him. Lauren and Anderson finally made their way over "Let's sit on the bleachers." Caylee said and Lauren nodded at the good idea. "What time does this event start?" Anderson asked "Seven." Caylee and Lauren said together and the guys exchanged glances. "Well we better be friends if we want to last with these two." Anderson said with a chuckle and Ashton smiled.
"Where do we want to go after the concert?" Anderson asked "Denny's." Lauren said "Denny's it is." Caylee, Anderson, and Ashton said at the same time and Lauren smiled "The pregnant girl gets what the pregnant girl wants." Lauren said joking. "True." Caylee said smiling "Are you ready?" Ashton asked Caylee "As ready as I will ever be. All of Seniors have a special Christmas dance and then a solo." Lauren said "Just wait until the end of the year concert." Lauren said "Why?" Anderson asked "They go all out for the graduating class. A solo, a group dance just for the seniors." Lauren said and Caylee smiled "I get to be a part of that." Caylee said "I will be there. Correction Hope and I will be there." Lauren said and Anderson smiled at her. "You will do great tonight. We will be cheering you on." Ashton said. And on the speaker "Calling all dancers to the room!" Caylee kissed Ashton "That's my cue." Caylee said "Bye! Break a leg!" Lauren said and Caylee smiled.
Caylee's Pov:
The dance concert began good, the Freshmen did their dance, and so on. I'm wearing my teal color dress without shoes of course, my hair is pinned up neatly with my make up apply. We go out for our dance to "Silent Night" It's a slow song, so our dance is really dramatic. I go up in the spot light and I do my solo piece for the dance and I look out in the crowd and I see my family with Ashton and them and I keep my expression calm but I'm excited. After we do that dance we go and we change into our next dress for the solos. My dress was a black leopard with rhinestones on it and I had my hair down with the curls down. This song is to Jingle Bells rock. It's more of a jazz routine, I'm extra excited and hyped up for this one. After the dance I was done with my dances but I still had to sit with the people. After the concert Ashton and Lauren met me first, Ashton kissed me and Lauren hugged me. "You did good!" Lauren said and I smiled at them. Our Denny's dinner went great! We all hit it off! The guys are friends, they are going to hang out tomorrow while we're in school. 

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