It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 58 (v.1) - It's kind of still going

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Ashton's Pov:
I went back to my dad's and told him all about how the dance concert went and then how dinner went. "Ash, I already figured I would barely see you this trip. But that's okay. You are young and in love. I love seeing you happy." My dad said and I smiled "Thanks dad. Night." I said "Night." He said and I went to bed, I realized that the girls don't have school tomorrow I guess they probably forgot that they didn't. The next morning I got up and Anderson was already downstairs ready. I quickly threw on my jeans and some shirt I packed. "Ready dude?" Anderson asked   "Yeah. Bye dad." I said "Bye Ash." My dad said and I went to Anderson's truck "Nice truck." I said "Thanks, it's a Chevy Silverado 1500 2013." Anderson said "Nice." I said "What kind of car do you have?" Anderson asked "Oh just a Chevy cruze, 2009." I said "Nice." He said "Yeah." I  said and we spent the way there talking about vechiles, it felt nice talking about guy stuff instead of listening to Caylee talking about her girly stuff.
"I want to get Lauren an engagement ring. I know it's moving fast, but she's pregnant and all." Anderson said "That's awesome." I said and we went to Jarred's and we picked out a good size ring for Lauren "Would you like to look around for a ring for Cay?" Anderson asked "Nah man, I'm waiting. I'm proposing on her Graduation night." I said "Nice man, I'm thinking Christmas Eve." Anderson said "She will like that." I said "What do you want to get Cay?" He asked me and I saw a sparkling key necklace. "That." I said and he nodded. You can never go wrong with jewerly.   We went to Game Stop after that. "Call of Duty fan?" Anderson asked "Yeah man." I said "Good." Anderson said and we picked two games, I have a Xbox 360 so I got one of the Xbox games for when I go home. 
"Cay texted and said they are coming to the mall." I said "let's just wait. Where do you want to eat at?" Anderson asked "I will do the burger joint." I said "Good." He said we had their gifts hidden so they wouldn't find it. They showed up when we finished our burgers "What's good?" Caylee asked "Their burger was good." I said "That sounds good." Lauren said "I will get you one." Anderson said "Okay." Lauren said "I will get you one?" I asked  Caylee "Sure." She said smiling at me. She looked beautiful today without even trying. She was wearing her ripped jeans with black boots, a brown baby tee with her hair down and curly. "You look  beautiful." I told Caylee and she smiled at me. When we returned we looked at the girls. "What are you doing here?" I asked "Christmas shopping." Caylee said and I smiled "Need help?" I asked "No!" She said "Oh is it for me?" I asked "Maybe." Caylee said "Alright, I already got your gift anyways." I said "Tell me!" Caylee said "Nope, won't happen." I said and Anderson smiled "Babe?" Lauren asked "won't tell baby." Anderson said and I smiled. 
Caylee's Pov:
After we ate our burgers we decided to leave the guys so they could do their man thing and we could do our last minute Christmas shopping, which is code for we forgot to get our boyfriends something. Not really forgot, we put it off because we couldn't decide on what to get them. "Game stop." Lauren said "Agreed." I said and we went in "How may I help you?" The guy behind the counter asked, he's in my Economics class his name is Brad. "I need some suggestions Brad." I said and he looked at me "Economics. You sit behind me." I said and he nodded "Caylee." He said and I nodded, I could tell he was shocked that I knew his name but okay. "What do you get a guy for Chrismas?" I asked "Well if he's our age, this new game." He said pointing at some Zombie video game "two of those." I said, I already bought Liam some video game. "Ready to go?" Lauren asked "Yup." I said and she smiled at me.
When we got home, the guys were coming soon. "Hey! We have to do some last minute Christmas Shopping, can you watch Maddie?" Sophia asked me, she was in the living room with Jason and Liam. Maddie is now three months old going on four months old. "Sure." I said "Thanks, you're a life saver." Sophia said "No problem." I said taking Maddie from Sophia "Bye sweetpea." Sophia said and I smiled at her. When they left I looked at Liam "I was on my way out, I'm meeting some friends but they showed up and I didn't want to leave. I knew you were coming." He said "Alright, I'm home now. Who else?" I asked "Landon is here, he's napping though." Liam said "alright thanks." I said and he nodded at me. "Well there goes our date." I said "Call and cancel?" Lauren asked "Just let Anderson know that I'm baby-sitting." I said "Will do." Lauren said and she went upstairs to change. I looked at Maddie "Aunt Caylee  loves you though!" I said and she looked up at me.
I hear a knock at the door so I get up off the couch and while carrying Maddie I open the door and I see Anderson and Ashton standing there "Come in." I said "Maddie is so cute." Ashton said and I smiled "Where's Landon?" Anderson asked, when he comes to see Lauren, Landon gets all excited. "Here I am!" Landon said running down the steps and into his arms "I should be jealous." I said smiling but Landon sees Ashton and leaves Anderson "Landon!" Ashton said "I'm five now!" He said "I know! That's great!" Ashton said "Let's get this party started!" Anderson said "You don't have to do this." I said "We want to." Ashton said "Hand me Maddie. I want to hold her." Ashton said and I smiled gently giving Maddie to Ashton and he smiled at her. Lauren came down and wrap her arms around his waist.
The afternoon actually turned out pretty good I must say. Anderson and Ashton sat between Landon, everyone took turn holding Maddie before I put her in the playpen for her nap, Lauren was beside Anderson laying her head on his chest, I was laying on Ashton. We were watching all of the kiddie shows for Christmas and we were having a good time. My mom, Jack, Sean, and Bryson showed up at three. "You are excused from baby duty and Landon duty." My mom said "Sophia called and said she left Maddie with you and I offered to take over when I got home. Now go enjoy your afternoon." My mom said "Thanks mom. I have my phone." I said and she smiled at me. We got in my car and I honestly don't know where we were going but we ended up at some beach that's away  from home. 
Ashton's Pov:
Caylee and I are at my house for dinner, it's a couple hours after our makeout session at the beach. Anderson and Lauren are on their date and we are at my house. "I have missed you." Caylee was telling Chyenne, Lizzie, Hope, and Bella, and Tony. "Hi Caylee!" Sarah said and Caylee smiled at her "It's nice to see you again!" Caylee said "You too! We missed you!" Sarah said and Caylee smiled "Hi Jace!" Caylee said "Glad you could make it to dinner. We were wondering when we would get to see you since Ashton has been over there all this time." My dad said and Caylee smiled "sorry about that." Caylee said and Jace smiled "Dinner is ready." Sarah said and we all went into the kitchen and we ate dinner, after dinner we played some games.
I took Caylee home but we didn't make it home right away. We ended up having some fun in the car. What? I love Caylee and she loves me. When we finally arrive to her house, Lauren and Anderson are in his car talking. "Bye baby. I had a good day." I said "I did too. I love you." Caylee said and I kissed her good-night. After she went in I waved to Anderson and Lauren and then I went to back to my dad's house. Tony was in my room and he looked at me "Hey bro." Tony said and I nodded "Can we play video games tonight?" Tony asked "Sure." I said and I grabbed my pillow and I went to his room and we stayed up until four am playing video games before we both finally crashed. I knew Caylee would be up early and want to talk, tomorrow I'm spending the day with my family. 

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